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ICTSD | 28-Apr-2017

US officials eye next steps on trade with Europe, Japan, NAFTA partners

The past weeks have seen a flurry of trade activity in Washington and beyond, including a trip by US Vice President Mike Pence to Asia; meetings between top American and European trade officials; and an escalation in the US-Canada row over softwood lumber that could have implications for broader trade talks.
The Globe and Mail | 28-Apr-2017

China envoy reaffirms importance of Canada-China free-trade talks

A second round of discussions between the countries’ trade delegations concluded in Ottawa and Chinese Ambassador said “we hope to speed up the process and sign the agreement” as soon as possible.
IANS | 28-Apr-2017

Japan won’t make concessions in US trade talks

Japan will not make concessions in its negotiations with the US for a bilateral trade deal, Finance Minister Taro Aso said. He remains confident that the US might still rejoin the TPP.
Borneo Post | 28-Apr-2017

Malaysia-EU FTA talks to include palm oil resolutions

The free trade agreement negotiations between Malaysia and the European Union will include a discussion on the recent resolution by the EU parliament to phase out the use of certain vegetable oils.
Malaymail Online | 28-Apr-2017

With TPP dead, what’s next for its critics?

Among recurring public concerns in almost all modern trade deals include the patent rights for medicine, the import of agricultural products, and the ISDS provision where companies can sue a state for alleged discrimination.
Nikkei Asian Review | 28-Apr-2017

Think the RCEP is about free trade? Think again

RCEP is aimed at saving China’s own economy via the Belt and Road
Politico | 27-Apr-2017

Canada set to host TPP officials in May

Senior trade officials from Trans-Pacific Partnership countries will meet May 2-3 in Toronto to continue to map out the future of the pact without U.S. involvement.
Ejinsight | 27-Apr-2017

Why Singapore doesn’t want to see a HK-ASEAN free-trade deal

Once the ASEAN opens its service sector to Hong Kong companies, Singapore could be the hardest hit, and hence its staunch opposition to it.
EU Observer | 27-Apr-2017

EU to exclude financial services from post-Brexit deal

The EU intends to exclude the financial services sector from a trade deal with the UK after Brexit, according to the latest tweaks in the EU’s draft negotiating guidelines.
The News | 27-Apr-2017

Iran agrees to make existing trade deal with Pakistan functional

Both sides have decided that there will be no fresh Free Trade Agreement (FTA), rather both sides will later on turn the current Preferential Trade Agreement into FTA.
BBC | 27-Apr-2017

Trump won’t scrap Nafta trade deal ’at this time’

US President Donald Trump has told Mexico and Canada he wants to renegotiate - not scrap - the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The Hindu | 27-Apr-2017

FinMin to look into changes sought by Canada in draft bilateral treaty

Enormous political pressure to get the bilateral, economic treaties off the ground, say officials.
Radio NZ | 27-Apr-2017

Fiji wants to renegotiate PACER Plus

Fiji’s trade minister Faiyaz Koya says Fiji will approach Australia after missing out on the conclusion of the PACER Plus talks.
BusinessWorld | 26-Apr-2017

Fine tuning RCEP could take till 2019: Ramon Lopez

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez said that an agreement on the RCEP has not yet happened as member countries need to fine-tune details of the pact
Business Mirror | 26-Apr-2017

PHL not in a hurry to ink FTA with US

"We’re comfortable and happy with the generalized system of preferences. If ever there are initiatives to work on an FTA, we’ll be open to that, but we won’t be bringing it up," says Philippines Trade Secretary.
Indonesia Investments | 26-Apr-2017

Working on a bilateral trade agreement between Indonesia-USA

The Indonesian government is currently studying the opportunities and challenges with regard to the making of a new bilateral trade deal with the USA.
The Hindu | 26-Apr-2017

India, Sri Lanka slip on oil, trade deals

Commerce Ministry officials continued their three-day talks on the ETCA to iron out differences on the upgraded Free Trade Agreement of 2000 to include services, investment and technological trade.
Japan Times | 26-Apr-2017

Deputy foreign minister named as Japan’s chief TPP negotiator

The government announced that it has appointed a deputy foreign minister as chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, with an eye to bringing the deal into force without the United States.
Business Mirror | 25-Apr-2017

RCEP is part of top agenda at the ASEAN Summit

Conclusion of the RCEP deal will be a priority at the ASEAN Summit in Manila
SOL | 25-Apr-2017

The huge dumping of extra-EU exports of dairy products and to the EPAs of West Africa, SADC, CEMAC and EAC in 2016

The EU has been pressuring the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) to sign and implement EPAs that would be destructive for these countries.
iPolitics | 25-Apr-2017

Dairy 101: The Canada-U.S. milk spat explained

The Americans have made it very clear they want to secure more access to Canada’s dairy and poultry markets when NAFTA is renegotiated.
Canadian Lawyer | 25-Apr-2017

CETA bringing changes to pharma patents in Canada

A certificate of supplemental protection provides up to two years of additional protection after expiry of a patent.
TNI | 25-Apr-2017

TiSA and the threat to public banks

The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world.
Sud Quotidien | 25-Apr-2017

«L’Afrique doit compter d’abord sur son propre marché intérieur»

Une zone de libre échange ne peut être une politique qui favorise l’industrialisation de l’Afrique. Et, le vrai problème de l’Afrique, c’est le manque d’industrialisation, selon El Hadji Alioune Diouf, expert en commerce international.
Reuters | 25-Apr-2017

Ahead of NAFTA talks, U.S. sets 20 percent duties on Canadian softwood lumber

The United States will impose preliminary anti-subsidy duties averaging 20 percent on imports of Canadian softwood lumber, as NAFTA renegotiation talks are looming
The Straits Times | 24-Apr-2017

Will RCEP be a reality by the end of 2017?

Asean hopes to seal a landmark trade deal, but it may be hard to sew up negotiations this year
All Africa | 24-Apr-2017

East Africa: UN body warns region against signing trade deal with EU

The report says that if the EPA is signed, local industries will struggle to withstand competitive pressures from EU firms, while the region will be stuck in its position as a low value-added commodity exporter.
Asia Pacific Report | 24-Apr-2017

Barry Coates: PACER Plus – how the Pacific Way is being undermined

There were promises that the agreement would be for the benefit of the Pacific. But it has been shaped more by the advantages to Australia and New Zealand exporters than the aspirations of the Pacific’s people.
Pasifik | 24-Apr-2017

Fiji was excluded from PACER plus

Fiji did not pull out of the PACER Plus trade negotiations. It had been excluded.
Global Justice Now | 24-Apr-2017

Trading with Trump – What we can expect from a UK-US trade deal

A new briefing has outlined the likely elements of a UK-US trade deal and argues that it would contain more extreme forms of all the controversial elements of the deal that was being negotiated between the EU and the USA.
Stuff | 24-Apr-2017

New Zealand enters Chinese "upgrade" talks with longer list than its counterpart

New Zealand hopes to bring forward the phasing out of restrictions on tariff-free dairy trade, industries from avocados and apricots to forestry and paper were wanting help to ease the path for exports into China.
Xinhua | 24-Apr-2017

Australia to pursue FTA with China’s Hong Kong: trade minister

The Australian government has announced it will pursue a free trade agreement with Hong Kong in an attempt to secure further service export opportunities for Australian businesses.
Financial Post | 24-Apr-2017

Canada’s Gran Colombia Gold files $700 million lawsuit against Colombia over Marmato project

Canadian miner Gran Colombia Gold has filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia under the Colombian-Canadian free trade agreement after the government ordered the company to cease operations at the El Burro site in Marmato.
Reuters | 24-Apr-2017

Trump warming to EU trade deal with Britain behind in queue: Times

The United States could strike a free-trade agreement with the European Union after President Donald Trump warmed to a deal with the bloc.
IP Watch | 28-Apr-2017

TRIPS flexibilities under threat from investment disputes: a closer look at Canada’s “win” against Eli Lilly

Although Canada won in a unanimous decision, the ruling does not, however, guarantee domestic discretion going forward, contrary to the suggestion of some.
SSRN | 26-Apr-2017

The political motivations of the United States’ bilateral investment treaty program

The United States has largely used BITs as a foreign policy tool to improve relationships with strategically important countries in the developing world.
The Hindu | 26-Apr-2017

The expanding universe of IP

Granting data exclusivity for clinical trials would undermine access to medicines.
Forum against FTAs | 27-Apr-2017

Employment crisis and free trade agreements( FTAs) : Why workers should reject RCEP

Trade unions, farmers groups, health activists, and other people’s movements are planning to organise a series of events to put pressure on the Government of India to withdraw from RCEP negotiations.
USW | 24-Apr-2017

USW, Unite march in solidarity with Mexican steelworkers

After three decades of NAFTA, Mexican workers are still denied basic rights.
No al TTIP | 29-Apr-2017

Podemos denuncia que PP, PSOE y C’s impiden que se paralice el tratado CETA

La formación morada protesta porque la “triple alianza” se opone en la Mesa del Congreso de los Diputados a iniciativas de la formación morada por razones políticas pese a cumplir los requisitos reglamentarios.
No al TTIP | 29-Apr-2017

#StopCETA1mayo – Llamado a las movilizaciones

Si el CETA llegara a entrar en vigor, llevaría, según varios estudios de entidades independientes, a una bajada de salarios y a una pérdida aproximada de 600 000 puestos de trabajo en la UE
El Colombiano | 29-Apr-2017

Colombia: Una absurda demanda

Ante la noticia que viene circulando, y que seguramente terminará por darse a la realidad, sobre la demanda que interpondrá Gas Naturales Fenosa por valor de 3,6 billones de pesos en contra del gobierno colombiano ante el Ciadi del Banco Mundial, solo tengo una cosa por decir ¡Qué absurdo!
CTXT | 27-Apr-2017

El CETA destruirá puestos de trabajo (diga la Comisión Europea lo que diga)

El Gobierno ha remitido el texto al Congreso y Unidos Podemos ha impulsado la activación del procedimiento de control previo de constitucionalidad. La posición del PSOE es clave para el futuro del acuerdo comercial con Canadá
OMAL | 27-Apr-2017

TTIP y CETA: riesgos democráticos, jurídicos, climáticos y medioambientales

Tratados como el TTIP ponen en peligro el medio ambiente, la agricultura local o el propio clima. "Acuerdos como el TTIP y el CETA van a agravar el cambio climático", afirma Samuel Martín-Sosa, responsable del área Internacional de Ecologistas en Acción. "Muchos derechos humanos quedarán sin protección", añade Pedro Ramiro, coordinador del Observatorio de Multinacionales en América Latina.
El País | 26-Apr-2017

El TLC entre el Mercosur y la Unión Europea "está más cerca que nunca"

El presidente del gobierno español resaltó la "importancia" de poder alcanzar "un acuerdo político" entre las partes antes de fin de año.
TNI | 26-Apr-2017

El TiSA y la amenaza a los bancos públicos

El Acuerdo sobre el Comercio de Servicios (TiSA) representa un ataque contra el carácter público de la banca pública en todo el mundo.
Asamblea Argentina Mejor sin TLC | 29-Apr-2017

Encuentro de Pensamiento Crítico - La agenda internacional del gobierno de Cambiemos: ¿una integración a la medida del Foro Económico de Davos?

¿Qué significa la liberalización para los y las trabajadores/as de la Argentina y para el pueblo en su conjunto? ¿Tiene importancia que la OMC venga a Argentina? ¿Cuál debería ser nuestra respuesta?
Mujeres en la Minga | 27-Apr-2017

Desmantelar el poder de las corporaciones en la vida de las mujeres

Nosotras las Mujeres, luchamos contra los TLC ya que estos acuerdos son más que simples reglamentaciones del comercio entre países, son estrategias de dominación de las personas.
GRAIN | 24-Apr-2017

Doce razones contra los tratados de libre comercio

Tenemos por delante, potencialmente, una ola de nuevas normas de “comercio, inversión y cooperación”, y nuestra región se verá fuertemente presionada a aceptar más abusos e indefensión ante las empresas.
VOA | 28-Apr-2017

Les agriculteurs américains contre la disparition de l’Aléna

"Nous ne voulons pas retourner en arrière avec le Mexique et le Canada", a expliqué David Salmonsen, directeur des relations avec le Congrès de l’American Farm Bureau Federation.
La Libre | 28-Apr-2017

Les trois signataires vont renégocier le traité Alena

Canada, Etats-Unis et Mexique sont d’accord pour mettre l’accord de libre-échange "à jour".
SOL | 25-Apr-2017

L’énorme dumping des produits laitiers extra-UE et vers les APE d’AO, SADC, CEMAC et EAC en 2016

L’UE continue les pressions sur les pays ACP (Afrique, Caraïbes, Pacifique) pour qu’ils signent et mettent en oeuvre des APE qui seraient destructeurs pour ces pays.
Afrique Inside | 25-Apr-2017

Algérie-USA : vers la facilitation des flux commerciaux entre les deux pays

La 5e session du conseil algéro-américain de l’Accord-cadre sur le commerce et l’investissement (TIFA) s’est penchée sur la nécessité d’éliminer les entraves aux flux commerciaux et d’investissements.
Les Echos | 24-Apr-2017

Libre-échange : Trump pourrait négocier avec l’UE avant la Grande-Bretagne

Angela Merkel serait parvenue à convaincre le président américain que les Etats-Unis avaient davantage intérêt à conclure un accord de libre-échange avec les Vingt-Sept qu’avec la Grande-Bretagne post-Brexit.
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