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MSF | 21-Oct-2017

RCEP negotiations should not restrict global access to affordable medicines and vaccines

RCEP negotiations should not restrict global access to affordable medicines and vaccines
Modern Ghana | 20-Oct-2017

Free trade agreements least favoured Ghana

Ghana has benefitted little from free trade agreements it has signed over the last decade. The development has also contributed to widening the country’s trade deficit recorded over the period.
Tech Dirt | 20-Oct-2017

A tale of two transparencies: why the EU and activists will always disagree over trade deal negotiations

Activists are keen to see what is happening in detail throughout the negotiations, not just some top-level view at the start, or the initial textual proposals for each chapter, but nothing afterwards.
Fern | 20-Oct-2017

Sacrificing South America’s forests on the altar of EU market access

By making this concession on beef, the EU is putting trade and consumption above its commitments to halt deforestation.
Stop TTIP CETA TiSA Greece | 20-Oct-2017

Defending quality PDO products of local societies in international trade agreements

PDO (products designation of origin) products when internationally traded, they are not just commodities but they also incorporate biodiversity, traditional production, know-how and culture of the local communities where they are produced.
Scoop | 20-Oct-2017

New government’s TPPA problems start next week

The new government of Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens will have to move fast if they are going to influence the outcomes of trade and investment agreements being negotiated.
Upside Down World | 19-Oct-2017

Being a trade unionist in Guatemala will get you killed

A chapter on labor issues within CAFTA was to provide an improved environment for labor rights. But the Guatemalan state has consistently failed to implement these protections.
EU Observer | 19-Oct-2017

Macron puts trade policy on summit table

Macron wants "an overall vision to find a balance between trade openness and protection" of EU markets and citizens, rather than "adding piece after piece" to the EU trade policy "puzzle".
Xinhua | 19-Oct-2017

Azerbaijan, EU to hold new round of talks on strategic partnership in late October

European Commission representatives will discuss the second chapter of a new strategic partnership agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Union.
The Express Tribune | 18-Oct-2017

Pak-Thailand FTA: Pakistan wants duties eased on 100 products

A Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Thailand will be signed on January 15 for enhancing bilateral trade between the two countries, a top official of the Ministry of Commerce said.
Financial Post | 18-Oct-2017

Indigenous chapter critical to NAFTA despite current challenges: Bellegarde

An Indigenous chapter in NAFTA mustn’t be allowed to fall by the wayside, regardless of the challenges currently confronting negotiators, says Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde.
PTI | 18-Oct-2017

India-EU FTA: chief negotiators to meet mid-November

Chief negotiators for the proposed India-EU free trade agreement will meet in New Delhi to discuss the way forward for the resumption of the long-stalled talks over it.
CNBC | 18-Oct-2017

Mexico says TPP countries seek consensus on market access at APEC meeting

The remaining countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) hope to agree on how to preserve the market access enshrined in the trade deal, Mexico’s economy minister said.
Reuters | 18-Oct-2017

NAFTA negotiators trade barbs, indicate wide differences

The top US and Canadian and trade officials accused each other of sabotaging efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, even as they and Mexico agreed to extend talks into the first quarter of 2018.
The Diplomat | 17-Oct-2017

5 hidden costs of the RCEP to people and planet

The RCEP has hidden costs for people’s lives
The Indian Express | 17-Oct-2017

US, Japan fail to bridge gap on trade in economic talks

The talks are shaping up to be a test of whether the close US-Japan relationship can withstand Donald Trump’s "America First" trade policies.
Bloomberg | 17-Oct-2017

US seeks end of Canada dairy system as latest NAFTA talks wrap

The US wrapped up the fourth round of Nafta trade talks with a bombshell proposal to dismantle Canada’s dairy sector, adding to a list of demands its trading partners say would be impossible to accept as negotiations grow more fraught.
Tax-news | 17-Oct-2017

EFTA and Ecuador make progress towards FTA

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states and Ecuador held their fourth round of negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement on October 9-13 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Daily Maverick | 17-Oct-2017

South Africa fails to exploit free trade agreement access to massive EU market

So-called SPS – Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary – issues identified as the main culprit. "Sometimes ostensible SPS issues were in fact disguised trade protectionism," said South Africa Trade Minister.
Reuters | 17-Oct-2017

Canada set to open Mercosur trade talks in December: sources

Canada and the South American trade bloc Mercosur will announce in December the opening of negotiations for a free-trade deal during the World Trade Organization’s annual meeting in Argentina.
Panam Post | 17-Oct-2017

Fearing an end to NAFTA, Mexico looks to Middle East for new trade partners

Jose Antonio Meade, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico, said that the country will seek to diversify its trade relations with other countries. Trade agreements with the Middle East and Turkey will be a priority.
Reuters | 17-Oct-2017

France seeks food safety inclusion in EU-Mercosur deal - envoy

France will propose changing the European Commission’s mandate to negotiate a trade deal with South America’s Mercosur bloc to include food safety provisions.
The Hindu | 16-Oct-2017

Fresh talks on free trade pact with EU to give equal weight to goods, services, investment

India and the European Union (EU) are set to begin talks soon on re-starting stalled negotiations for a free trade pact but New Delhi will not favour pre-conditions, such as prioritising an investment agreement that the 29-member bloc had earlier insisted upon.
Bloomberg | 16-Oct-2017

US proposes gutting Nafta legal-dispute tribunals

US Nafta negotiators are proposing to essentially do away with the independent tribunals that oversee the trading and investment relationship.
National Post | 16-Oct-2017

As US shocks with NAFTA demands, other countries asking: What does Trump want?

The No. 1 discussion topic at this current round is whether chief US negotiator’s team is being ordered to sabotage the talks, so President Donald Trump can declare NAFTA has failed.
The Irrawaddy | 16-Oct-2017

The EU-Myanmar IPA threatens emerging democracy

The EU accounts for about 10 percent of foreign direct investment in Myanmar and is keen to raise that number with its planned Investment Protection Agreement (IPA), a wide-ranging agreement on trade that has been in-negotiation in recent years.
Manila Bulletin | 16-Oct-2017

PH not joining TPP without US

Finance Secretary Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez stated that the Philippines is not joining the TPP, contradicting the position of Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez who renewed his interest of joining the TPP.
Reuters | 16-Oct-2017

Time running out for NAFTA talks, set to be extended - sources

Negotiators at talks to modernize NAFTA are running out of time and look set to extend the remaining rounds in a bid to meet an end-year deadline as tensions rise, three sources familiar with the matter said.
CIGI | 20-Oct-2017

Environmental gems in trade agreements

Little-known clauses for progressive trade agreements
Reuters | 19-Oct-2017

African Petroleum seeks arbitration over Gambia oil dispute

African Petroleum Corp has begun arbitration proceedings over Gambia’s decision to strip the company of its rights to explore for oil in two offshore areas.
Mongabay | 19-Oct-2017

Unfair trade: US beef has a climate problem

TPP, like other global trade treaties, fails to acknowledge climate change or include mechanisms to curb it.
Food Sovereignty Alliance | 17-Oct-2017

The milk crisis in India: The story behind the numbers

This book tells the story of how global trends including the ongoing threats of trade agreements such as the EU-India FTA and the RCEP are driving countless small dairy farmers into debt and ultimately out of farming.
Business Recorder | 16-Oct-2017

BoI working on its own template for BIT

The government of Pakistan would not be made liable for private investor disputes. Alternative dispute resolution mediation would be made compulsory, while foreign arbitrators would be decided in advance through consensus.
Renewables Now | 16-Oct-2017

Invenergy says to take USD-700m Polish wind claim to intl arbitration

US clean energy company Invenergy LLC has notified the Polish authorities it plans to turn to international arbitration over its wind investments in the country, if no settlement is reached within six months.

55 groups call for a meaningful CSO engagement in the 20th RCEP Round

Joint sign-on letter of civil society organisations to Trade Ministers of RCEP negotiating countries.
Texts of agreements
European Commission | 18-Oct-2017

EU-Mexico FTA - EU text proposals (Oct 2017)

3 text proposals, as released by the European Commission
Clarín | 20-Oct-2017

Francia no consiguió frenar la negociación europea con Mercosur

Quería replantear el mandato para que la UE acuerde con el bloque. Aún esperan firmar un pacto antes de fin de año.
La Jornada | 20-Oct-2017

México es más grande que el TLCAN, afirma Videgaray

El secretario mexicano de Relaciones Exteriores, Luis Videgaray, aseguró hoy en la capital británica que México es más grande que un acuerdo comercial y que si su país no alcanza un acuerdo durante la renegociación del TLCAN "no será el fin del mundo".
La Jornada | 20-Oct-2017

Incertidumbre por TLCAN al menos seis meses más: FMI

La incertidumbre que genera la renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) se mantendrá durante los próximos seis u ocho meses y va a influir en las decisiones que tomen las empresas o agentes económicos, advirtió el mexicano Alejandro Werner.
La Jornada | 19-Oct-2017

Desigualdad, salarios y TLCAN

México, Estados Unidos y Canadá, al firmar el TLCAN hace más de dos décadas, se propusieron, entre otras cosas, lograr un proceso de convergencia salarial y de los niveles de bienestar. Como bien sabemos no sólo no ocurrió, sino que se amplió la brecha entre los salarios de los trabajadores mexicanos respecto de los canadienses y más aún respecto de los estadunidenses.
La Jornada | 19-Oct-2017

TLCAN: la pertinencia de un compás de espera

Tanto en los hechos como en la apreciación de los analistas y en las exigencias de diversos sectores sociales, en los recientes días se ha acentuado la posibilidad de que la renegociación del TLCAN se encamine al fracaso o, cuando menos, a una serie de prórrogas de resultados imprevisibles.
La Prensa | 19-Oct-2017

Panamá: Estado se defiende de demanda millonaria

Autoridades panameñas evalúan investigar supuesta defraudación al sco, que habría revelado el demandante, en la compra de cuatro ncas en Bocas del Toro.
Lanza | 18-Oct-2017

IU remarca la repercusión negativa de los acuerdos de libre comercio en Castilla-La Mancha

IU se muestra en contra de los acuerdos internacionales de libre comercio por la forma en la que se aprueban y por la repercusión negativa en regiones como Castila-La Mancha.
ALAI | 18-Oct-2017

Diálogos: Internet ciudadana, nuestros datos y la OMC

Internet ya es mucho más que el espacio donde nos comunicamos y nos informamos. Pero, a su vez, con cada paso que damos en el mundo cibernético, vamos dejando rastros, a sabiendas o no.
Economía y Negocios | 18-Oct-2017

Japón ve posible avanzar en la integración del Asia-Pacífico aun sin EE.UU. en el TPP

Los países asiáticos progresan en distintos pasos bilaterales y multilaterales que pueden ser complementarios con el TPP, que es el bloque que tiene los más altos estándares, sostiene.
El Tiempo | 17-Oct-2017

Colombia: Por TLC subastarán más arroz este año

Un total de 98.448 toneladas de arroz entrarán al país durante este año, como resultado de las importaciones del cereal, por el Tratado de Libre Comercio con los Estados Unidos.
24 Horas | 17-Oct-2017

EU presiona en negociación de TLCAN

Termina 5o. día de la 4a. ronda de conversaciones con más exigencias; Grupos opositores presionan a los negociadores con manifestaciones y panfletos
El Economista | 17-Oct-2017

México afinará relaciones comerciales con otros países

Se buscarán mejores accesos comerciales con Medio Oriente, la península arábiga y Turquía; se actualizará el tratado con Europa.
ALAI | 17-Oct-2017

México aguarda la bomba del TLCAN

La renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) finalmente ha llegado a una etapa decisiva en la cual México podría recibir un duro golpe contra su soberanía nacional y profundizar su subordinación económica.
El Tiempo | 17-Oct-2017

Colombia: Tratados de Libre Comercio en negociación avanzan a paso lento

Después de la entrada en vigor de los tratados de libre comercio (TLC) entre el país y Corea, y días después con Costa Rica, parece que el 2017 terminará sin ver como una realidad alguno de los acuerdos comerciales que Colombia viene negociando.
Alainet | 21-Oct-2017

Escenarios de crisis humanitaria, los migrantes centroamericanos en México

La migración de centroamericanos en tránsito por México se distingue, tanto por su volumen de miles de personas, como por su carácter forzado, en tanto estas personas dejan sus lugares de origen no por libre elección, sino por distintas razones más allá de su voluntad y control. Las causas pueden ser económicas, medioambientales y de seguridad en contextos de violencia.
Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales | 20-Oct-2017

Llamamiento al “Encuentro Continental por la Democracia y Contra el Neoliberalismo”

Con la consigna ¡Ni un paso atrás! ¡Los pueblos seguimos en lucha!, movimientos y organizaciones sociales y diversas expresiones del campo popular de la región, hemos venido construyendo un proceso de articulación y luchas contra la ofensiva de los sectores conservadores y del capital en el continente.
Libération | 19-Oct-2017

Macron veut modérer l’élan libre-échangiste de Bruxelles

Le président français Emmanuel Macron plaidera auprès de ses homologues de l’UE en faveur d’une politique commerciale européenne plus transparente et protectrice, un positionnement qui fait grincer des dents à Bruxelles.
Ecofin | 19-Oct-2017

Le taux d’ouverture des marchés, pierre d’achoppement pour l’accord de libre-échange continental

Djibouti et le Soudan émettent des réserves sur le taux d’ouverture des marchés africains dans le cadre de la création d’une Zone de libre-échange continentale.
Ojarasca | 18-Oct-2017

Les traités de libre-échange élargissent la marge de manœuvre des entreprises

L’ALÉNA fait partie de cette structure juridico-politique de domination. Il n’existe aucun point commun entre les droits humains et les droits des entreprises ; on assiste à une profonde rupture de la hiérarchie et de la pyramide normative du système de protection des droits humains.
Challenges | 18-Oct-2017

CETA: comment des députés LREM veulent encadrer son application

Alors que l’exécutif doit dévoiler prochainement un "plan d’action" sur l’application du Ceta, 18 députés LREM ont adressé une trentaine de proposition s à Edouard Philippe sur cette question.
Yahoo | 18-Oct-2017

Les négociations sur l’Aléna au point mort, continueront en 2018

Les représentants des Etats-Unis et du Canada se sont mutuellement accusés de saboter la renégociation de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain même si les deux pays et le Mexique ont accepté de poursuivre les discussions jusqu’en mars 2018.
Le Monde | 17-Oct-2017

Le Mercosur, nouvelle source de tensions entre la France et l’Union européenne

Contrairement à Paris, Bruxelles veut boucler rapidement les négociations avec les pays du Marché commun du Sud.
Témoignages | 16-Oct-2017

La Réunion face à une zone de libre-échange de 1,5 milliard d’habitants

L’annonce de la création d’une Zone de libre échange continentale va encore amplifier l’impact du futur accord de partenariat économique. Comment l’économie réunionnaise pourra-t-elle résister à une telle concurrence ?
Radio Canada | 16-Oct-2017

ALENA : Washington veut un assouplissement des mécanismes de règlement

Les États-Unis ont réclamé un affaiblissement important des mécanismes de règlement des différends prévus à l’Accord de libre-échange de l’Amérique du Nord (ALENA).
Ecofin | 19-Oct-2017

African Petroleum se tourne vers le CIRDI pour le règlement du différend qui l’oppose à la Gambie

La firme exploratoire African Petroleum a annoncé avoir déposé auprès du CIRDI les documents relatifs à sa demande d’arbitrage dans le cadre du conflit qui l’oppose au gouvernement gambien.
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