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IP Watch | 24-Mar-2017

What to watch out for in the EU-Mercosur FTA negotiations: consequences for access to medicines

Some of the main TRIPS-plus measures historically pushed for by countries such as the United States or the EU are being again proposed at the EU-Mercosur FTA.
Al Monitor | 23-Mar-2017

EU deeply divided over Western Sahara policy

The ECJ has ruled that EU trade agreements can only apply to Western Sahara if the legitimate representatives of its people agree to it. In practice, the EU’s 2017 list of approved exporters from Morocco still includes entities based in Western Sahara.
Reuters | 23-Mar-2017

Australia, China to boost trade with beef making the cut

Australia and China are expected to sign new bilateral agreements on beef exports, energy and security.
WardsAuto | 23-Mar-2017

EU suppliers push for Mercosur trade deal

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency in the U.S. and its potential impact on EU-U.S. trade talks has made the Mercosur negotiations that entered a new round this week a high priority for the European Commission. | 23-Mar-2017

Switzerland wants stricter intellectual property rules in India that could harm generic drug makers

Switzerland is pushing for tighter patent protection, data exclusivity and dropping compulsory licencing under a new free trade agreement.
Massis Post | 23-Mar-2017

New EU-Armenia deal initialed in Yerevan

The agreement is meant to serve as a less ambitious substitute for an Association Agreement negotiated by Armenian and EU officials in the summer of 2013.
ICTSD | 23-Mar-2017

EU, Mercosur countries work to speed up trade talks

A fresh round of talks between parties is taking place this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
EurActiv | 23-Mar-2017

France’s top court questions constitutionality of CETA

The Constitutional Court announced that it would delay its decision on the legality of the EU’s free trade agreement with Canada, confirming doubts about its compatibility with the French constitution.
Bloomberg | 23-Mar-2017

Head of Asia trade talks warns against adding elements of Trump-derailed TPP into new pact

The chief negotiator of RCEP expressed hope that talks can be concluded this year if member nations refrain from introducing elements of the TPP
Tech Dirt | 22-Mar-2017

JEFTA: The latest massive ’trade’ deal you’ve never heard of, negotiated behind closed doors, with zero public scrutiny

One of the negotiations that has been going on in the background is for a major trade agreement between the EU and Japan since 2013.
Barbados Today | 22-Mar-2017

Bad agreement for the Caribbean

The evidence is clear: after 10 years of the EPA, the promised benefits have not been realized.
KEI | 22-Mar-2017

Leaked document: Note by Switzerland on India EFTA TEPA IP Chapter

In this note, Switzerland is proposing that India agree to broader patentable subject matter, particularly as regards biologic products.
MSF | 22-Mar-2017

India–EFTA trade talks may make medicines more expensive

MSF and civil society urge Swiss negotiators not to undermine the ‘pharmacy of the developing world’
Politico | 22-Mar-2017

Trump administration sketches out ’model’ trade agreement

A list of more than 20 foreign trade practices includes relatively new areas like currency manipulation, as well as goals like stronger intellectual property protection which have long been the mainstay of U.S. trade agreements.
Politico | 22-Mar-2017

Trump’s pick for trade envoy open to continued EU trade talks

Robert Lighthizer did not rule out resuming negotiations with the European Union on TTIP and TiSA.
Viet Nam News | 22-Mar-2017

Việt Nam willing to foster bilateral trade with RoK: PM says

Việt Nam is ready to work with the Republic of Korea (RoK) to effectively implement the bilateral free trade agreement.
South China Morning Post | 22-Mar-2017

Free trade and top tech: what China wants from Israel

Israel is a key component in China’s “One Belt, One Road” trade initiative. The two countries started talks on a free-trade deal.
EurActiv | 22-Mar-2017

EU, Japan determined to deliver trade deal by end of 2017

The European Union and Japan said they intend to complete talks for a free trade agreement with Japan by the end of the year (2017).
Lexology | 22-Mar-2017

EFTA and Malaysia hold eighth round of negotiations

Negotiations between EFTA and Malaysia have been ongoing since March 2014. The two sides have held eight rounds of negotiations, as well as intersessional expert meetings.
Agence Kampuchea Presse | 21-Mar-2017

PM Hun Sen: Cambodia Boosting Negotiations for Creation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen has affirmed that Cambodia is playing an active role in boosting the negotiations on RCEP
Myanmar Times | 21-Mar-2017

How far can the RCEP ship sail?

Pressure on RCEP to emulate the ’gold standard’ TPP agreement on the occasion of 50th anniversary of ASEAN
KBS | 20-Mar-2017

S. Korea, Israel to hold 3rd round talks on FTA

South Korea and Israel will hold a third round of Free Trade Agreement(FTA) negotiation in Seoul | 20-Mar-2017

Free trade deal with Singapore updated

Australian universities, lawyers and financial firms will be among the biggest winners from an updated free trade deal with Singapore.
EurActiv | 20-Mar-2017

Brazil’s rotten meat scandal strikes ahead of fresh EU trade talks

The European Union has insisted Brazilian representatives attend an emergency meeting to explain themselves regarding a scandal involving rotten meat and the country’s two largest exporters.
Western Sahara Resource Watch | 20-Mar-2017

Spain confirms: EU-Morocco trade deal not for Western Sahara goods

The Spanish government in a statement confirmed the EU court’s judgement that Western Sahara goods are not covered by the EU-Morocco trade deal.
ABS-CBN News | 20-Mar-2017

China cites Philippines’ key role in China-led RCEP

China says the Philippines will play a key role in a proposed regional free trade agreement led by China.
Borderlex | 18-Mar-2017

Opinion: The UK will get a bad trade deal from the US

There is little reason to doubt that the United Kingdom will sign a free trade agreement with the United States once outside the EU. But there is not going to be that much into it for British businesses. This is because the UK will be the weaker party in the talks.
The Australian | 18-Mar-2017

Trade Minister in push for Pacific Alliance trade deal to replace TPP

Australia is pushing for a new multi-billion dollar free trade deal with Pacific Alliance countries — Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru — following the collapse of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
BBC | 22-Mar-2017

US ranchers saddle up for trade battle with Washington

President Trump’s promise to renegotiate Nafta and possibly place tariffs on Mexico or other US trading partners has the beef industry worried. The industry is already reeling from the loss of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Dairy Reporter | 22-Mar-2017

USDEC CEO to Mexico: ‘US dairy industry is fighting hard to ensure that NAFTA is here to stay’

Three leaders of US dairy organizations traveled to Mexico City to reaffirm their commitment to maintaining a positive trade relationship with Mexico’s dairy industry and consumers.
Tech Dirt | 22-Mar-2017

Eli Lilly loses quixotic quest to get Canada to pay $500 million for rejecting its bad patents

Just the fact that the Canadian government had to go through this massive and expensive process for many years just for rejecting two bad patents should show why ISDS provisions are such a problem.
Politico | 20-Mar-2017

Canada scores ISDS victory over Eli Lilly

Canada has prevailed over pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly in a long-running investor-state dispute the drug company filed under NAFTA’s investment chapter.
S2B | 22-Mar-2017

Secretive EU-Japan trade deal to be finalised away from public eye

Joint civil society statement on the Eu-Japan free trade agreement.
Texts of agreements
KEI | 22-Mar-2017

RCEP - draft chapter on trade in services (Dec 2016)

As leaked by KEI
KEI | 22-Mar-2017

RCEP - draft chapter on competition (Dec 2016)

As leaked by KEI
KEI | 22-Mar-2017

RCEP - draft chapter on investment: temporary safeguard measures (Dec 2016)

As leaked by KEI
RPP | 23-Mar-2017

SNI: TLC entre Perú e India perjudicaría industria nacional

El país asiático otorga subvenciones a sus sectores productivos exportadores, que fabrican lo mismo que nuestro país, generando así competencia desleal.
Público | 23-Mar-2017

¿China en el TPP?

China participó en el reciente encuentro de Viña del Mar (Chile) de los países firmantes del Acuerdo Transpacífico (TPP, siglas en inglés).
La Jornada San Luis | 23-Mar-2017

Hambre del mexicano no se negocia en TLCAN: líder campesino

Ante la renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) urge modificar la política agraria y emprender una reconversión productiva que genere los alimentos en el mercado interno.
Vanguardia | 23-Mar-2017

OMC no se meterá en renegociación del TLCAN

Durán dijo que hay muchas cosas por mejorar en el TLC y el País está dispuesto a negociar, pero no a costa de la soberanía
United Explanations | 21-Mar-2017

El saqueo del territorio mexicano: la megaminería y el TLCAN

El artículo se divide en tres partes, en la primera se analiza el comportamiento de la superficie del territorio mexicano concesionado a la industria minera, en la segunda el seguimiento a la inversión extranjera directa en la minería, y en la tercera se revisan los signos vitales de la megaminería en el marco del agotamiento de los recursos naturales.
No al TTIP | 21-Mar-2017

El ‘TTIP canadiense’ llega al Parlamento español

Según el periódico Público, el tratado comercial entre la Unión Europea (UE) y Canadá llegará pronto a las Cortes Generales.
TeleSUR | 21-Mar-2017

Petroleras estadounidenses planean ataque judicial contra PDVSA

Exxon Mobil y Conoco Phillips rechazan el marco legal que rige a Venezuela, en las que PDVSA tiene el 60 por ciento de las acciones y el resto es dispuesto para la participación de transnacionales.
G20 Protests | 22-Mar-2017

G20: ¡Somos muchxs! ¡Hagamos oir nuestra voz! ¡El mundo nos escuchará!

La “Semana de solidaridad global” contra el G20 nos dará la oportunidad de expresar el otro mundo y nuestra convicción de que es posible.
Houssenia Writing | 22-Mar-2017

Le JEFTA, un traité de libre-échange totalement secret entre le Japon et l’Union européenne

Depuis 2013, l’Union européenne négocie un autre traité de libre-échange appelé JEFTA (Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement) avec le Japon. Les mécanismes d’arbitrage sont au menu.
BFM | 22-Mar-2017

CETA : le Conseil constitutionnel reporte son avis

Les Sages qui devaient juger de la compatibilité de l’accord UE-Canada avec la Constitution ont décidé de reporter leur avis pour entendre "différents experts".
Le Figaro | 22-Mar-2017

Le TTIP n’est pas "mort"

Le représentant américain auprès des institutions européennes considère que l’accord de libre-échange transatlantique TTIP n’est pas "mort".
Le Soir | 21-Mar-2017

Après la saga du Ceta, un nouveau front avec le Japon

Le Premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe débarque à Bruxelles. Mais les contestataires critiques partent à l’assaut du projet d’accord avec le Japon.
Front anti APE et anti CFA - Sénégal | 23-Mar-2017

Contre les APE et le franc CFA : participons aux élections législatives

Le comité de pilotage du Front anti Accords de Partenariat Economique (APE) et anti franc CFA après avoir apprécié la situation politique, économique et sociale actuelle a pris des décisions importantes.
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