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The Conversation | 20-Feb-2017

Australia’s march towards corporatocracy

While consultancies, political donations, secondments and staff movements magnify corporate influence over government, an equally sinister trend is playing out in the world of multinational corporations.
The Hindu | 20-Feb-2017

EU pushes India to extend investment pacts by six months

The European Union has urged India to extend by at least six months the Bilateral Investment Treaties it has with the member countries.
Global Times | 20-Feb-2017

China, Saudi Arabia vow to enhance cooperation

China sees Saudi Arabia as an important strategic partner and stands ready to speed up the China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) FTA talks with Saudi Arabia.
Vietnamnet | 20-Feb-2017

Greater exposure

The RCEP will have the effect of locking in Vietnam - and all the other signatories - and prevent them from modifying or withdrawing investors’ rights they have granted, even if some years later they decide that granting those rights did not contribute to development in the country.
Business Europe & Keidanren | 18-Feb-2017

Joint statement for EU-Japan regulatory cooperation

Business Europe and Keidanren have been encouraging industrial sector-to-sector dialogue to identify mutually beneficial solutions to non-tariff measure issues, which are a major subject for negotiation in the EU-Japan FTA.
Radio NZ | 18-Feb-2017

NZ and Australia to work together to salvage TPP - English

Australia and New Zealand have agreed to work together to try to breathe life into the stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
Ghana Web | 18-Feb-2017

UK hints at new trade deal with Ghana

The United Kingdom, as suspected after Brexit, will “do a free trade deal” with Ghana, its Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said in Accra
Armen Press | 18-Feb-2017

EAEU and Singapore to sign FTA till end of 2017

The Prime Minister of Singapore stressed that he is ready for a constructive dialogue and hopes that the FTA will be signed by the end of 2017
European Commission | 18-Feb-2017

Commissioner Malmström and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs confirm commitment for an early conclusion of EU-Japan FTA negotiations

Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Fumio Kishida met to discuss the way forward for the negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Japan.
EurActiv | 16-Feb-2017

Asia wants a stronger global role for Europe

The huge uncertainty surrounding the future of US foreign, security and trade policy opens new horizons for the EU in most parts of Asia.
New Straits Times | 16-Feb-2017

Bilateral trade deals ’more realistic’ option: Mustapa

In the absence of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, bilateral trade agreements with trading partners would be a ‘doable and more realistic’ option for Malaysia, International Trade and Industry Minister said.
Local Futures Blog | 16-Feb-2017

Why are my highly educated friends so ignorant about trade?

Local Futures’ Isabel Marlens discusses why many people know so little about trade issues, and what can be done about it.
EurActiv | 16-Feb-2017

Malmström: CETA done, Mexico and Mercosur next up

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström confirmed Mexico and Mercosur are next on the negotiating agenda.
Bernama | 16-Feb-2017

With TPP’s demise, Malaysia to explore new markets for trade - Ahmad Maslan

Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said Malaysia would continue to focus on efforts to conclude the RCEP negotiations as the TPP would not be implemented.
Australian Financial Review | 16-Feb-2017

Canada free-trade deal with EU points way for Australia

The European Union hope to launch the negotiation with Australia in the second half of the year, says EU ambassador to Canberra
EurActiv | 16-Feb-2017

After Parliament approval, final ratification could still put CETA in legal limbo

Because CETA was declared a mixed agreement by the European Commission, it will also need to be ratified by national and regional parliaments.
Japan Times | 16-Feb-2017

U.S. urged Japan to refer to bilateral FTA in joint statement: sources

In drafting a joint statement for release after the summit between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump, Washington urged Tokyo to refer to signing a bilateral free trade agreement.
Business Mirror | 16-Feb-2017

PHL to South Korea: Slash pineapple tariff to zero

Manila has asked Seoul to bring down to zero the tariff it slaps on Philippine pineapple exports to South Korea.
New Europe | 16-Feb-2017

EU-Israel Association Agreement under threat following new settlements announcement

A series of MEPs condemned Israel’s continued settlement construction in the occupied West Bank during a plenum debate.
Sacramento Bee | 16-Feb-2017

No: No wall could hurt Mexico as much as NAFTA has

NAFTA marked a continuation of policies that began in the 1980s under pressure from Washington and the International Monetary Fund.
The Hindu | 16-Feb-2017

Thailand seeks early decision from India on proposed free trade pact

With US, EU gripped by uncertainty, Bangkok looks towards Asian partners
Bangkok Post | 15-Feb-2017

Asia globalisation not going astray

RCEP aims, among other goals, to ease obstacles to trade by solving the so-called "spaghetti bowl" effect, the confusion caused by the proliferation of free trade deals. Trading partners are sometimes both members of more than one deal and the question arises — which rules apply?
Yonhap | 15-Feb-2017

S. Korea to speed up upgrade of FTA with ASEAN

South Korea and Southeast Asian countries agreed to speed up negotiations to upgrade their free trade agreement
Hungary Today | 15-Feb-2017

Hungary supports EU-Japan free trade agreement, foreign minister said on visit to Tokyo

Japan has now become Hungary’s leading Asian investor, the Hungarian foreign minister told news agency MTI on the first day of his official visit to Japan.
EurActiv | 15-Feb-2017

A vote against CETA would reset Europe’s trade agenda

With global inequalities spiralling and the climate crisis on our doorstep, the last thing we need is a trade deal that would worsen both. | 15-Feb-2017

PH seeks review of economic agreement with Japan

The Filipino Department of Trade and Industry will soon review the Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, aiming to request its counterpart in Japan to lower the seasonal tariff on pineapples and bananas.
Malaya Business Insight | 14-Feb-2017

Philippines to push for RCEP deal while ASEAN chair

The Philippines while chair of Asean this year, will push for the conclusion of an agreement on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to pave the way for a mega regional free trade agreement (FTA) next year.
Phnom Penh Post | 14-Feb-2017

Cambodia, EEC put free trade on agenda

Officials from Cambodia and the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) meeting in Phnom Penh yesterday issued a statement affirming commitments to increasing bilateral trade made last year, and agreed to work toward a possible free trade agreement.
Reuters | 14-Feb-2017

Trump expects only ’tweaking’ of trade relationship with Canada

President Donald Trump said the United States would be "tweaking" its trade relationship with Canada.
SOL | 14-Feb-2017

CEMAC losses of customs duties with the EU28-UK EPA

This paper assesses the CEMAC customs duty losses on its imports from the EU-28 minus the United Kingdom after the Brexit on the basis of EU28-UK exports in 2015 and of the liberalization programming provided for by the EPA.
The Independent | 14-Feb-2017

By signing CETA with Justin Trudeau, the EU isn’t undermining Donald Trump – they’re helping him

How do we fight Trumpism? By showing that the solution to devastating corporate trade pacts isn’t ‘beggar my neighbour’ economics, but a trade system based on the needs of society
Vientiane Times | 14-Feb-2017

Lao farm products to enjoy tariff exemptions

The farm products comprise crops and livestock as well as home-grown products.
Bloomberg | 14-Feb-2017

These countries could be Trump’s next trade war targets

India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam have largely escaped U.S. President Donald Trump’s glare on trade, but he may yet come looking. The U.S. runs trade deficits with all of them, in some cases quite big ones.
Reuters | 20-Feb-2017

Freeport warns of arbitration as Indonesia mining dispute escalates

U.S. mining giant Freeport warned it could take the Indonesian government to arbitration and seek damages over a contractual dispute that has halted operations at the world’s second-biggest copper mine.
Fresh Plaza | 18-Feb-2017

CETA may open up Europe to GMO potatoes

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, if enacted could change many areas of trade between Canada and Europe. One of these changes could lead to Europe allowing GMO potatoes from Canada.
The Times | 17-Feb-2017

Brussels ‘will block’ GM food from Britain

Last month the UK government approved field trials of GM wheat and is expected to give the go-ahead to trials of a potato genetically modified to be resistant to blight
S2B | 20-Feb-2017

S2B position on the European Commission proposal for a multilateral ISDS mechanism

Globalisation is at a dangerous crossroads. One path leads to regained policy-space for governments to address climate change, inequality and other pressing issues of our times. The other leads to more rights for corporations to bully decision-makers.
Le Dauphiné | 18-Feb-2017

Grenoble accueille les 2e rencontres paneuropéennes des villes contre TAFTA-CETA-TISA

Alors que le CETA vient d’être ratifié par le Parlement européen, Grenoble organise samedi, après Barcelone, les 2e Rencontres paneuropéennes des villes contre TAFTA - CETA – TISA,
RT | 15-Feb-2017

EU approves contentious free trade pact with Canada despite protests

The European Parliament has approved a landmark free trade deal between the EU and Canada. Hundreds gathered in Strasbourg, France to protest the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
Texts of agreements
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft sanitary and phytosanitary measures chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft state-owned enterprises chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft small and medium-sized enterprises chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft rules of origin chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft public procurement chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft trade remedies chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft public procurement chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft intellectual property chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft customs and trade facilitation chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
European Commission | 14-Feb-2017

EU-Indonesia FTA - draft competition chapter (December 2016)

As published by the European Commission
El Diario | 17-Feb-2017

Qué supone de forma inmediata el acuerdo CETA de libre comercio con Canadá

El tratado entre la UE y Canadá, conocido por sus siglas como CETA, entrará en vigor en un 95% en primavera.
Rojo y Negro | 17-Feb-2017

El "sí" al CETA es la apuesta por una sociedad al servicio de las élites económicas

Se consuma la venta de la soberanía de Europa a las grandes corporaciones transnacionales con la complicidad de la clase política.
El País | 16-Feb-2017

La brecha que el TLC no ha conseguido cerrar

El diferencial entre la renta per cápita mexicana y la de EE UU y Canadá aumenta desde 1994, contradiciendo las promesas iniciales
Público | 16-Feb-2017

El CETA le sigue el juego a Trump

Los defensores del CETA aseguran que fomentará las buenas relaciones internacionales, pero los grandes interesados en este acuerdo son las grandes empresas, no la ciudadanía ni el planeta.
TeleSur | 16-Feb-2017

En claves: ¿Qué es el CETA y cuáles son sus objetivos?

La aprobación del acuerdo se realizó este miércoles con 408 votos a favor y unos 254 en contra, así como 33 abstenciones.
Télam | 16-Feb-2017

La controversia detrás del acuerdo de libre comercio entre Europa y Canadá

La Eurocámara aprobó el convenio denominado CETA, pese a las críticas a que favorece a multinacionales y atenta contra la seguridad alimentaria y el ambiente. El antecedente para un tratado con Trump.
ABC | 16-Feb-2017

Qué son y en qué se diferencian el TTIP, el CETA y otros acuerdos comerciales

Este miércoles la Eurocámara ha aprobado la ratificación del controvertido acuerdo entre la UE y Canadá.
No al TTIP | 15-Feb-2017

CETA: un gran retroceso para nuestros derechos ambientales, sociales y laborales

La campaña No al TTIP, CETA y TiSA lamenta que hoy se haya ratificado en el Parlamento Europeo el CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), el acuerdo comercial firmado por Canadá y la UE el pasado 30 de octubre.
Diario Co Latino | 15-Feb-2017

El Salvador: Organizaciones piden ley contra la explotación minera y TLC

Más de 16 organizaciones ambientalistas y sociales que aglutinan el Movimiento de Victimas, Afectados y Afectadas por el Cambio Climático y Corporaciones MOVIAC entregaron una pieza de correspondencia en la Asamblea Legislativa para solicitar la creación de una Ley que prohíba la explotación minera y los Tratados de Libre Comercio.
No al TTIP | 15-Feb-2017

La firma del CETA no nos salvará de Donald Trump

Los grupos defensores del CETA acusan a quien se opone a él de seguirle el juego a Donald Trump, pero son acuerdos como este los que han contribuido a catapultar al poder a personas como el actual presidente de EEUU.
Iagua | 15-Feb-2017

CETA: ¿Qué impacto tendrá en los servicios del agua?

Ecologistas en Acción ha enviado una carta a los parlamentarios europeos para que voten rechazando el acuerdo de "libre comercio" entre la Unión Europea y Canadá.

Entrevista con Guy Marius Sagna

El Coordinador de la Coalición nacional senegalesa “No a los AAE” nos habla de dos proyectos de libre comercio en relación con África: los Acuerdos de asociación económica y la Zona continental de libre comercio
Ecofin | 20-Feb-2017

Malgré le retrait de l’Union européenne de l’APE, la Cemac insiste en désignant de nouveaux négociateurs

Ayant pourtant pris acte de la décision unilatérale de l’Union européenne de mettre un terme au processus régional des négociations d’un APE, la Cemac a tout de même de désigner de nouveaux négociateurs.
Maghreb Emergent | 18-Feb-2017

Ndongo Samba Sylla, économiste sénégalais : « La Zone de Libre Echange Africaine est une erreur » (Entretien)

Docteur en Economie, ex-conseiller à la Présidence de la République du Sénégal, Samba Sylla explique pourquoi la ZLEC est « un suicide pour les pays africains ».
Investigaction | 18-Feb-2017

Les risques du libre-échange

Les accords de libre-échange concoctés « discrètement » sont-ils compatibles avec les mesures ratifiées dans le Traité de Lisbonne par les pays constituant l’Union Européenne ?
Le Nouveau Gabon | 16-Feb-2017

L’Union européenne met un terme aux négociations d’un Accord de partenariat économique avec la CEMAC

L’espoir d’un Accord de partenariat économique entre l’ensemble des six pays de la Communauté économique et monétaire de l’Afrique centrale et l’Union européenne est éteint.
Le Grand Soir | 15-Feb-2017

D’abord l’ALENA, ensuite le mur : comment les Etats-Unis ont joué au pompier-pyromane avec le Mexique

L’ALENA était la continuation de mesures économiques qui ont commencé dans les années 80, sous la pression de Washington et du FMI.
La Croix | 15-Feb-2017

Le Ceta, approuvé par le Parlement européen, peine toujours à convaincre

Le Parlement européen a approuvé l’accord de libre-échange entre l’UE et le Canada. Le Ceta contient des dispositions qui continuent de faire débat.
Le Devoir | 14-Feb-2017

Quand le Mexique captive plus Trump que le Canada

Que ce soit sur la sécurité à la frontière ou l’ALENA, le président américain a chaque fois évité de dire s’il voyait un problème avec son voisin du Nord, préférant répéter les griefs qu’il nourrit envers le Mexique.
SOL | 14-Feb-2017

Pertes de recettes douanières de la CEMAC dues à l’APE avec l’UE28-RU

Ce document évalue les pertes de droits de douane de la CEMAC sur ses importations venant de l’UE-28 moins le Royaume-Uni après le Brexit sur la base des exportations de l’UE28-RU en 2015 et de la programmation de la libéralisation prévue par l’APE.
Une Seule Planète | 16-Feb-2017

Mouvement citoyens et pouvoirs locaux : quelle alliance pour construire les alternatives aux accords de libre-échange ?

La logique des accords de libre-échange est celle d’une croissance infinie des richesses, d’une nature inépuisable d’une capacité exponentielle de l’Humanité à mobiliser le génie scientifique nécessaire pour minimiser les externalités sociales ou environnementales.
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