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New York Times | 24-Jun-2017

Europe and Japan near trade deal as U.S. takes protectionist path

The partial draft of the deal was obtained by Greenpeace. The environmental groups worry that the deal falls short on a number of issues, including curbing the illegal timber trade and tackling overfishing.
EFTA | 23-Jun-2017

EFTA and MERCOSUR hold first round of negotiations

After four days of discussions, the 1st Round of Negotiations between the MERCOSUR and the EFTA States on a Free Trade Agreement was successfully concluded.
Politico | 23-Jun-2017

EU’s agri-food market revels at prospect of Japanese trade deal

Farmers in the EU are watching eagerly as European and Japanese experts meet in Tokyo for their 19th round of trade talks.
The Nation | 23-Jun-2017

Russia offers support for FTA with EEU

Russia has offered its support for Pakistan’s entry into a free trade agreement with Eurasian Economic Union, of which Russia is a leading member.
Japan News | 23-Jun-2017

Costa Rica seeks FTA with Japan

Costa Rica is aiming to reach a free trade agreement and an investment pact with Japan as part of the Central American country’s strategy to diversify its economy based on business-friendly but environmentally conscious development platforms.
Cameroon Concord | 23-Jun-2017

Cameroon: Economic partnership agreement with EU reduces customs revenue

Though government overlooks at the 600 million lose, economists say it is not healthy for the country’s economy which is dangling at the moment and hope to emerge by 2035.
Antara News | 23-Jun-2017

Indonesia ready to clarify palm oil ban issue: Minister Hartarto

The Indonesian government is ready to provide an explanation regarding palm oil ban to the European Union parliament.
Japan News | 23-Jun-2017

U.S. seeks concessions from Japan in beef trade

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer urged Japan to make unilateral concessions to the United States in such areas as beef trade.
Japan Times | 22-Jun-2017

Japan may set tariff-free quota for EU beef under EPA

Japan is considering setting a tariff-free import quota for beef from European Union member states, as requested by the EU in the two sides’ negotiations on an economic partnership agreement for free trade.
ICTSD | 22-Jun-2017

PACER Plus countries prepare for trade deal ratification

With the signing process now concluded, PACER Plus will take effect 60 days after eight negotiating parties complete their domestic processes and have notified the depositary accordingly.
TNI | 22-Jun-2017

Why workers should reject RCEP

What is the RCEP and why should workers reject it?
EurActiv | 22-Jun-2017

EU wants gender chapter included in Chile trade deal update

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström wants to include a chapter on gender equality in an update to the bloc’s trade deal with Chile, which is due to be negotiated soon.
Xinhua | 21-Jun-2017

Kenya to review trade agreements to boost exports

Kenya is currently reviewing all its bilateral trade agreements it has signed with other countries with a view to enhancing exports, officials said.
The Telegraph | 21-Jun-2017

US and UK to start trade talks next month to ensure deal soon after Brexit

Trade talks with the US will kick off next month as British officials start to scope out plans for a deal, with the aim of setting up a free trade agreement as soon as possible after Brexit.
Lexology | 21-Jun-2017

India-EU free trade agreement: State of play and way forward

Recent events including the ongoing Brexit negotiations and the termination of investment treaties might however have a direct impact on the trade deal and one can expect negotiations to resume in the near future.
Japan News | 21-Jun-2017

Japan eyes opening procurement bidding, lowering tariffs as EU trade pact bargaining chip

Tokyo is considering opening up bidding for local university and hospital projects to European companies.
PNG Industry News | 21-Jun-2017

PNG firmly out of Pacer-Plus

Papua New Guinea is still realigning internal issues and is not ready to make commitments under Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (Pacer-Plus) an official says.
The Economic Times | 20-Jun-2017

India agrees to government procurement talks in regional trade pact

Delhi agrees to start talks on government procurement as part of RCEP
South China Morning Post | 20-Jun-2017

US in trade talks with Asian nations to replace TPP, commerce secretary says

The new trade discussions target multiple countries in Asia, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told reporters at the 2017 SelectUSA investment summit
New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade | 20-Jun-2017

European Union - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement: Outline of ambition and scope of future negotiations

The scoping discussions covered, at a high level, the shared ambition for some key issues often addressed in trade negotiations.
GRAIN | 19-Jun-2017

How RCEP affects food and farmers

The many ways in which RCEP will affect our lives
Fleet Owner | 19-Jun-2017

E-commerce, border technology top NAFTA wish list

U.S. flooded wth comments ahead of renegotiation of trade deal.
Japan News | 19-Jun-2017

Japan working to eliminate tariffs on wine from European Union

The government is making arrangements to eliminate import tariffs on wine produced in European Union countries, including France and Italy, in the Japan-EU economic partnership agreement negotiations.
Japan News | 19-Jun-2017

Japan set to slash tariffs on EU pasta

The government is making arrangements to accept a substantial tariff cut on pasta made in the European Union, such as spaghetti, in Japan-EU economic partnership agreement negotiations.
Japan News | 19-Jun-2017

Govt mulls opening railway market to EU

The government is considering opening part of Japan’s railway market to overseas companies based in Europe in the negotiations for an economic partnership agreement with the European Union.
Global Trade | 19-Jun-2017

US and Indonesia agree to step up work to expand trade

Officials from the United States and Indonesia met under their Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), agreeing on next steps for expeditiously resolving bilateral issues and further building their trade relations.
Daily Maverick | 19-Jun-2017

After AGOA: SA must prepare for two-way free trade agreements with US

The Trump Administration has signalled its impatience to replace the AGOA preferential trade deal with Africa with normal two-way free trade agreements.
Trend | 19-Jun-2017

Iran, EAEU finalize accord on free trade zone

Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) have finalized an agreement to create a free trade zone.
Newburgh Gazette | 23-Jun-2017

Chevron Corp. wins court battle against Ecuadorian villagers

Chevron is victorious after the Supreme Court declined to hear a case made against the company by a NY lawyer representing Ecuadorian villagers.
High Plains / Midwest Ag Journal | 19-Jun-2017

Trade agreements a good deal for US feed grains

Trade equals huge success for exports of U.S. feed grains in all forms, particularly to the 20 countries with which the United States has a free trade agreement.
Latin America Herald Tribune | 19-Jun-2017

Venezuela pays Gold Reserve $40 million on $800 million ICSID expropriation judgment

Gold Reserve Inc. reports that it has received a $40 million payment on its $800 million judgment that it won at the World Bank’s International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in 2014.
No al TTIP | 23-Jun-2017

Documentos confidenciales del tratado de comercio entre Japón y la UE disparan las alarmas ecologistas

Los borradores muestran que los artículos referidos al desarrollo sostenible implican compromisos voluntarios más que obligaciones para las partes.
No al TTIP | 23-Jun-2017

La Campaña No al TTIP, CETA y TiSA demanda a las fuerzas políticas el rechazo al acuerdo comercial entre la Unión Europea y Canadá (CETA)

El pleno del Congreso votará la ratificación del acuerdo comercial y de inversión entre la UE y Canadá el próximo jueves 29 de junio.
No al TTIP | 23-Jun-2017

El PSOE da un giro brusco y se descuelga de un acuerdo de la UE

El cambio radical se produjo solo un día después de que el partido votase en la comisión de Exteriores a favor del tratado.
Público | 21-Jun-2017

Cambio de rumbo de los socialistas: Sánchez decide ahora que el PSOE no apoyará el CETA

Cambiará el voto a favor que dio el martes en la Comisión de Exteriores por la abstención o el ‘no’ cuando el acuerdo de libre comercio entre Canadá y Bruselas llegue a pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados, la semana que viene.
Entorno Inteligente | 19-Jun-2017

Venezuela pagó $40 millones a Gold Reserve

La empresa minera canadiense Gold Reserve dijo que Venezuela le pagó $40 millones de dólares y que, en los próximos dos años, cancelará el resto de su deuda de aproximadamente que suman 1.032 millones de dólares.
Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales | 23-Jun-2017

Declaración Política del Encuentro de Organizaciones Sociales de Canadá, Estados Unidos y México

Las y los participantes en el Encuentro de Organizaciones Sociales de Canadá, Estados Unidos y México, ante el inminente proceso de renegociación del TLCAN, condenamos este modelo porque ha afectado gravemente el desarrollo nacional, siendo contrario a los intereses de los pueblos, del medio ambiente y de nuestro sistema democrático.
OMAL | 19-Jun-2017

Aprendizajes de las resistencias feministas latinoamericanas a los Tratados de Libre Comercio e Inversión

¿De qué manera afrontar este momento como feministas, como conjunto de movimientos sociales, como ciudadanía crítica?
Libération | 22-Jun-2017

Libre-échange UE/Japon: encore des points d’achoppement

Les discussions entre Européens et Japonais sur un accord de libre-échange Union européenne/Japon avancent, a annoncé le ministre japonais des Affaires étrangères, mais des points de friction existent encore.
Cameroon-Info | 22-Jun-2017

La 2e phase de l’APE Cameroun-UE entre en vigueur le 4 août 2017

Cette phase des APE sera caractérisée par une augmentation du niveau de démantèlement tarifaire sur les produits de 1er groupe, essentiellement de consommation pour les ménages.
KBS | 20-Jun-2017

Narenda Modi souhaiterait un sommet bilatéral avec Moon Jae-in en marge du sommet du 20

Les dirigeants sud-coréen et indien envisagent d’organiser un tête-à-tête en marge du sommet du G20 afin de conclure rapidement les négociations en cours entre leurs deux Etats en vue de réviser l’actuel accord de partenariat économique compréhensif.
Financial Afrik | 19-Jun-2017

Le texte de base de la Zone de Libre-Echange Continentale finalisé en décembre

Le texte qui devra servir de base juridique à la Zone de libre-échange continentale doit être finalisé au plus tard en décembre 2017 puis soumis aux chefs d’Etat pour validation.
Les Echos | 19-Jun-2017

La guerre du fromage complique l’entrée en vigueur de l’accord commercial entre l’Europe et le Canada

Européens et Canadiens s’opposent sur les modalités d’importation des 18.000 tonnes de fromage européen par le Canada.
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