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EU reveals its EPA ‘cards’
When Pacific trade negotiators sit down later this month with their European Commission counterparts to carve out the finer details of their Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the pressure points would be fishery, market access and services.
Fisheries talks raise alarm
Opposition politicians in Newfoundland and in Ottawa are expressing concern about potential fisheries industry giveaways at the negotiating table on Canada-Europe free trade talks, but the province’s fisheries union said Tuesday that fewer trade barriers would be a good thing.
FTA with EU will pave way for more exports
The free trade agreement between Vietnam and the European Union is expected to open many doors for Vietnamese seafood to enter the EU, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers
Canadian seafood industry eyes UK market as free trade deal moves closer
The European Union and Canada are close to signing a free trade agreement which will almost certainly open the way for more Canadian fish and seafood imports into Britain.
Lobster fishermen eye Canada-EU trade deal
New Brunswick fishermen are closely watching negotiations between Canada and the European Union as the two try to hammer out a free trade deal.
New illegal EU-Morocco fish talks being pushed through
Without consulting with the Saharawi people in Western Sahara, the EU will next week try to conclude the talks on EU-Morocco fish deal offshore the occupied territory, under same terms as the one that was rejected by the European Parliament in 2011.
’Only tuna industry will benefit from EU-PH trade deal’
If the government pursues a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Euopean Union (EU), only the tuna industry is bound to benefit from it.
FTA Fund to aid development of fish products
Free Trade Agreement Fund officials are pursuing a plan to develop Thai fish products in local communities, as concern grows that the domestic market is facing an influx of cheaper fisheries produce from neighbouring countries under the Asean seamless market. The plan will focus on developing the procurement and processing of gourami, a freshwater fish currently farmed mainly in Chachoengsao province.
Pacific could be pushed into unwanted deals
As the start of trade talks on a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union nears, African Caribbean Pacific countries have been urged by Fiji’s trade minister not to allow themselves to be forced into a deal that undermines each country’s independence.
Ecuador: Trade agreement sought with EU
The Ecuadorian government will try to reach a new trade agreement with the European Union, since in 2013 the benefits the country receives for the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP Plus) will expire.
N.S. aims to bar key industries from trade deal
Nova Scotia is trying to protect its liquor monopoly and its mining, forestry and fishing and gambling industries from a new free trade agreement between Canada and Europe.
US, Pacific Islands hold next round of fishing negotiations
The Pacific Islands Parties and the US are trying to reach a successor fish agreement following the US’s rejection of the Pacific’s proposal. Island nations are also seeking to solidify a regional strategy on fisheries for EPA negotiations with the European Union.
Seoul to expand help for fishing, agricultural sectors under free trade deals
South Korea will expand its support for the fishery and agricultural sectors to ease their losses from a massive influx of outside products under free trade agreements (FTAs), the finance ministry said Monday.
Tuna fished ’illegally’ during Libya conflict
Evidence is emerging of unregulated and probably illegal tuna fishing in Libyan waters during this year’s conflict.
S. Korea expands support for farming sectors to cut losses from FTAs
The government will set aside a total of 22.1 trillion won (US$20.5 billion) to help local farmers and fishing households who could get hurt by cheaper foreign products.
Fisheries remains key to Pacific trade negotiations
The Pacific ACP Trade Ministers, at their meeting in February 2011, agreed to continue negotiations of a comprehensive EPA with the EU as a single region with a view to concluding negotiations by the end of 2011. Fisheries is one of the key contentious issues for the Pacific region, and must be dealt with.
Korean fishing company pledges cooperation
A Christchurch-based company which charters Korean fishing boats for New Zealand waters says it will cooperate with a ministerial inquiry into conditions aboard foreign fishing boats.
Fishing pact loses EU millions in Morocco
A politically divisive fishing pact between Morocco and the European Union has been costing Europe millions of euros a year and could deplete Morocco’s fish stocks, according to a report.
Spain fights back against perceived threat from PNG
Spain’s tuna canning industry is feeling under attack by Papua New Guinea’s privileged access to the European Union market. Spain is consequently engaging in a smear campaign against the tariff-free market access of PNG and the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, a fisheries industry consultative meeting was told this week.
Central America: Big fish eat the small fish
Thousands of small-scale fishers in Central America are fighting for survival in the face of free trade deals, transnational corporations, mega tourism projects and pollution that is harming marine life.