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Inequality and injustices of EPAs under fire
The countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are not on equal footing with the European Union, and as such Sir Ronald Sanders is asserting that instead of calling for reciprocity, proportionality should be a principle embedded in the Economic Partnership Agreements.
EU trade agreements threaten to crush Kenya’s blooming flower trade
Kenya is one of the world’s largest exporters of cut stems, so how is the east African country faring in the face of Europe’s tough trade policies?
Overview of EPAs - state of play
The European Commission has published a "state of play" outlining the current status of Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations with ACP countries
Scholars skeptical of agreement with EU
The South Centre has rubbished threats by European Union of withholding support to African countries should they fail to ratify Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
African countries feel cornered in EU trade negotiations
The EU is pointing a gun at the Global South’s chest and do not listen to their concerns, reports EurActiv Germany.
EU-Africa trade partnership negotiations stalled
The upcoming deadline imposed by the European Commission to revise the EU’s preferential trade agreements with former colonies in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region is raising concern among African countries.
EPA negotiations postponed again
The European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, says the EU wants local industries to benefit from the trade agreement and to create added value and jobs.
EU wants Kenya to lead
European Commissioner for Trade, Karel de Gucht, was last week in Nairobi to drum up momentum for Kenya to quickly lead in signing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
EU visit to partners
EU Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht, was in Windhoek this week to discuss ways to strengthen trade and investment relations, and in particular comprehensive economic partnership agreements (EPAs).
ACP states dismayed at EU decision to cut sugar quotas in 2017
ACP sugar supplying states are appalled by the decision reached by the EU institutions on Wednesday to abolish EU beet and isoglucose sugar quotas in 2017. Once again, the concerns and expectations of the ACP have not been taken into account in spite of their numerous submissions over the past years.
EU, Africa Economic Partnership Agreements imbalanced - Mkapa
Retired President Benjamin William Mkapa has argued Inter Action Council European members to press on their governments to ensure that the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) they are negotiating with African countries do not threaten the development aspirations of Africa.
Writing the Struggle - EPAs: The European game is over, comrades
The current episode between some African countries and European Union over the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) proves to a great extent what Franz Fanon talks about when he says: “The new day which is already at hand must find us firm, prudent and resolute.”
State clears the air on EPA controversy
Kenya has moved to allay fears over reports in international media that it is among seven African countries blacklisted by the European Union for failing to sign Economic Partnership Agreements.
National Consultation On EPA Coming
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Calle Schlettwein, yesterday told the National Assembly that he would organise a national consultation on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union for the end of this month.
Pacific countries urged to weigh up EPAs
Pacific nations involved in negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union are being warned that while it’s important negotiations are soon concluded, it’s more important to get the right outcome.
‘Prickly’ issues must be resolved before signing EPAs
Government will continue negotiating with an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) in an effort to resolve the contentious issues before signing the agreement.
EAC calls for fair trade deals with Europe
East Africa Community says any agreement reached should not upset the common market protocol and customs union in the region.
President Mahama wants better EPA deal for ACP countries
President John Dramani Mahama has described as unfortunate, the deadlines set for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA), explaining that it will adversely impact the economies and trade systems of other nations.
EPAs will not benefit EU, ACP countries - experts
Some experts view the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) as an instrument that will neither benefit the European Union (EU) nor Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries in the long run.
World Bank urges Africa to reject EPAs with EU
The World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, Shantayanan Devarajan has added his voice to the call on African countries to reject the Economic Partnership Agreements that the European Union is currently trying to force on them.