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Declaration Forum citoyen Afrique Europe
En marge du 5ème sommet Union européenne Union africaine qui se tiendra du 29 au 30 novembre 2017 à Abidjan, les organisations de la société civile, les mouvements sociaux et syndicaux de 16 pays africains et de 7 pays européens se sont donnés rendez-vous.
Civil society commits to push back corporate power at 2017 ACSC/APF
The call “Southeast Asia is not for sale. We are not for sale!” echoed as hundreds marched to the historic People Power Monument along the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue in Manila, Philippines.
“WTO, out! Building alternatives”: La Via Campesina to organise peoples’ summit during WTO’s XI ministerial conference in Argentina
We insist that agriculture should not be part of any of the WTO negotiations!
Britain faces ‘TTIP on steroids’ as US trade talks begin, campaigners warn
Campaign group Global Justice Now has warned there are just months to stop ‘TTIP on steroids’ as the latest round of trade talks between the United States and United Kingdom governments begins in London.
CSOs take a stand against corporate agenda at ASEAN People’s Forum 2017
Civil society urges the ASEAN Member States to take people-centred approach.
Angry protesters disrupt public hearing on KORUS FTA
South Korea held a public hearing on the free trade agreement with the United States to collect opinions from different circles, but it was disrupted by angry farmers and livestock breeders who claimed massive damage from the market opening.
Dalit women: we’re fighting RCEP
Dalit people are the poorest people in India and would be among the most affected by RCEP.
Thousands sign open letter to PM Ardern on TPPA11
Nearly 6,000 people have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern urging her to put people and planet first in the upcoming TPPA negotiations in Vietnam.
TPPA-11 (The zombie TPPA)
Sign the ActionStation petition to tell Jacinda Ardern not to commit New Zealand to the TPPA-11.
Access to affordable stents and other medical devices – Indian Government should reject the bullying tactics of the US based medical device industry
Access to health products is non-negotiable; the Indian Government should reject the bullying tactics of the US based medical device industry.
Workers say NAFTA’s neoliberal foundations need to be dismantled from the left—not the right
Rejecting both economic nationalism and free-market fundamentalism, workers across North America are building transnational solidarity and demanding labor rights for all.
Trade for the people
"Trade for the People" briefly covers how the new FTAs, such as the TPP, the RCEP and the EPAs in Africa continue to threaten people’s rights.
55 groups call for a meaningful CSO engagement in the 20th RCEP Round
Joint sign-on letter of civil society organisations to Trade Ministers of RCEP negotiating countries.
Group of NGOs reject ASEAN-EU free trade pact
A group of non-governmental organizations in the regions reject free trade agreement between ASEAN and the European Union.
It’s time for action
Who’s pulling the strings in our trade deals? Call to action at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on October 1st.
Philippine peoples’ movements reject RCEP
Various civil society groups and movements in the Philippines came together for a public forum to voice out their opposition to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
No #NAFTA2, yes to trade for people & planet
We propose a vision for trade that serves working people and protects the planet. That is why we have to say #NoNAFTA2, and make a radical refusal of any new or re-worked corporate trade deals.
September 10, the International Day of Action against WTO and FTAs
Today, La Via Campesina is calling upon social movements and civil society organisations of the world to mobilise and organise our resistances against the World Trade Organisation and free trade agreements, build solidarity alliances and prepare for a worldwide week of action in December, coinciding with the 11th WTO ministerial that is scheduled to take place in Argentina.
The corporate attack on the movement for trade justice
Corporate lobbies and think tanks have gone on what appears to be a concerted attack against NGOs and other groups opposing new free trade and investment deals. A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl exposes how big business interests with the most to gain from the trade agreements have been trying to undermine and discredit civil society groups.
Saharawi organisations slam EU over trade talks with Morocco
"Seeking to circumvent the ECJ’s ruling, directly challenges the credibility of the EU, and significantly damages the potential for progress through the UN-led negotiation process", Saharawi groups qualify the EU’s talks with Morocco regarding Western Sahara trade, in their letter to the EU’s Foreign Affairs Chief.