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Cargill chief: NAFTA in “good place”
Cargill does not want a lot to change in the North American free trade deal
US renews fight against EU ban on hormone-treated beef
Given the failure of the TTIP talks, the US is reinstating its trade action, according to USTR.
Trade and privacy: complicated bedfellows?
How to achieve data protection-proof free trade agreements?
TPP, WTO and Japan’s rice
At the time of the GATT Uruguay Round Agreement, Japan accepted the import of Minimum Access (MA) rice. This situation will get worse by the additional import quotas set by the TPP.
U.S. financial services text to debut at TiSA round
At the 19th round of Trade in Services talks, U.S. negotiators are expected to introduce language aimed at easing industry concerns over the cross-border transfer of financial services data.
Free to trade?
India is part of many international trade agreements, and continues to negotiate with other agencies and countries.
Les traités de libre-échange sont des armes de destruction massive
De la décolonisation au Tafta
TTIP vs. WTO: Who sets global standards?
TTIP’s ability to create global standards is limited. The agreement may even be detrimental to the promotion of higher social or environmental standards.
The new gold standard? Empirically situating the TPP in the investment treaty universe
The TPP investment chapter offers few truly novel features and is instead heavily influenced by prior American treaty practice.
‘FTAs weaken multilateral systems’
Bilateral agreements were weakening the multilateral arrangements that looked after the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).
TPP: the path to global fragmentation
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is another nail in the coffin of a multilateral global trade system that brought the world together in the past six decades
Regional free trade deals may create ’legal mess’ within WTO framework
New regional mega-agreements on free trade between the United States, Europe, Pacific Rim nations and some World Trade Organization (WTO) members will create numerous legal problems within the WTO framework.
Trade agreements: EU grows bilateral and regional FTAs
Free trade agreements (FTAs) between the European Union (EU) and its trading partners worldwide have mushroomed in recent years and more are in the pipeline.
How regional trade agreements can spark a fight over Feta cheese
While the European Union and Canada agree that Feta cheese must come from Greece, the deal underscores the problems with regional trade deals not giving other countries a say.
Q&A: How Southeast Asian economic zone could change region
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations aims to establish an economic community known as the AEC whose ultimate goal is said to allow free trade, investment and movement of workers between the 10 nations that make up the grouping
Renzi hopes to push through EU-Japan trade deal this year
The Italian prime minister believes the EU and Japan could finalise a free trade deal by the end of the year
The Customs Bill: an unacceptable barrier to climate action
A proposed amendment to the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPA) incorporated into the House version of the US Customs Bill poses significant risks to future progress on climate mitigation if accepted.
How the US is using a secret agreement on services to wriggle out of its WTO obligations
It is increasingly evident that the TiSA negotiations are an attempt to pressure developing countries to grant greater liberalisation in sectors of interest to the US and other industrialised countries, without the latter having to pay any price for it, writes Chakravarthi Raghavan
Effects of the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Advantages and disadvantages of free trade between USA and Peru.
Renegotiating the bite of our BITs
Apart from its network of BITs, Indonesia is also a party to a number of multilateral and regional investment agreements such as the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement which also contain an ISDS clause, including recourse to ICSID arbitration.