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Japan to strengthen copyright protections in light of TPP
The Cultural Affairs Agency is considering revising the copyright laws after Japan and 11 other countries agreed to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
Internet transformed under TPP, advocates tell Trudeau
Secret trade deal invites censorship? Leak suggests it, says digital rights group.
Public services under attack through TTIP and CETA
EU trade deals with Canada and the US could endanger citizens’ rights to basic services like water and health, as negotiators are doing the work of some of the EU’s most powerful corporate lobby groups in pushing an aggressive market opening agenda in the public sector.
TTIP negotiations will not include fixed book prices: Börsenverein welcomes official confirmation from EU Commission
The EU Commission will by no means discuss fixed book prices as part of negotiations relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
Nothing is agreed yet—we can still stop the TPP’s copyright trap
No matter how far advanced the parties are towards agreeing on repressive copyright rules, it is still not too late for them to turn back.
Poster woman for the war against the U.S.-led TPP
A Japanese artist takes aim at society’s assumptions about commerce and culture using works rooted in intensive research. This time, her target is the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: copyright law, the creative industries, and Internet freedom
A number of chapters of the TPP will affect the creative artists, cultural industries and internet freedom — including intellectual property, investment, and electronic commerce.
Will Hollywood’s whining thwart better TPP copyright rules?
Hollywood groups are behaving like spoiled children: if they don’t get exactly what they want, they’ll whine to policymakers until they do.
Japanese fan comics could die under new trade deal
While Japan has strict copyright laws, self-published comics tend to get a free pass and flourish. A new trade agreement could change that forever.
Canadian filmmaker fears for creative freedom under the TPP
The Trans-Pacific Partnership leans towards rules that lock up works of art and stifle independent creators’ output
EU arts policies could lead to ISDS lawsuits, admits German government
The German federal government has admitted that an EU country’s arts policies could lead to it being sued by foreign corporations before investor tribunals under trade agreements being negotiated with Canada and the US.
EU-US free trade talks under fire from filmmakers
The TTIP free-trade talks between the EU and US continue to come under fire from a growing chorus of European film-makers and EU Culture Ministers.
Controversial debate on TTIP mandate in EU Council of Ministers
After hours of late night discussion, the European Union Foreign Affairs Council of Ministers meeting in Luxembourg Friday finally excluded the audiovisual sector from the negotiation mandate for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the bilateral treaty to be negotiated with the United States.
US trade talks should not cover culture, EU says
European Union lawmakers have backed French demands to exempt culture from a proposed free-trade pact between Europe and the United States, keeping Paris on side and raising the chances that the talks can start on time.
New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement Bill
How is it that in a land with such a shameful history of exclusion and institutional racism against the Chinese, the NZ Government is suddenly bending over backwards to become party to a free trade agreement with China?, the Maori Party asks
FTA puts Australian television content out of focus
During the FTA negotiations, the US pushed hard for Australia’s local content laws to be removed. When Australia retained them, it was heralded as a victory for Australian culture. The reality is somewhat different. By freezing requirements at current levels, the agreement removes the Australian Government’s ability to determine how best to regulate local content.
Malaysia’s racial policies draw international scrutiny
Malaysia’s racial policies look as though they could become an international issue rather than a purely domestic one. A Free Trade Agreement with the US is stalled partly on the issue of racial preferences. And if the much vaunted ASEAN Free Trade Area is to allow free movement of capital and skilled labor, Malays cannot be shielded from competition with ASEAN’s 400 million people.
Malaysia’s racial policies jeopardize trade deal, EU envoy says
Malaysia’s refusal to review its race-based policies is jeopardizing a proposed free-trade agreement between Southeast Asia and Europe, said the outgoing European envoy to Kuala Lumpur.
Google’s free trade agenda
For the past several months, Google has been quietly lobbying the US government to include restrictions against Internet censorship as a stipulation in free trade agreements with other countries.
Korea: No more free downloads of music after FTA
The Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA) means a lot more than the simple scrapping of tariffs. The full text of the pact released by the government showed that the strengthened protection on intellectual property rights will affect our daily lives.