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Latin American Parliament supports Ecuador against US oil company
The resolution calls for an international forum on the implementation of measures to better protect the rights of sovereign countries from exploitative multinationals.
ICSID tribunal renders interim decision on Ecuador’s environmental counterclaim in long-running dispute
Perenco Ecuador Limited (Perenco)—a French-owned oil and gas company—and the Republic of Ecuador have been involved in arbitration since 2008 under the France–Ecuador bilateral investment treaty (BIT).
Correa: Ecuador has nearly reached agreement on payment to Oxy
President Rafael Correa said that Ecuador had "practically" reached agreement on the payment of compensation to U.S. oil company Occidental Petroleum.
Dissents matter
Ecuador has been partially relieved of its debt to Occidental, which constitutes a pretty legalistic and conservative application of property rights by a state appointee dissenter.
Ecuador-Occidental arbitration award reduced to $1 bln
A World Bank tribunal reduced to about $1 billion the amount Ecuador must pay Occidental Petroleum Corp in compensation for seizing the U.S.-based company’s assets
Ecuador says talking to Occidental to resolve oil assets seizure
Ecuador is in talks with Occidental Petroleum Corp to seek an agreement over a roughly $1.77 billion award the Andean country was ordered to pay for seizing the U.S.-based company’s assets in 2006
Toxic waste dumped on poorest Ecuadoreans for 26 years but Chevron has yet to pay
Canadians must now counter Chevron’s inevitable propaganda campaign as the legal battle continues.
Ecuadorians can sue Chevron in Canada, Supreme Court rules
Ecuadorian villagers can sue Chevron and its Canadian subsidiary in an Ontario court to enforce a $9.5-billion (U.S.) judgment from Ecuador.
Ecuador’s experience with international investment arbitration
The brief reviews Ecuador’s experience with investment treaties and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). The paper explains the historical and geopolitical context of the decisions Ecuador has taken in regard to bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and ISDS.
S. Korea, Ecuador set to launch FTA talks
South Korea and Ecuador will announce the start of negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) next week
Stopping the corporate power grab — it’s not all just about TTIP
In the rush to oppose TTIP we mustn’t lose sight of the context in which the deal is being negotiated — the hundreds of bilateral treaties that give corporations the right to sue in secret ’trade courts’.
S. Korea to announce start of FTA talks with Ecuador, Central America
South Korea will soon announce the start of negotiations for free trade agreements with Ecuador and six Central American countries as part of a plan to expand its presence in the region, the government said Wednesday.
Chevron’s secret videos show company technicians finding and mocking extensive oil contamination in Ecuador rainforest
An apparent Chevron whistleblower has sent Amazon Watch dozens of internal company videos showing Chevron employees and consultants manipulating evidence linked to the oil giant’s extensive contamination - and legal dispute - in Ecuador.
Chevron’s "fight it out on the ice" strategy for Ecuador case is slipping, fast
In Chevron’s massive international arbitration directly against the government of Ecuador, it has gotten everything it has asked for from the panel of arbitrators — until last week.
EU-Ecuador FTA (2014): annotations and commitments
The ’Law 42’ arbitrations against Ecuador and the importance of BIT language
Three recent ICSID decisions involving Ecuador highlight the importance of language addressing the status of taxes in investment treaties.
Chevron’s battered image over Ecuador ecological disaster takes another hit in Davos
Oil giant wins "lifetime achievement" award for efforts to evade justice
Quito: FTA with the EU would take effect in 2016
Ecuador and the European Union (EU) predict that the free trade agreement (FTA) that they have just signed in the Belgian capital, whose negotiation had ended in June, will take effect in 2016.
Ecuador in a hurry to seal trade pact with Japan - minister
Ecuador’s Foreign Trade Minister Francisco Rivadeneira hopes to begin negotiations on a free trade agreement with Japan as soon as possible, he told Efe in an interview on Thursday.
Document reveals EU bullied Ecuador into trade agreement
A ​document leaked today shows that Ecuador’s government was threatened with isolation and a devastating loss to its trade if it didn’t return to the negotiating table for the EU-Andean Trade agreement.