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Indigenous movement proposes to assume its own power
Given the rejection by Ecuadorian president Alfredo Palacio of the demands made by the popular sector, the indigenous movement is today to assume power itself and convene a popular consultation on the Free Trade Agreement.
Ecuador: Protests against free trade reach critical juncture
The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, March 21 after countrywide protests and roadblocks led by indigenous peasants intensified.
Ecuador: rioting against free trade agreement with US escalates
Ecuador’s main Indian federation claimed Monday that 30 peasants had been hospitalized and over 100 arrested during violent protests against a free trade pact with the United States scheduled to be signed in the coming days.
Ecuadorean police fight trade protesters
Police fired tear gas at stone-throwing Indians as they blocked roadways around the capital with rocks and tree trunks Tuesday during protests against free-trade talks with Washington.
Ecuador quells Indian trade protest
Police fired tear gas at dozens of Indian demonstrators trying to reach the government palace Monday to protest free-trade talks with Washington this week that are expected to draw thousands of opponents to the capital.
Ecuador begins second week of anti-FTA protests
Ecuador today is starting another week of indigenous mobilizations against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, with marches and road blocks in various provinces.
Petroecuador rejects Oxy proposal to end legal dispute - Ecuador
Ecuador’s state oil company Petroecuador has rejected US oil company Occidental’s offer to pay US$1bn to end a legal dispute between the two.
Ecuador: Protests threaten - ’FTA signed, Palacio out’
Several weeks of turmoil have escalated as thousands of workers, students and indigenous groups have taken to Ecuador’s streets and highways, bringing the country to a standstill, forcing the resignation of the interior minister and demanding an end to negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US.
Indians vow to continue fighting free-trade pact
When Ecuador’s Indians start building roadblocks and organizing other protests, they usually spark fears that the country’s president will soon be toppled.
Indian leader rejects Ecuadorean president’s call to end anti-US free trade protests
The leader of Ecuador’s main Indian movement on Thursday rejected President Alfredo Palacio’s call to end protests against free-trade talks with the United States.
Ecuador: social agitation against FTA
The battle against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States is continuing in Ecuador.
Ecuador president calls for calm
Ecuador’s president has urged Ecuadoreans to stand together after nationwide protests threatened to destabilise the country. The demonstrations have been sparked by ongoing talks with the United States over a possible free trade agreement
Ecuador’s interior minister steps down
Ecuador’s interior minister resigned Wednesday as protests over a US free trade plan spread from the Andean highlands to the oil-producing southeast jungle, where police clashed with demonstrators.
Ecuador workers stop
Ecuadorian laborers kicked off Wednesday a 24hr nationwide work stoppage including roadblocks to reject the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US and the Executive’s neoliberal policy.
Free-trade agenda has new momentum
Surprise! Last week’s completion of U.S. free trade talks with Colombia - and the likely signing of similar deals with Ecuador and Panama in coming weeks - may mean that U.S. plans to create a hemisphere-wide free-trade area may not be dead after all.
Anti-FTA protest in Ecuador
Workers unions, social, political and student movements are concluding this Tuesday preparations for national strike against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Ecuador ready to butt US FTA
The Ecuadorian government’s aspirations to wrap up the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US by the end of March, are stirring up Thursday grassroots organizations against that deal.
US Senators express concern over Chevron lobbying tactics
US Senators Patrick Leahy and Barack Obama have written to the US Trade Representative urging that he ignore Chevron’s campaign to exclude Ecuador from FTA negotiations until the Ecuadorian government shuts down a historic environmental lawsuit against the company.
Ecuador-US FTA hinges on farming
Ecuadorian Foreign Affaire Minister Jorge Illingworth asserted that a Free Trade Agreement with the US would basically depend on a favorable agriculture deal.
Ecuador students join anti-FTA protests
University students are taking to the streets Wednesday to demand expiration of the contract with Oxy US oil company and spurn the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Washington.