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Free trade agreements and Labour: Much more than a Labour Clause
The FTA signed between Peru and the US has 24 chapters. One of these is a labor chapter that is identical to that found in the US-Colombia FTA and the US-Ecuador. On the subject of including this chapter, it is necessary to analyze the impact of signing this Treaty on labor and employment conditions for Colombians.
Ecuadorian universities to discuss FTA
Ecuadorean universities will hold consultations on the advisability to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the US, president of the National Council on Higher Education (CONESUP) Vinicio Baquero confirmed.
Ecuador espera cerrar TLC con EEUU en febrero
Ecuador tiene "buenas posibilidades" de cerrar un tratado de libre comercio con Estados Unidos cuando reanude el diálogo en febrero, pero tampoco tiene prisa y no adoptará a ciegas los modelos de Colombia y Perú, dijo el viernes el principal negociador ecuatoriano Manuel Chiriboga.
Ecuador-Colomb-US resume FTA talks
Ecuador, along with Colombia, is reopening Wednesday in Washington joint negotiation over the copyright issue in the Free Trade Agreement with the US, despite growing refusal in Quito.
Clashes lead to chaos in Ecuador
Students and police have clashed again in Ecuador, as protests against a possible rise in bus fares entered a second week. The students also want the government to cancel its contract with the Occidental Petroleum Corporation and for it to refuse to join the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.
Colombia, Ecuador to set common position in FTA talks
Colombia and Ecuador will set a common position in negotiations with the US on a free trade agreement, the presidents of both countries said Monday in a press conference.
Ecuador, Colombia to talk on FTA
Ecuadoran President Alfredo Palacio will travel to Bogota in January to discuss with his Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Uribe, a free trade agreement (FTA) that their countries are negotiating with the United States.
Ecuador, Colombia to have talks on FTA with US
Ecuadoran President Alfredo Palacio will travel to Bogota in January to discuss with his Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Uribe, a free trade agreement (FTA) that their countries are negotiating with the United States.
Ecuador atty general expects Occidental dispute ruling in March
Ecuador’s attorney general Thursday said he expects a U.K court to rule in March on a dispute between the government and U.S. oil firm Occidental Petroleum Company (OXY).
Ecuador indigenous expect FTA defeat
The fight against the Free Trade Area treaty with the US constitutes one of the priorities for the Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE), the largest in the country.
Ecuador exec - Govt skirting FTA issue
The Ecuadorian executive and congress have been accused of politicking around a referendum on whether to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the US.
Colombia, Ecuador: more talks needed for FTA with US
Colombia and Ecuador decided on Tuesday to break off their free trade talks with the United States for now, saying that more rounds of talks are needed.
Ecuadorean Indigenous vs. FTA
Members of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE, in Spanish) are once more staging protests this Thursday to reject the signature of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with United States.
The FTAA and its babies
From November 4-5th, 2005, the heads of state of 34 countries in the Americas will meet in Mar del Plata, Argentina, to push the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) forward. One big issue at the helm this year are the bilaterals - otherwise known as the FTAA’s babies - which establish free trade agreements on smaller scales.
Varieties of imperial aggression: The Andean trade treaties
One crucial element common to all these bilateral trade talks is the ruthless determination of rich countries to destroy poorer countries’ national sovereignty.
Ecuador hesitant over FTA with US
Chief Ecuadorian negotiator for the Free Trade Treaty with the US, Manuel Chiriboga, affirmed in a press conference Monday that the next negotiation round will determine whether or not it goes into effect in November.
Ecuador says will stand firm on intellectual property issue in free trade talks
Ecuador will stick to its position with regard to the delicate issue of intellectual property in the new round of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with the United States, Colombia and Peru, Ecuadorian chief negotiator Manuel Chiriboga said on Monday.
Disagreement over data protection holding up US-Andean FTA
Ecuador’s opposition to US demands on access to test data for clinical drug trials has emerged as a primary obstacle in the ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) talks between the US and a group of three Andean countries.
Work begins on another trade accord with Andean nations
The battle over a free trade agreement with Central America spilled over Tuesday in Miami to the Andean nations of South America.
Andean trade negotiators meet in Miami for talks
Trade talks with three Andean countries get underway in downtown Miami, but for free-trade supporters the key issue in town is still the Congressional vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement.