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EU seeks to begin FTA negotiations with S. Mediterranean countries
The European Union Foreign Affairs Council on Trade Monday agreed to begin negotiations on "direct and comprehensive" free trade agreements with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
International arbitration plays key role in gas deal, Egypt’s future
In violation of international agreements, natural gas has not flowed for months across the Sinai desert through the pipeline that connects Israel and Jordan to Egypt. Since former President Hosni Mubarak’s fall in February, political uncertainty and intermittent attacks have halted its delivery.
Egypt probes illegal transactions
UAE companies that have invested in Egypt may stand to lose millions of dollars as the state runs an investigation into alleged corruption by former government officials who sold land and assets to investors below market prices, lawyers say.
Damac threatens international arbitration over Egyptian conviction
Damac Properties is to fight the conviction of its chairman on Egyptian corruption charges by filing a case with the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the company announced yesterday.
Egypt, Peru hold talks to sign trade agreement
Egyptian Ambassador to Lima Hesham Khalil reported Saturday that Peru and his country are holding talks to sign a trade agreement that enables to increase trade between both nations.
Egypt establishing free trade area with Latin American
Egypt will sign next week a free trade agreement with the Latin American Grouping Mercosur, according to Minister of Trade & Industry Rasheed Mohamed Rasheed.
Egypt boosts Swiss trade relations as euro weakens
Egypt is looking to mitigate the negative short-term effects of the weakening euro by diversifying its trade partners and increasing volumes with members of the European Free Trade Association, the country’s trade minister said.
Egypt, Mercosur to complete free trade agreement in July
Egypt expects to complete free trade negotiations with the four Mercosur countries — Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay — in July, Egypt’s trade minister said on Wednesday.
US Trade Rep looking to increase trade with Egypt
US Trade Representative Ron Kirk will travel to Egypt next week for talks with a key Arab ally that has long wanted a free trade agreement with the United States.
Egypt, Russia press ahead for free trade agreement
Officials from Egypt and Russia will meet in Cairo in July to continue negotiations for a free trade agreement between the two countries
Egypt courts China for Suez special zone
The attraction for the Chinese is partly the large number of preferential trade agreements that Egypt has with Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Indonesia to prepare FTA deal with Egypt
The governments of Indonesia and Egypt agreed to start talks on possible free trade agreement in no time, according to Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu
EU-Egypt trade agreement: exports’ liberalization
Agricultural trade between EU and Egypt has been further liberalized under a revision to the EU-Egypt Association Agreement, causing concern in Spain
EU, Egypt to further liberalise agri-trade ties
The European Union’s Council of Ministers on Saturday confirmed the signing of an agreement with Egypt aimed at greater liberalisation of reciprocal trade in agricultural products, processed agricultural products and fish and fishery products.
Egypt seeks to expand US trade zones
Egypt has asked the United States to expand preferential trade industrial export zones in southern Egypt, but a bilateral free trade deal is “off the table” for now, Trade Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid said yesterday.
Potato fight
A couple of weeks ago, following the discovery of some cases of brown rot, the EU decided to impose a ban on Egyptian potato exports. The Egyptian government believes that the reason behind the move is to protect local European produce from competition.
Medvedev trip looks to secure Africa’s riches
President Dmitry Medvedev is embarking Tuesday on a four-day African tour, beginning with a visit to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak before moving on to Nigeria, Namibia and Angola. Medvedev’s trip appears focused on helping Russian companies gain additional access to the continent’s natural resources wealth.
Joint statement of USTR and Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry
The US and Egypt have signed a "Plan for a Strategic Partnership" to develop bilateral trade and investment
US, Egypt aim to bolster trade and investment ties
US and Egyptian officials signed agreements Wednesday aimed at strengthening trade and investment links between the two nations, a move that comes a week ahead of a trip to Egypt by US President Barack Obama.
Uncertainty over hope
Egypt has never been a major trading partner for the US, and after a Free Trade Agreement between the two failed to get off the ground during the previous two administrations, the question now is whether Obama’s team will be open to new negotiations or whether Egypt should focus its efforts more narrowly.