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El Salvador

First a gold rush, then the lawyers
Pacific Rim is suing the Salvadoran government in an international investment court, one of scores of cases in recent years in which frustrated oil, gas and mining investors, using provisions of trade agreements, have sought to recoup losses from mostly developing countries.
Central American integration —and militarization
Representatives of the governments of Mexico and the Central American countries wrapped up a fifth round of talks on a regional free trade agreement last week. The negotiations took place in Mexico City, with the next round of talks to be held in August in El Salvador.
Obama’s final stopover: Ignoring CAFTA protests
Local activists protesting Obama’s visit to El Salvador called for a renegotiation of CAFTA, an end to the US embargo against Cuba, a withdrawal of the US military from El Salvador, and a cessation of US support for the tainted Porfirio Lobos regime in neighboring Honduras.
Five years post-CAFTA
Five years after the entry into force of CAFTA-DR, several international bodies declared this trade treaty made little or no contribution to El Salvadoran economy.
El Salvador to concrete six trade agreements in 2011
The government of El Salvador aims to concrete in 2011 trade agreements with Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, the European Union (EU) and the countries of the Pacific Rim.
World Bank approves mining company suit against El Salvador
In a decision with implications for the national sovereignty of member states under US trade pacts, a World Bank tribunal has approved a Canadian mining company’s controversial lawsuit against the government of El Salvador.
El Salvador’s misfortune in gold: Mining, murder, and corporate malfeasance
The recent turmoil over the efforts of Pacific Rim, a Canadian corporation, to carry out a gold-mining project in El Salvador is a catalyst for reviving the deep-seated divisions that go back to the Central American country’s bloody civil war from 1980 to 1992.
Peru, El Salvador to strengthen trade ties as FTA with Central America moves forward
The negotiation process will begin in May and will be between Peru and Central America, such the one with the European Union
Anti-mining activists killed in El Salvador
For the second time in a week, a prominent anti-mining activist has been assassinated in El Salvador.
Canadian company threatens El Salvador with CAFTA lawsuit over mining project
A Canadian mining company intends to sue El Salvador’s government for several hundred million dollars if it is not granted permission to open a widely unpopular gold and silver mine that scientists warn would have devastating effects on local water supplies.
El Salvador warned of CAFTA-DR lawsuit by mining company
A Canadian mining company and its American subsidiary have threatened the government of El Salvador with a lawsuit after it failed to receive regulatory approval to begin digging for gold and silver in an area some 65 km from San Salvador. The proposed mine has drawn intense opposition from civil society and church-based groups, although the mining company maintains that it enjoys broad public support in El Salvador.
Report from El Salvador: Why They All Keep Coming
Having just spent time south of the border in a poor country whose major export is people, I’ve seen firsthand what’s driving people north - and why conventional political solutions aren’t going to deter desperate Salvadorans from coming to the U.S. Largely missing from this year’s campaign is any serious reappraisal of our foreign, military, and trade policies that have forced millions Latin Americans to uproot themselves and seek opportunities for a better life far from home.
FTA with El Salvador effective tomorrow
The free trade agreement (FTA) between Taiwan and El Salvador is set to take effect tomorrow, Ministry of Economic Affairs officials said yesterday.
El Salvador’s “American-made” Terrorism Act in corporate play
Critics of CAFTA say it was no coincidence that the anti-terrorism legislation was enacted six months after the trade agreement. Update on the case against the Suchitoto 13.
El Salvador: Benefits of free trade deal still remote
The Salvadoran government had proclaimed that from the moment of its entry into force, the free trade agreement with the United States would boost the local economy, creating thousands of jobs, so that even street vendors would be exporting their typical snacks. But nearly two years later, the economic paradise has yet to arrive.
El Salvador approves FTA with Taiwan
Under the FTA, El Salvador could export up to 60,000 tonnes of sugar tariff-free to Taiwan each year
Colombia inks Central America trade pact
Colombia signed a free trade agreement Thursday with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that could double exports to the Central American countries in five years.
El Salvador to sign FTA with three countries
El Salvador’s President Elias Antonio Saca will travel this coming week to Colombia to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
ROC, Honduras, El Salvador sign trilateral FTA
Taiwan, El Salvador and Honduras signed a trilateral free trade agreement in San Salvador May 7. Taiwan’s fourth such agreement with Central American countries, the FTA was expected to boost trade among the three countries, ROC Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Ruey-long said in a May 5 report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency.
Taiwan signs free trade pact with El Salvador, Honduras
Taiwan has signed a free trade agreement with El Salvador and Honduras to expand trade ties between the three countries, the Bureau of Foreign Trade said on Tuesday.