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El Salvador

Taipei to sign trade pacts with two allies
Taipei will sign free trade agreements (FTA) with El Salvador and Honduras tomorrow, making it the first multilateral FTA between Taiwan and its trade partners.
Taiwan to sign free trade pact with El Salvador, Honduras
Taiwan’s economics minister will fly to El Salvador Saturday to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with El Salvador and Honduras, making them the fifth and sixth countries to sign an FTA with Taipei, the Economics Ministry said on Friday.
El Salvador: Spanish firm advocates, then breaks labour laws
The Spanish tuna-fishing and processing company Grupo Calvo has been accused of serious anti-union practices in El Salvador. The paradox is that Calvo had insisted that this Central American country approve labour laws required by the European Union for the purpose of obtaining tariff exemptions, as a condition for continuing to invest here.
One year of CAFTA in El Salvador
March 1 marked the first anniversary of the implementation of the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) in El Salvador. While Presidents Bush and Saca met in Washington DC and made statements about how beneficial CAFTA had been for "everyone," back in El Salvador the social movement, youth groups, economists, and the FMLN party all disputed those claims.
Salvador-US FTA Is Unsuccessful
The results of the free trade agreement between El Salvador and the United States are disappointing because at the end of 2006, export operations only grew 3.5 percent, economist Evelio Jesus Ruano adjudged on Monday.
FMLN Renegotiates FTA
The Salvadorian Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation (FMLN) seeks on Sunday an alliance to renegotiate the Free Trade Agreement with United States. Only a year of being implemented, that agreement damaged the agricultural sector, small and middle companies, disarticulate productivity even more and increased trade deficit for a rise in imports, compared to exports, they stated.
Taiwan completes FTA consultations with El Salvador, Honduras
Taiwan has completed free trade agreement (FTA) consultations on all issues, including country of origin and market access issues, with El Salvador and Honduras.
IP developments in the DR-CAFTA countries
Current state of play with intellectual property law reforms in Central America under the US-DR-CAFTA.
Sugar quotas scupper Salvadoran FTA
Failure to agree on sugar quotas yesterday prompted Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian to delay the signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with El Salvador, saying that the two countries must first iron out their differences.
El Salvador-US: Free trade deal a menace to local producers
Seven months after the Central American free trade treaty with the United States came into effect, small-scale producers and economists in El Salvador say that it only benefits a few sectors of society, to the detriment of most national production and thousands of jobs.
Salvadorans resist trade reforms
The Salvadoran Market Vendors Movement held peaceful protests yesterday morning to denounce police confiscation and repression. The work of market vendors were criminalized last December when the right wing in the Legislative Assembly pushed through dozens of reforms to bring El Salvador into compliance with the US-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Taiwan to hold 2nd round of FTA talks with El Salvador, Honduras
Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs announced Sunday that a second round of free trade agreement (FTA) talks with El Salvador and Honduras was scheduled to kick off the following day in San Francisco.
Lift the Veil of Secrecy on Stalled Central America Trade Deal, Demands Civil Society
The Tory government says a free trade agreement with Central America, on ice since 2004, will eventually be debated in the House. One academic doesn’t mind the delay, worrying the deal could be bad news for some nations, while industry officials worry Canadian firms may lose interest before the deal is reached. Once it’s done, Canada-Central American Free Trade Agreement will be debated in the House of Commons, Conservative MPs said last week, but there are no guarantees draft agreements will be available to civil society organizations or other third parties.
Taiwan hopes to sign FTA with El Salvador in October
Taiwan hopes to sign a free trade agreement with El Salvador in October, if negotiations could be completed smoothly, Director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of Central and South American Affairs Ko Jai-son said on Tuesday.
Colombia kicks off free trade talks with 3 Central American countries
Colombia, fresh from reaching a free trade agreement with the United States, is now trying to eliminate trade barriers with Central America.
Agreement comes down to the wire
The Canadian government is facing demands to disclose a draft free trade agreement with four Central American nations currently in the final stages of deliberation behind closed doors.
Officials head to South America to initiate FTA talks
The first round of Taiwan’s free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with El Salvador and Honduras is expected to take place from Monday to Wednesday in Central America, officials with the Ministry of Economic Affairs said on Thursday.
El Salvador keen on trade deal with Qatar
El Salvador, the world’s top coffee producer, is keen to sign a free trade agreement with Qatar.
First FTA victims in El Salvador
With just 40 days in force, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US already has negative effects for the Salvadoran people, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) has denounced Thursday.
Colombia and Guatemala plan free trade talks in June
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said in January the South American nation would negotiate free trade agreements with Guatemala and El Salvador.