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Ecuador seeks to salvage free trade deal
Ecuador’s ambassador to Washington return to Quito for consultations on how to overcome an impasse with US free trade negotiators over an oil-tax bill designed to cut into foreign windfall crude profits.
Ecuador to formally request date to resume US FTA talks
The Ecuadorean government plans to send a formal request this week to the U.S. government to resume free trade talks between the two nations, the country’s top trade negotiator said Tuesday.
Oil law may hit Ecuador-US deal
New legislation designed to increase the state’s share of windfall oil revenues by some $600m a year is set to derail Ecuador’s plans to negotiate a trade deal with the US, according to government officials.
Ecuador launches efforts to renew FTA negotiations with US
The Ecuadorian government hopes to have the next round of FTA negotiations on May 8 in Washington — if it manages to pass an amendment bill to the Hydrocarbons Law. But the legislation is being staunchly opposed by private oil firms.
Japan, Saudi Arabia agree to launch FTA talks with GCC
Japan and Saudi Arabia agreed Thursday to launch negotiations on concluding a free trade agreement between Japan and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which consists of six oil producers in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Japanese officials said.
Ecuador: Protests against free trade reach critical juncture
The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, March 21 after countrywide protests and roadblocks led by indigenous peasants intensified.
Petroecuador rejects Oxy proposal to end legal dispute - Ecuador
Ecuador’s state oil company Petroecuador has rejected US oil company Occidental’s offer to pay US$1bn to end a legal dispute between the two.
US Senators express concern over Chevron lobbying tactics
US Senators Patrick Leahy and Barack Obama have written to the US Trade Representative urging that he ignore Chevron’s campaign to exclude Ecuador from FTA negotiations until the Ecuadorian government shuts down a historic environmental lawsuit against the company.
Ecuador students join anti-FTA protests
University students are taking to the streets Wednesday to demand expiration of the contract with Oxy US oil company and spurn the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Washington.
Qatar: US hopes for movement on free-trade pact in ’06
The US hopes to see during this year the beginning of the process to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Qatar, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer told a press conference on Thursday.
Trade deal sought with Arab states
China wants closer ties with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, and is working toward a free-trade agreement with countries in the region, according to Premier Wen Jiabao.
New Bolivia leader vows to nationalize natural gas but says he’s open to free-trade zone
Bolivian President Evo Morales used his inaugural address Sunday to renew his pledge to nationalize the country’s vast natural gas reserves, but said he’s open to the idea of a large US-sponsored trade zone he harshly criticized last year during his campaign.
EU proposals to Iran (summary 2005)
On 5 August 2005, the E3/EU passed to Iran a "Framework for a Long-term Agreement". Under it, the E3/EU would work for an early conclusion of negotiations on a draft EU/Iran Trade & Co-operation Agreement.
GCC-EU free trade talks make progress on issues
The European Union and the GCC wound up talks on a long stalled free trade deal yesterday without agreement on opening up the region’s lucrative services sector.
SA signs free trade pacts in Middle East
South African exporters will now have more access to Kuwait’s market after trade and industry minister Mandisi Mpahlwa yesterday signed a free trade agreement with the oil-rich Middle East country. The deal with Kuwait was concluded a day after Mpahlwa signed a free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also an oil producer.
SE Asian nations hasten push for integration on oil price fears
Southeast Asian economic ministers knuckled down here Wednesday to thrash out free trade agreements (FTA), with historically high oil prices intensifying calls for greater regional cooperation.
PM to visit Russia, may sign FTA
Pakistan agreed on Sunday to eventually sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with Russia, as Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is set to visit the country soon.
Indonesia, China find love
China’s sustained growth will depend on how well it manages its political and trade relationships. Acquiring concessions and investing directly in natural-resource-based projects in Indonesia makes a great deal of sense for China.
Australian PM holds FTA talks with United Arab Emirates
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has held talks with officials from the United Arab Emirates on another Free Trade Agreement. The UAE has the world’s 3rd largest oil reserves.
China, Gulf states to almost triple trade over next five years
China is in discussions with the Gulf Cooperation Council to establish a free trade agreement (FTA) which is expected to take effect this year. The GCC member states hold 45 percent of the world’s oil reserves and account for 20 percent of oil production, and an FTA would help China shore up its energy supplies.