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Government balks at European Union rights standard
Political concerns, particularly the country’s standard on human rights which is different from the European Union’s, will be a contentious issue in the draft of the proposed Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with the EU, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said yesterday.
Colombians blast flower trade
Flowers from Colombia are grown in blood, according to a small delegation from that country asking Canadians to think twice about the origin of flowers they buy for Valentine’s Day.
Colombia-Canada trade pact needs more thought: Activists
The signed free trade deal between Canada and Colombia could devastate indigenous communities in the South American country if implemented in its current form, says an official with a national Colombian indigenous group in Ottawa Tuesday to lobby government and opposition MPs to delay implementation of the economic pact.
RP, EU start negotiations on cooperation framework
The Philippines and the European Union yesterday started talks in Manila for a general framework on bilateral cooperation that is requisite for a free trade agreement. The talks, which could take as long as two years to complete, will dwell on a wide variety of issues — from peace, security and human rights, to protection of intellectual property and workers rights.
RP-EU partnership-agreement talks start
The Philippines and the European Union (EU) will formally start on Monday the negotiations for the Partnership Cooperation Agreement (PCA) that qualifies Manila to the comprehensive free-trade agreement between the EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that seeks to facilitate trade and investments between two influential regional blocs.
No such thing as free trade
When Canadian Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day signed the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Peru on November 21, it was a happy day for Canada’s oil and gas sector, but the deal was celebrated instead as a landmark for human rights and democracy in Colombia.
EU, Philippines to resume talks on partnership deal
European Commission delegates will be arriving in Manila next week to continue negotiations for an agreement that will govern the two economies’ political and economic relations, officials said.
The European Union and the Gaza war
The recent war in Gaza has served to highlight the European Union’s relations with Israel. Although the genocide in Gaza has embarrassed many EU officials, there are no signs that the European Union is going to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement signed in 2004.
Crisis may lead to more non-tariff barriers
Many of Thailand’s trading partners are expected to implement non-tariff barriers this year to shield their markets from a flood of imports as a looming global recession prompts governments to negotiate free-trade pacts.
Thousand deaths do not put off EU
Two conflicting statements about EU-Israeli relations were delivered Jan. 14, as the number of Palestinians, about one-third of them children, killed in Gaza continued to climb. The European Commission’s envoy in Jerusalem claimed that a proposed ’upgrading’ in relations with Israel cannot "proceed business as usual." Yet his statement was soon contradicted by the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency.
EU talks with Israel on upgrading ties put on hold
The European Union and Israel have put negotiations on upgrading their ties on hold due to the war in the Gaza Strip, an EU envoy said on Wednesday.
What part of Article 2 don’t you understand?
There’s an ugly plan afoot in the EU to reward Israel for its abominable and criminal conduct by enhancing the already handsome benefits enjoyed by the neighbourhood bully under the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Row stalled Gulf-EU talks
A disagreement over human rights and democracy was behind the suspension earlier this month of trade talks between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union, an Omani official said yesterday.
Colombia: Social conflict replaces warfare
Broad sectors in Colombian society are beginning to understand that accusations by human rights organizations against the Uribe government were not exaggerated.
Canada’s deal with Colombia ignores human rights abuses
The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has joined with other labour and human rights organizations in condemning the Harper government’s approval of a free-trade deal with Colombia. The union is urging MPs in Ottawa to reject the tentative deal.
Canadian Churches signal alarm over free trade deal with Colombia
KAIROS calls on the government of Canada to conduct a Human Rights Impact Assessment before proceeding any further.
Swedish MPs demands stopping EU agreement with Morocco
Several Swedish parliamentarians from one of the parties in the Swedish government, have motioned that the Swedish Government should work to prevent the EU from signing any new agreements or agreements of advanced status with Morocco "as long as the country occupies Western Sahara".
Israeli gunboats kidnap Gaza fisherman, peaceworkers
"The EU-Israel Association Agreement should be suspended until Israel complies with international law. It was only last week that I personally met with the fishermen whose boats were illegally water-cannoned and fired upon by Israeli gunboats as they peacefully fish in Gaza waters."
Colombian U’wa indigenous leaders visit US, urging investors and US Congress to respect human rights
The U’wa called attention to indigenous mobilizations in Colombia where some 15,000 are marching to Bogota — to protest their government’s backsliding on indigenous land rights in attempt to make way for the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.
Colombia-US: Will Democrats Bury Free Trade Deal?
Ratification by the United States Congress of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia appears to be further away than ever, due to the victory of president-elect Barack Obama, who has declared his opposition to the treaty, and to the effects of the financial crisis.