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Indonesian activists storm 25th RCEP negotiations in Bali
Press Release: Indonesian activists storm 25th RCEP negotiations in Bali
People’s movements urge countries to stop RCEP negotiations
Press release: Civil Society Coalition for Economic Justice urges governments not to agree on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement.
Indonesia launches trade talks with the EAEU
Indonesia is striving to improve its access to the European market via three different arrangements with economic unions on the continent.
Korea to speed up CEPA talks with Indonesia
Korea has decided to resume talks on signing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Indonesia, seeking to broaden ties with the Southeast Asian country.
Indonesia, Australia to sign trade deal in March
Indonesia is to sign a trade and investment partnership deal with Australia in March, Indonesia’s trade minister said.
Bangladesh, Indonesia set to start PTA negotiation
Bangladesh and Indonesia are set to start a negotiation this month for signing a preferential trade agreement to boost bilateral trade
Indonesia, Turkey conclude third round of CEPA talks
Indonesia and Turkey have held a third round of talks on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IT-CEPA) in Jakarta.
Statement of the Advocacy Team for Economic Justice in the Post-Court Verdict concerning the International Treaty Law
Indonesian Constitutional Court issued stated that parliament’s approval is needed for the signing of International Agreement which stipulated in the Constitution on the verdict.
Civil society letter on EFTA-Indonesia comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA)
CSOs stress that the EFTA-Indonesia trade deal must not include any obligation that requires Indonesia to join or implement the UPOV 1991
EFTA-Indonesia FTA (Dec 2018)
As released by the EFTA secretariat
Indonesia, EFTA sign long-delayed free trade deal
Indonesia signed an economic agreement with EFTA, tariffs and non-tariff barriers would be eliminated for thousands of products between Indonesia and the EFTA countries.
EU-Indonesia FTA: Good regulatory practices draft chapter (EU proposal, Sep 2018)
As released by the European Commission
EU-Indonesia FTA: Transparency draft chapter (EU proposal, Sep 2018)
As released by the European Commission
Free trade agreement with Indonesia to be signed in Jakarta on 16 December
Indonesia - EFTA trade deal will be signed, 98 per cent of Swiss exports to Indonesia will be exempt from customs duties over the coming years.
Indonesia and Algeria step up trade and investment
Indonesia and Algeria have made a commitment to increase bilateral trade and investment.
Indonesia to sign free trade deal with EFTA countries in December
The Indonesian government has wrapped up negotiations for a free trade and investment pact with members of the four-nation European Free Trade Association, a final agreement is due to be signed in December.
Indonesia and RCEP: Beware the public health risks
Proposals from Japan and South Korea would require patent law changes in several RCEP countries, including Indonesia.
Government too ambitious in seeking free trade: IGJ
In 2018, there were many international trade talks the government wanted to be wrapped up such as Indonesia-Australia CEPA, Indonesia-Europe FTA and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, says IGJ Executive Director
Korea seeks trade pacts with ASEAN members, agrees to cooperate for regional pact
Seoul agreed to launch a feasibility study on a free trade agreement with Malaysia and resume stalled trade pact negotiations with Indonesia.
India sought to delay RCEP deal beyond general election
Indonesia accuses Japan of trying to ’force its interests’ on members