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Australia, ASEAN leaders pledge commitment to free trade, highlight regional cooperation
Leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Australia met in Sydney on 18 March to discuss the next steps for their Strategic Partnership, initiated in 2014, with regional trade agreements, digital trade, and sustainable urbanisation high on the agenda.
Fair use and platform safe harbors in NAFTA
What’s needed is a much more open and inclusive process, to ensure that trade agreements such as NAFTA reflect the needs of all rather than just those of well-connected corporate lobbies.
The post-TPP future of digital trade in Asia
On March 8, trade representatives from eleven Pacific rim countries including Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia are expected to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The agreement has been slimmed down both in its content—22 items in the text have been suspended, including the bulk of the intellectual property chapter—and also in its membership, with the exclusion of the United States which had been the driver of those suspended provisions.
Eleven Pacific nations move on trade pact with data transfer provisions…without US
The 11 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP are retaining all of the digital trade and electronic commerce provisions from the original agreement.
The battle over TiSA: when everything is a service, a Trade in Services Agreement affects everyone
A new report reveals the scope of the corporate power grab through a close examination of TiSA’s potential impact on workers across the IUF sectors and TiSA’s broader implications for the labour movement, society and democratic governance.
EU moves to remove barriers to data flows in trade deals
The European Union will seek to break down barriers to the flow of data between businesses in future trade deals, as it tries to promote a more digital economy while also protecting privacy.
Risks for agriculture in developing countries of new e-commerce rules
Reliance on digital technologies can further concentrate the market dominance of vertically integrated agribusinesses and transnational corporations who control national and global supply chains.
Data is the new oil, so big tech is pushing for a digital free trade deal
Decades ago it was pharmaceuticals, oil and food. Now tech giants want data to be the next frontier in the free trade agenda.
What the European-Union Mercosur trade agreement means for copyright
Many of the intellectual property provisions raised by the European Union in this agreement are bad for internet users.
EU-Japan trade agreement not compatible with EU data protection
The implicit cross-border data flow commitments do not have a sufficient safeguard. This is not compatible with the EU Fundamental rights system.
NAFTA’s digital trade chapter could be finalized next month
Some rules proposed for NAFTA’s Digital Trade chapter are troublesome.
Trump pushes to limit Facebook and Google’s liability in Nafta
The Trump administration is pushing to add legal protections in Nafta that would limit the liability of internet giants such as Google and Facebook, marking the latest in a tug-of-war as policy makers balance policing the web with protecting free speech.
MEPs amp up pressure on Commission over digital trade
MEPs are exerting pressure on the European Commission to draw up rules on data flows in foreign trade agreements, an area where the EU executive has so far not pinned down any tangible policy.
Letter from BusinessEurope on cross-border data flows
BusinessEurope has a clear position on this issue. We support a solution that enables cross-border data flows and effectively tackles forced data localisation when it is disproportionate and unjustified.
The risks for ASEAN of new mega-agreements that promote the wrong model of e-commerce
Digital technology offers exciting new opportunities and advances for ASEAN member states, individually and as a region. The benefits have so far been captured by first movers, especially in the United States.
E-commerce liberalization in RCEP must consider small entrepreneurs
Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ) urges Indonesian government to not open up e-commerce to RCEP
Easing e-com to hit small units
Freeing up digital trade under RCEP could hurt consumer protection, manufacturing sector
Canada urged to do more to protect data from US during NAFTA talks
At issue is so-called “data localization,” which would allow the government to protect the sensitive personal information of Canadians from unwanted American intrusion, by storing it in Canada.
Shrinking transparency in the NAFTA and RCEP negotiations
Provisions on digital trade are quietly being squared away in both of the two major trade negotiations currently underway—the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership trade talks.