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Opening up to worries
An interview with Chee Yoke Ling of Third World Network on globalisation, WTO and FTAs
Free trade pacts are bad for business
The WTO on March 22 issued a report criticizing the US pursuit of free trade agreements. The report claims that US free trade agreements create political interests in other countries, which complicate the multilateral process.
Agreement on promoting investment in Pakistan
A joint venture agreement between Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) and the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was signed yesterday.
Inching closer to a bilateral deal
Indian and Chinese economic relationship is set to get a leg up with the two countries closing in on signing a Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA), which will help investments from across the border, some of which have been seen with suspicion in the recent past.
Investment text proposed by US to Thailand (2006)
Draft investment chapter of US-Thailand FTA as proposed by US
Bush concerned about collapse of ports deal
President Bush says he is concerned about international reaction to congressional opposition to a Dubai-owned company managing operations at some US ports. Opposition led the firm to announce it would transfer port operations to a US entity.
Saudi Arabia, Switzerland to sign investment protection accord
Saudi Arabia and Switzerland plan to sign an investment protection agreement during the visit of Swiss Minister of Economy Joseph Deiss to the Kingdom on April 1 this year.
Friend and foe
China is muscling its way not only into the global economy but also into Africa, a world that SA companies might have thought was their oyster after the walls of apartheid came down a decade ago.
Peru, Chile begin negotiations on cross-border services, investments
Chile and Peru began another round of negotiations on Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) on Monday, and discussed in particular cross-border services and investments.
SA must act on Zim property rights
The government should stop procrastinating over the implementation of an international agreement which would protect South African property rights in Zimbabwe - now that Harare planned to nationalise mines, says the official opposition.
US investors seek to secure the level of rights enjoyed in their own country
The USTR clearly stated in a negotiation report submitted to the US Congress that American investors should be able to enjoy the same rights in Korea as the ones that they enjoy in the US according to legal principles and practices.
Uruguay rejects President’s plea to halt pulp mills
Under an investment treaty signed by Uruguay and Finland in 2002, Uruguay would have to pay heavy damages if it ordered the suspension of work on the Botnia factory.
Signing of BIT with US put off
The signing of a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between Pakistan and the US, expected on the eve of visit of President Bush this weekend in Islamabad, has apparently been put off again as businessmen give no indication of firm answers from the US on objections raised by Pakistan on certain clauses.
Bush plans to sign investment treaty: Greater cooperation with Pakistan on cards
US President George W. Bush said on Wednesday that a bilateral investment treaty that he is planning to sign during his visit to Islamabad will be the first step towards greater trade and commercial relations with Pakistan.
Cabinet approves negotiations on bilateral investment agreement with Kuwait
Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Wednesday approved negotiations on bilateral investment agreement between the governments of Pakistan and Kuwait.
Trinidad and Tobago to sign investment treaty with Germany
Last week, representatives from both governments met in Port of Spain to conclude the negotiations for a bilateral treaty for the encouragement and mutual promotion of investments.
Indo-Russia new pact in the offing
India and Russia will be working for new economic agreements that would include higher investment of Russian firms in the country’s lagging infrastructure.
India, Saudi Arabia sign landmark business deal
India bilateral business and economic ties with Saudi Arabia got a significant boost with the signing of the proposed Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA) and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.
Investment treaty: Pakistan, US fail to make progress
Pakistan and United States on Friday concluded the fourth round of talks on the proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT), which remained inconclusive due to differences on some clauses of the agreement.
India-Saudi Arabia investment agreement to be signed
The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for signing the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.