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India- EU FTA: Officials to meet next week
Senior officials of India and European Union (EU) will meet in Brussels next week to deliberate upon the long stalled negotiations for a proposed free trade agreement and update each other on their positions, a government official said.
China’s Belt and Road investment accelerates
China’s investment in Belt and Road countries could reach $300 billion by 2030.The initiative has accelerated growth in the nation’s foreign direct investment flows which were the second-largest (after the US) among single countries in 2015 and 2016.
China keen to negotiate bilateral investment treaty, set up industrial parks
China has expressed its interest in negotiating a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) with India following the termination of its earlier treaty.
India, China plan FTA breakthrough
Chinese Commerce Minister says the two countries will build a closer partnership in development.
We have resumed work on India-EU FTA: Prabhu
India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu today indicated the resumption of negotiations of the long-stalled free trade pact between India and the European Union.
Korea, China to expand FTA to service and investment
With Korea and China set to start negotiations to expand the scope of their bilateral trade agreement to services and investment this week, experts say it could be a meaningful opening of the door to China’s $1 trillion services market.
China, EU close to BIT: reports
Despite rising concerns about Chinese investment among some European officials, China and the EU are moving fast toward completing a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) and a free trade agreement (FTA), according to media reports.
South Korea-China FTA follow-up talks to open next week
South Korea and China will hold the first round of follow-up negotiations to their free trade agreement(FTA) next week to have the deal include the service and investment sectors.
Trump’s imposition of trade barriers rendering the KORUS FTA obsolete
“Trump’s unilateral imposition of import restrictions on South Korean products is revealing the vulnerabilities of the KORUS-FTA, which has accomplished absolutely nothing. At the time of the negotiations in 2007, the agreement to open markets to a great extent to the US’s massive economic bloc was both advantageous to South Korean exports because of the size of the American market but also made it possible for the US to push us around because of its asymmetric strength. Trump’s actions are showing the limitations of that, says expert.
US-China ties wobble as trade war escalates
Since China began its reform and opening-up in late 1970s, growing trade and investment ties have been a key pillar of Sino-US relations. But US President Donald Trump’s recently imposed 25 percent steel tariffs and 10 percent aluminum tariffs on China and others exporting those goods to the US is just the start of nationalist economic policies that not only strain US-China ties, but put the entire global trade regime at risk.
India, EU to decide fate of trade agreement next month
India and the European Union will discuss next month resumption of the much-delayed Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) that hasn’t progressed much over the past five years.
Pakistan, Iran agree to conclude FTA on priority
Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif and his Iranian counterpart Dr. Javad Zarif on Monday agreed to continue engagement for enhancing economic cooperation including bilateral trade, investments, and commercial interaction to promote shared prosperity.
Minister assesses trade motives of China, US
China’s top commerce official said on Sunday that it has no intention to start a trade war with the United States and will not initiate one, but the country can cope with any challenge and will defend its national interests.
South Korea, Israel to hold 6th round of FTA talks
South Korea and Israel are set to hold a sixth round of free trade agreement (FTA) talks aimed at boosting bilateral economic exchanges and investment, the government said today.
The arbitration clause in the Agreement between the Netherlands and Slovakia on the protection of investments is not compatible with EU law
That clause removes from the mechanism of judicial review of EU law disputes which may relate to the application or interpretation of that law.
Following mining and oil tax payments down the rabbit hole
How poor countries like Mongolia may be losing millions because of corporate tax practices and legal loopholes.
Argentina: Japan wants to invest in energy and mining sector, says secretary
Argentina and Japan are moving ahead with a bilateral investment treaty.
Trudeau pushes controversial investor-state dispute settlement provision on trip to India
Negotiations on a Canada-India FIPPA were launched in September 2004 and concluded in 2007, but the deal was never signed.
How international investment agreements have made debt restructuring even more difficult and costly
Inconsistencies and even contradictions have emerged in dispute settlement decisions, sometimes at the expense of public good, sovereignty and financial and economic stability.
Revising China FTA may not make big difference
Pakistan and China have agreed to amend the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with a view to providing Pakistani exports with better access to the Chinese market.