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India, Canada may ‘trade off’ wish lists
Upcoming trade talks will see both sides discussing issues such as high pulses tariff, travel curbs.
Investment negotiations to continue unhindered
Negotiations concerning a bilateral investment treaty between China and the United States will not be delayed or obstructed by trade disputes because both countries are under pressure to stimulate their economies, officials and experts said.
India, EU to hold free trade talks next week
India, EU chief trade negotiators will meet next week in New Delhi to hammer out a way forward for the long-pending free trade agreement negotiations between the two sides.
ASEAN economic integration by whom? for whom?
ASEAN member states must end policies, laws and institutional practices, including free trade and investment agreements that violate the people’s rights.
Australia, Sri Lanka sign trade and investment framework agreement
The arrangement will establish regular senior officials’ talks to facilitate trade and investment.
EU-China investment agreement: Report of the 15th round of negotiations
The 15th round of the EU-China investment negotiations took place in Beijing from the 9th to the 12th of October 2017.
Responsible investment provisions in international investment treaties: where next?
How international investment treaties could promote more responsible investment and argues that, while some innovative practices are emerging, there is still much to do.
Assessing the impacts of investment treaties: Overview of the evidence
It is unclear whether investment treaties’ impact on FDI flows constitutes a benefit to a host state.
Govt ratifies bilateral investment pact between India, Belarus
The Indian government approved signing and ratification of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between India and Belarus to boost investment.
Myths and risks of the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement
As the signing of the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) draws near, concerns over the secrecy surrounding the agreement’s negotiations and the risks it poses abound, alongside many myths about its potential benefits.
Costa Rica looking to UAE investments for the logistics sector
Costa Rica is trying to sign a bilateral investment treaty with the UAE.
The MERCOSUR Protocol on Investment Cooperation and Facilitation: regionalizing an innovative approach to investment agreements
The Protocol draws significantly on the Brazilian model investment agreement, which stands out for departing from the traditional design of Bilateral Investment Treaties, particularly by excluding the possibility of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS).
Singapore and Indonesia to start discussions on new bilateral investment treaty
Singapore and Indonesia are working towards a new agreement to promote investment in both countries, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced
Belgium asks European Court on legality of investment protection in CETA
Belgium has requested an opinion from the European Court of Justice on the ’Investment Court System’ included in the EU-Canada trade deal, to determine if the ICS is compatible with the European Treaties
Spur self-sustaining development of Africa via more Japanese investment
Japan intends to conclude new bilateral investment treaties with 13 countries, including Algeria and Morocco.
A BIT of critique
A committee in India, led by Justice B.N. Srikrishna, has lost an opportunity to push for the recalibration of the country’s BIT regime
Investment promotion and protection agreement with Singapore under way
Negotiations over an agreement on investment promotion and protection between Myanmar and Singapore have started, according to Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) Director General U Aung Naing Oo.
India may deviate from model BIT to meet Canada’s demands
As talks with Canada began before model text was approved by Cabinet, deviations may be allowed.
Poland plans to terminate its Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with Portugal
On 18 July 2017 the Polish Council of Ministers submitted to the Parliament a draft proposal allowing the President to unilaterally terminate the Poland-Portugal BIT
Why RCEP is more dangerous than bilateral investment treaties
Crucial to RCEP’s investment protection chapter is the highly controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism, a system of privatised justice characterised by international arbitration tribunals outside of the reach of domestic legal systems, explains Cecilia Olivet of TNI