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Labor rights not optional
Some 230 years ago, King George III taught the American colonists an important lesson: Because taxation without representation is tyranny, the public must have a voice in the making of trade policy. The new Congress should keep that lesson in mind as it attempts to devise trade strategies to promote labor rights (and other human rights) overseas.
$1 million needed to offset FTA damages: ministry
Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy requested a budget of 1 billion won (US$1 million) to the National Assembly on January 1, saying that it needed extra funds to offset the harsher effects of FTAs, estimating 13,000 firms and 100,000 workers would be affected.
Free trade deals to put 100,000 South Koreans out of work: survey
Free trade agreements with the United States, Japan, China and Southeast Asia would put more than 100,000 South Koreans out of work over the next 10 years, according to a government estimate.
Panama added to roster of US free-trade deals in Latin America
US Trade Representative (USTR) Susan Schwab, who announced the deal on December 19, said that the agreement is subject to "additional discussions" on labor.
Free-trade bondage in Jordan
The Jordan-United States free-trade agreement was supposed to be a labor-rights model. It has been a disaster — ’globalization’ at its worst.
The mass people’s resistance against KorUS FTA has started - KoA
The Korean government repression that began on November 22nd is continuing to spread like a forest fire. However, the people’s struggle to block the KorUS FTA will not end here.
Bahrain bans strikes a month after allowing them
Bahrain has banned strikes and worker demonstrations in most business sectors, a month after labour law reforms banning the sacking of strikers encouraged a wave of trade union activity in the Gulf island state.
S Korean workers protest US trade deal
Tens of thousands of South Korean workers held rallies and labor strikes Wednesday to oppose a free trade agreement with the United States and demand better working conditions.
S Korea labor unions to launch general strike tomorrow to oppose FTA with US
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) said that its members will launch a general strike tomorrow to pressure the government to halt free-trade talks with the US.
Japan to accept Indonesian nurses, hotel trainees under economic pact
Japan will accept nurses, care workers and hotel trainees from Indonesia under a bilateral economic partnership agreement in the final stages of talks, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported.
Democrats to focus trade policy on US jobs and workers
The American worker, not Corporate America, will be the central focus of US trade policy as far as the new Democratic majority of Congress is concerned.
S Korean workers demand end to trade talks with US
About 15,000 South Korean workers demonstrated in the capital Seoul on Sunday, demanding the government stop free-trade talks with the United States.
Opposition opens up Central American trade deal
In an effort to ensure that the protection of labour and human rights are built into a free trade agreement being negotiated with four Central American countries, the Standing Committee on International Trade passed a resolution last week calling for the disclosure of all agreement draft texts and Canadian negotiating proposals.
Dole Fresh Flowers’ cuts hit small Ecuadorean town hard
In many ways, the flower industry in Ecuador put this small town on the map. Now, just as quickly, it may be erasing it.
Group accuses Jordan of failing to enforce labor rights
Critics of US trade policy say the recent incidents in Jordan illustrate the dangers of forging trade agreements that don’t adequately protect workers from abuse.
Revisiting NAFTA: Still not working for North America’s workers
NAFTA should be seen not as a stand-alone treaty, but as part of a long-term campaign by the conservative business interests in all three countries to rip up their respective domestic social contract.
Minimum wage free trade deal will meet resistance
Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the Union will resist any attempt to undermine wages and conditions through short term casual workers imported under free trade deals.
Greens wary of deal on Chinese labour
The Greens say temporary work visas as part of a free trade deal with China could erode New Zealand working conditions but business welcomes the idea.
Playing our own game
Sripai Noonsee was in despair after her latest attempt to find a job at an electronics factory at Bang Kadee Industrial Estate ended in failure like so many others. She has been jobless for many months.
China asks NZ to let workers in as part of free trade agreement
China wants New Zealand to admit skilled workers on temporary permits as part of a planned free trade deal.