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US House Dems vow to oppose Peru FTA on labor standards
Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday said they would oppose a free trade agreement between the US and Peru, citing inadequate provisions to protect labor standards.
US House Democrats say Oman labor reform not enough
US Democrats opposed to a free trade pact with Oman said on Tuesday that new reforms to the Gulf Arab state’s labor laws fall short of what is needed to win their support for the agreement.
Oman decree on workers unions strengthens FTA
A royal decree granting workers in Oman rights to form unions and barring coercive practices by employers will strengthen Oman’s free trade agreement (FTA) with the US, a top official said.
Employers up against anti-FTA strikes
The Korea Employers Federation Monday called for an end to “illegal” strikes aimed at thwarting the establishment of a free trade agreement between Korea and the United States.
Protests to intensify over FTA
As Korea resumed its talks with the United States over a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) yesterday, anti-globalization activists also made their presence felt, organizing scattered demonstrations in Seoul calling for the government to withdraw from the negotiations.
Costa Rican Unions against US FTA
Secretary of the Internal Front of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) Fabio Chavez Friday assured unions would apply to all possible resources to hamper the implementation of a commercial alliance with the US.
Umbrella union vows general strike against S. Korea-U.S. FTA
To express its opposition to a free trade agreement (FTA) that South Korea is negotiating with the United States, one of the nation’s major umbrella unions on Monday vowed to launch a general strike on the day of the talks between the two countries.
Analysis: US-Jordan FTA underbelly
The US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement is not meeting its full potential and worker rights in Jordan continue to be violated as a result, say experts from both nations.
Bush sends Oman trade pact to Congress for vote
A bill sent by President Bush to Congress on Monday enacting a free trade agreement with the Arab Gulf state of Oman triggered a rebuke from the top Senate Democrat, who said it omitted a provision barring goods made with forced labor.
Crisis to worsen under FTA: union
The crisis in the automotive components sector will continue to worsen as long as the Federal Government permits unfair international competition and refuses to implement a strategic industry policy.
Jury still out on costs and benefits of SA trade deal with China, amid fears of severe job losses
A free trade agreement with China would have a drastically negative effect on the clothing and footwear sectors in South Africa - but the overall economic effect would be positive, says one of the first of a series of studies.
S Korea FTA can weather Democrats in Congress
South Korea has internationally recognized labor and environmental standards that would ease opposition by US Democrats who traditionally don’t favour trade agreements with foreign countries, a South Korean asserted this week.
U.S.-Korea FTA Talks Unlikely to Succeed
The United States is the world’s largest economy while South Korea ranks tenth. The two countries started negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) in Washington D.C. June 5-10.
Jordan shutting abusive factories
Jordan’s trade minister yesterday acknowledged that his country had failed to enforce its own labor laws in some instances. Mr. Zu’bi was in Washington to meet with the Bush administration, lawmakers and business groups after a May report by the National Labor Committee said the US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement encouraged sweatshop conditions in Jordanian garment factories.
Indo-Jap deal holds productive promise
If commerce minister Kamal Nath’s statements in Tokyo are any indication, the proposed trade agreement with Japan will mark a distinct shift from the free-trade agreements India has favoured with other countries.
US-Jordan free trade agreement descends into human trafficking
Tens of thousands of foreign guest workers are stripped of their passports, trapped in involuntary servitude, sewing clothing for Wal-Mart, Gloria Vanderbilt, Target, Kohl’s, Thalia Sodi for Kmart, Victoria’s Secret, L.L.Bean and others.
US/Colombia: Dead unionists no hurdle to free trade
The US government is not only a step away from ratifying a new free trade agreement, but also from rewarding persistent and severe human rights abuses in Colombia, where each year more trade union leaders are murdered than in all other nations put together, a new report charges.
Canada-Korea free trade agreement bad news for Canada, CAW tells International Trade Committee
The Canadian Auto Workers union will strongly oppose the proposed free trade agreement between Canada and South Korea in a presentation this afternoon to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade.
US and Korean labor say ’NO’ to NAFTA repeat
Leaders of the four main labor federations in the United States and Korea — Change to Win, AFL-CIO, KCTU and FKTU — today joined forces to tell their governments to slow down negotiations of a US-Korea Free Trade agreement (KORUS FTA).
US labor groups to join forces in anti-FTA rallies
US labor groups will join forces with Korean counterparts for rallies in Washington early June against a proposed free trade agreement, the KCTU said yesterday.