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RI to open labor market for Japan
The Indonesian government will open up the domestic labor market in certain sectors to Japanese workers as part of the liberalization of the service sector envisaged under a planned bilateral economic partnership agreement (EPA)
Ecuador workers stop
Ecuadorian laborers kicked off Wednesday a 24hr nationwide work stoppage including roadblocks to reject the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US and the Executive’s neoliberal policy.
Made in North Korea - or is it?
The issue of how much the North Korean workers are paid is, as one manager puts it, "a delicate question" as South Korea negotiates with the United States for a free trade agreement.
Hunger on the border
The labor side agreement of NAFTA hasn’t forced anybody to take responsibility. It’s not an effective guarantee of anyone’s rights.
RI seeks wider access to Japan labor market
Indonesian trade negotiators are pushing their Japanese counterparts to allow the country’s workers more access to Japan’s labor market.
Free trade agreements and Labour: Much more than a Labour Clause
The FTA signed between Peru and the US has 24 chapters. One of these is a labor chapter that is identical to that found in the US-Colombia FTA and the US-Ecuador. On the subject of including this chapter, it is necessary to analyze the impact of signing this Treaty on labor and employment conditions for Colombians.
Qatar: US hopes for movement on free-trade pact in ’06
The US hopes to see during this year the beginning of the process to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Qatar, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer told a press conference on Thursday.
Anti-trade feelings delay CAFTA
The Central American Free Trade agreement faces skepticism and negative sentiment in countries working to implement the pact.
US economic and security interests enhanced by moral trade agreements
The chairman of the bishops’ International Policy Committee Monday offered a Catholic perspective on a pending free trade agreement, suggesting that the United States and several Andean nations could simultaneously promote human dignity and fair and sustainable development.
CRS Report for Congress: Andean-US FTA negotiations
Given that CAFTA-DR passed only by a small margin, it is unclear how much support the U.S.-Andean FTA will have.
Bush reaches out to Democrats on trade
President Bush is starting to embrace a different political strategy for getting trade agreements through Congress: bipartisanship.
Protests turn violent near APEC venue
About 2,000 farmers and farm activists and 3,000 union workers took to the streets of Pusan to denounce APEC, the World Trade Organisation and US President George W Bush, who was attending the leaders’ meeting.
Democrats and labor leaders balk at lack of workers rights under CAFTA
Democratic members of Congress and labor leaders say they want the Bush administration to move away from CAFTA’s failed trade model or face another tough battle in Congress.
Attracting FDI through the spread of free trade agreements
This paper shows how free trade agreements (FTAs) in Southeast Asia are essentially a means to secure foreign direct investment (FDI) at the expense of labour standards. It explores the significance of FDI in export-oriented industrialisation and for economic transformation in Southeast Asia, with emphasis on the increasing global competition for FDI.
Korea pushing to mitigate impact of free trade deals
South Korea is moving to provide financial assistance and other support to companies and their workers who are adversely affected by free trade agreements with foreign countries, officials said Tuesday.
Social standards in bilateral and regional trade and investment agreements
Is the stalemate over the incorporation of core labour standards at the multilateral WTO level being compensated for by progressive promotion of labour rights in bilateral and regional agreements?
Bilateral and regional trade agreements: Report of a GURN online discussion
In order to increase and improve trade union participation in trade agreements an online discussion was organised in March 2005, over 4 weeks, which considered the involvement of trade unions in trade agreements, the role they play and the influence they have on the final outcome of trade agreements.
Philippines hopes to seal free trade deal with Japan in November
The Philippines hopes to secure a deal with Japan by next month on the proposed free trade agreement.
AFL-CIO testimony to Senate Finance Committee on US-Bahrain FTA
The Bahrain FTA provides precisely the wrong answers to the challenges faced by workers in Bahrain and the United States.
Bahrain-US FTA backed
Business giants in the US are backing the Free Trade Agreement with Bahrain as it comes under scrutiny in hearings at the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington.