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Pacific Alliance members invite Uruguay to sign free trade agreements
Uruguay, which will soon sign a free trade deal with Chile and upgrade its agreement with Mexico, has been invited by Colombia and Peru to turn its current agreements with them into an FTA as well
Free trade is killing Colombian labor activists
Workers attempting to exercise their rights have suffered at least 1,466 threats and acts of violence since the trade deal went into effect in 2012.
Potential effects of the Transpacific Agreement (TPP)
It is possible that the Transpacific Agreement may stimulate global trade flows. However, those of us that think that this mega – agreement, as in previous cases, will provide unequal benefits, have good reasons to be worried.
Trade or human rights? Integrity of State Department trafficking report still an open question
"The Administration appears to be resolute in forging a flawed trade agreement with countries that currently violate fundamental labor and human rights."
Guatemala labor case drags on
A long-running dispute over Guatemala’s compliance with the labor provisions in the Central American Free Trade Agreement won’t be resolved soon.
Warnings over lack of safeguards in China Australia free trade ChAFTA deal
The Electrical Trades Union has lashed the Federal Government following revelations that seven Chinese workers were exploited and paid a fraction of their legal entitlements.
TiSA - draft annexes (2015)
As leaked by Wikileaks on 25 May 2016
Citra Mina workers
The Philippine government is hoping the EU-Philippines FTA wil facilitate more tuna exports to the EU, but the industry is riddled with issues of low wages, unfair labor practices, poor and slave-like working conditions.
Study predicts modest economic boost for US from Obama trade pact
New report from the International Trade Commission says the TPP would marginally boost the US economy over the next 15 years, but it also would erode employment in manufacturing sectors
No deal is better than a bad deal: 4 years of US-Colombia free trade pact
Since a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force on May 15, 2012, exports from Colombia to the US have been cut in half while violence against labor rights workers persists.
Colombia not enforcing US trade deal labor standards - unions
Colombia has failed to enforce worker protections in a free trade agreement with the United States, U.S. and Colombian labor unions said, raising questions about similar provisions in the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
TTIP will damage public health and climate, says official report
The controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will have negative effects on public health, jobs and the climate, according to the official impact assessment.
NAFTA asparagus
After Peru signed a TPP-like free trade pact with the U.S. in 2007, it has become the largest exporter of fresh asparagus. But asparagus monoculture/agribusiness has resulted in water shortages in the Ica Valley.
India, Saudi Arabia signed five agreements to boost bilateral co-operation
India and Saudi Arabia inked five agreements to boost the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.
An inconvenient truth about free trade
“We have developed a politician who encourages the most dangerous kind of citizenship a democracy can know—the panicky, grasping, idealless kind.”
The era of free trade might be over. That’s a good thing.
In the United States, globalization is widely accepted as a contributor to both wage stagnation and the growth in inequality.
EU free trade deal will trap Vietnam in low-wage, low-skill cycle
The EU’s Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam will trap the Asian country in a low-profit-low-wage cycle.
What’s the problem with free trade?
Economists say that free trade allows us to take advantage of the "comparative advantages" offered by other countries. Unfortunately, low labor and environmental-protection costs are seen as a comparative advantage.
US and EU trade union leaders: TTIP negotiations ’On the wrong course’
AFL-CIO and ETUC stressed that the current negotiations on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are on the wrong course.
Will Vietnamese garment contractors win in the TPP?
Many contract manufacturers in Vietnam are likely to see little benefits if the TPP goes through.