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India, Saudi Arabia signed five agreements to boost bilateral co-operation
India and Saudi Arabia inked five agreements to boost the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.
An inconvenient truth about free trade
“We have developed a politician who encourages the most dangerous kind of citizenship a democracy can know—the panicky, grasping, idealless kind.”
The era of free trade might be over. That’s a good thing.
In the United States, globalization is widely accepted as a contributor to both wage stagnation and the growth in inequality.
EU free trade deal will trap Vietnam in low-wage, low-skill cycle
The EU’s Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam will trap the Asian country in a low-profit-low-wage cycle.
What’s the problem with free trade?
Economists say that free trade allows us to take advantage of the "comparative advantages" offered by other countries. Unfortunately, low labor and environmental-protection costs are seen as a comparative advantage.
US and EU trade union leaders: TTIP negotiations ’On the wrong course’
AFL-CIO and ETUC stressed that the current negotiations on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are on the wrong course.
Will Vietnamese garment contractors win in the TPP?
Many contract manufacturers in Vietnam are likely to see little benefits if the TPP goes through.
Migrants from the South, the contemporary faces of exclusion and marginalization
Today’s migrations, as macro international displacements of hundreds of thousands of people with or without documents — in many cases in precarious conditions of transit — have been and are one of the social processes that characterize what is happening in different latitudes of the earth since in the new century, in the global context of neoliberal economic restructuring directed by transnational enterprises and the capitalist countries of the first world.
Look to Honduras for reasons the TPP will fail
The U.S. government claims the labor protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership are “gold standard,” but we need to look no further than Honduras to see how inadequate and unenforced labor obligations endanger workers’ lives.
What economists got wrong about free trade
Considering how Chinese imports have affected American workers, the downsides of global exchange are much more intense and enduring than many make them out to be.
Trade deals and the TPP corporate power grab - resistance must continue!
Unions and their allies have a window of opportunity to stop the TPP.
The TPP will cost Canada 58,000 jobs — and won’t grow the economy
New study shows that Canada can expect a mere 0.28 per cent increase to GDP growth and will lead to 58,000 net job losses over the next ten years.
Trading down: Unemployment, inequality and other risks of the trans-pacific partnership agreement
TPP would lead to losses in employment and increases in inequality. Benefits for economic growth are more limited, and they are negative in some countries such as the United States.
Tom Moore: TPP will mean fewer U.S. jobs
The Trans Pacific Partnership will make it easier for businesses that are based here to move production offshore.
Honduras and CAFTA show us one of the key reasons why TPP should be opposed
What labor complaints seek is not “dispute settlement” but freedom and rights for workers. CAFTA has not yet achieved this in Honduras.
Another TPP loser? Canadian trades workers
Trade where we don’t really get anything in return isn’t really ’trade’ at all.
Expect influx of foreign workers, professionals under TPP, experts say
An influx of skilled foreign workers is expected under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but the agreement also makes it easier for Canadians to work abroad. Whether the gains and losses will balance themselves out in Canada is up for debate among experts.
A transatlantic agreement but at what cost to SMEs?
The potential effects of the United States / Europe trade agreement (TTIP) on local economies and SMEs.
Europe’s leaders must devise a global trading system that puts the poor first
The EU’s professed commitment to sustainable development is not reflected in its proposed text for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
What a new NAFTA complaint can tell us about the TPP
A coalition of U.S. and Mexican labor and civil society groups are taking an unprecedented legal approach to protect workers’ rights that will test the strength of labor protections in international trade agreements.