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Analysis shows TTIP consequences insignificant for Slovenia
Preliminary findings of an analysis of potential trade liberalisation with the US show that consequences for Slovenia’s economy would be relatively small but mostly negative, eliminating jobs in the private sector.
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and labour
Negotiations on the labour provisions in TTIP will start in 2015. This briefing for the European Parliament highlights some of the issues.
The TTIP’s impact on labour rights: the chronicle of an anticipated disaster
Social dumping and a regulatory race to the bottom are the first consequences that are forecast, of we know so far of the TTIP – the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and the European Union.
Modalities for investment protection and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in TTIP from a trade union perspective
This study discusses the impact of investment protection on social and labour regulation and the autonomy of the social partners in regulating these matters through collective agreements.
FTA could ’lower mine safety’
Mining groups fear standards could slip at Australian mines if Chinese companies are allowed to bring in their own workers.
US unions to fight back against right-wing attacks and trade deals
Following the US mid term elections, unions are mobilising opposition against trade agreements, including a major campaign against ‘Fast Track’ legislation, TPP and TTIP.
TPP deal not about trade, should be stopped
The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens workers’ rights in the 12 nations negotiating the deal, say Communications Workers of America
TPP trade talks must stop
The ITUC has called on governments to stop negotiations on the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” agreement, criticising the secrecy and corporate bias in the current negotiations.
Guatemala sets up a commission to defend the US claim
The Government of Guatemala set up an inter-agency commission to support its dispute settlement process. The Commission will support Guatemala’s defence in the labour proceedings initiated by the United States.
TTIP: European disintegration, unemployment and instability
Using the UN Global Policy Model, this Tufts University paper simulates the impact of TTIP on the global economy in a context of protracted austerity and low growth, which gives dramatically different results from existing assessments.
Guatemala and the United States commence arbitration
45 days after putting into motion an arbitral panel for violation of labour rights, the Office of US Trade Representative (USTR) will today present the basis for its claims against Guatemala under CAFTA-DR.
Jokowi asked to review international economic agreements
An Indonesia economist asks President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to review all agreements on economic cooperation with other countries especially with Japan.
Colombia has complied with US trade pact labor reforms: Minister
Colombia says it has complied with labor reforms required by US Congress as condition for their FTA but labour unions disagree.
Honduras near ’failed state’ status due to free trade agreement, says labor and Latino leaders
Labor leaders say CAFTA-DR has had a negative impact on Honduran farmers and resulted in displaced workers, "total break down of public services" and "forced migration" of youth, while the US spends billions to deport "hundreds" back to the Central American country in shackles.
TUC 2014 Congress resolution on TTIP
Resolution of the Trades Union Congree of the UK
TAFTA: the myth of job creation
While the seventh round of negotiations on the transatlantic treaty commenced on Monday near Washington, Marianne interviewed the economist Thomas Porcher on job creation.
Job gains from TTIP would be minimal
The impact of the TTIP on employment in Europe and the US would be minimal, or even negative, says economist Dean Baker.
De Gucht rejects claims Commission misrepresented benefits of TTIP
The European Commission has rejected claims it misrepresented the possible economic benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
SIU of Canada forms coalition to fight CETA
The Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition says the Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement will completely halt the Canadian maritime transport sector’s growth and destroy the communities and regions that depend on this industry
TTIP will cost one million jobs: official
War on Want together with major UK trade unions and other campaigns groups has released figures showing that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently under negotiation between the EU and USA will cost at least one million jobs if it is negotiated to its conclusion.