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Malaysia hopeful TPPA will shape up as broad-based FTA in Asia Pacific
Malaysia is hopeful that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will shape up as a broad-based free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region with the eventual outcome of the negotiations taking into account its interests and concerns.
CAP calls on PM to withdraw from TPPA during Obama’s visit or at least not to make any concessions to the US President
The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) has called on the Malaysian government to inform the United States President that Malaysia will be withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement when Mr. Barack Obama visits Malaysia later this week.
FTA signing highlight of Najib’s Ankara trip
The signing of a Free Trade Agreement between Kuala Lumpur and Ankara will be the highlight of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s two-day visit to Turkey.
American-European trade pact could dwarf TPPA if it becomes a reality
Economies like Malaysia would have to adhere to the tariff levels agreed to between both the EU and the US if they want to export to these markets and those of other potential members such as Japan and South Korea.
Night anti-TPPA protest for M’sians in the dark
Candles were lit and banners were hung in front of the International Trade and Industry Ministry last night as a form of protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
Malaysia-Pakistan FTA to be reviewed by month-end, says Mustapa
Malaysia and Pakistan will review the free trade agreement (FTA) between both countries by month-end, says International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.
Turkey to sign FTA with far-east nations
Turkey’s Economy Minister announced that Turkey will sign free trade agreements with Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.
Envoy calls for free trade pact between Taiwan and Malaysia
The Republic of China representative to Malaysia called on the Malaysian government to consider signing an economic cooperation agreement with Taiwan.
‘Havoc for palm oil sector’
Palm oil refiners, some of which are owned by the country’s largest conglomerates, may face a bleak future if Malaysia accedes to demand under free trade pacts to dismantle the crude palm oil (CPO) tax.
M’sia said to have backed down on TPP stance
The Bantah TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement organisation expressed disappointment vis-à-vis the Malaysian negotiators, saying they are cowing to the Americans in the last rounds of the highly secretive trade talks.
FTA talks with EU postponed to give way to TPPA negotiations
The negotiations on the free trade agreement between the European Union and Malaysia were postponed to give way to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement talks, said the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
South Korea considering FTA with Malaysia
South Korea is considering a free trade agreement (FTA) partnership with Malaysia in order to spur its bilateral relations with the country
At summit, Kerry’s visit draws 100 anti-TPPA protestors
About 100 people railed in Kuala Lumpur against the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) as US Secretary of State John Kerry rubbed shoulders with Malaysian government officials at an entrepreneurial summit in the capital city.
Malaysia can still walk away from TPPA, says analyst
Malaysia is still able to walk out from the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, says RAM Holdings group chief economist Dr Yeah Kim Leng
No TPPA protests next month please, Putrajaya wants Obama to have peaceful visit
Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister has urged the public not to hold demonstrations against US President Barack Obama over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement when he visits next month.
Japanese farmers’ opposition to TPP waning, Malaysian minister says
Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamad told Kyodo News, "The Japanese shared with us some issues they have in agriculture, but they told me that opposition is slowly dying down. It wasn’t as serious as it was six months ago. In their view, it’s manageable."
Minimal progress made at 19th round of TPP negotiations
Minimal progress has been achieved on most outstanding areas in the 19th round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations taking place in Brunei since Aug 22.
Malaysia should abandon TPP talks, ex-PM Mahathir says
The Malaysian government should pull out from the trans-Pacific free trade talks, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Monday, calling the proposed trade pact a US tool to extend its hegemony.
Malaysian civil society’s red lines on the TPPA negotiations
The Malaysian government must not sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) given the ‘Red Lines’ issued by civil society groups are not accepted by the other TPPA countries.
M’sia Cabinet drops TPP timeline
Under pressure from the a larger coalition against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, the Malaysian Cabinet has decided to stick to several “red lines” and to drop any timeline for the signing of the disputed trade deal, a senior government official said last week in Kuala Lumpur.