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Right to health, medicine to be protected at all cost: Scindia
India has said that it will not compromise on issues related to health and people’s right to medicine in the bilateral trade and investment agreement being negotiated with the European Union.
Trade talks with EU put drug manufacturers on edge
There are already reports that India and the European Union will have a free-trade agreement ready by the end of August, causing more nervous chatter here in India
EU seized in Vienna
It appears that the EU has dropped its demands for patent extensions and may have made data exclusivity subject to compulsory licensing in the EU-India FTA.
’Developed countries must stop using arm-twisting measures in FTAs’
The European Union is demanding longer patents through free trade agreements (FTAs), longer than demanded by the World Trade Organization.
Le stand de l’UE à la conférence sur le sida "saisi" par des militants défenseurs des génériques
Le stand de la Commission européenne à la Conférence internationale sur le sida à Vienne a été "saisi" symboliquement mercredi par des militants pour protester contre des saisies dans l’UE de médicaments génériques destinés à des pays en développement.
EU firm on strong IP provision in free trade
A key provision in the draft of the India-European Union (EU) free trade agreement (FTA) may have implications on the affordability of medicines, while also hurting the negotiations between the two trading blocs.
Colombia: UN worried about trade agreements
The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights warned in its latest meeting of the negative impact of free trade agreements on the most vulnerable part of Colombia’s populace
EU-India trade talks resume under cloud of concern for public health
Negotiations on the EU-India free trade agreement continue tomorrow in Brussels amid warnings from NGOs from India and Europe about possible negative consequences for the public health of poor citizens in India
Pharma cos, public health groups want patent issue out of FTA talk with EU
Indian pharmaceutical firms and the network of public health groups have separately urged the government to keep patent-related issues out of the ongoing talks for the proposed India-EU free trade agreement.
Europe trade deal could hit Indian generic drugs
It took two years of secret suffering and gut-wrenching diarrhea to make Lumkile Sizila face the fact that he had HIV.
Govt says it won’t scrap Pharmac for free-trade deal
The New Zealand government has dismissed the possibility it would scrap its drug-funding system as part of the price of a free-trade deal with the United States.
Pharmac reforms expected
The medicines industry says reforms are likely be needed to the way the Government’s drug-buying agency Pharmac operates if New Zealand is to reach a free trade deal with the United States.
Access: Fighting free trade agreements
Fatima Mello of the Brazil Network for the Integration of Peoples worked with other civil society groups across South America in order to bring down the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. Here she discusses the campaign and lessons learned:
Civil society groups in India and across the world protest against EU-India FTA
Civil society and public health groups from India, Brazil and several other countries today vehemently objected to the proposed India-European Union Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Groups call for human rights review of US medicine policy
In a report submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council over the weekend, PIJIP joined with HIV treatment advocacy organizations Health Global Access Project (HealthGAP) and the European Community Advisory Board to call for a human rights review of U.S. trade policy on access to medicines.
Risk of wrongful medicines seizures seen in EU-Central America trade deal
A new accord designed to bolster political and economic ties between the European Union and Central America could result in greater seizures of medicines whenever pharmaceutical companies allege that their patents have been infringed, public health advocates have warned.
Open statement to EU Trade Commissioner on the EU-India FTA
The Delhi Network of Positive People (DNP+) is calling on the EU Trade Commissioner to come clean on the demands and pressures being placed by the European Union on the Government of India to accept TRIPS-plus measures that will have a severe, adverse impact on access to safe, effective and affordable medicines in India and across the developing world.
A prescription for failure: Health and intellectual property in the Dominican Republic.
A group of nine Georgetown Law students have written a report, "Prescription for Failure: Health and Intellectual Property in the Dominican Republic," which finds that U.S. efforts to increase intellectual property protections in the Dominican Republic may lead to sharp increases in the cost of lifesaving drugs and, as a result, the declining health and even deaths of those who may be unable to afford them.
EU trade pact won’t hit Indian generic drug cos: Sharma
Commerce minister Anand Sharma said on Monday that a proposed free-trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) would not hurt the generic drugs industry. The minister also said India would attract the same amount of foreign direct investment as last year.
Uganda: EU supports law threatening access to medicines
As part of its support to Uganda’s implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and East Africa, the EU is funding the drafting of Kampala’s controversial Counterfeit Goods Bill, which has caused an outcry as it threatens access to life-saving generic medicines in this low income East African country.