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Mercosur and EU start a technical talks round in Montevideo, waiting for Bolsonaro
Mercosur and the European Union will be holding a round of technical talks in Montevideo, with the purpose of building a strong consensus
Mercosur and EU trade negotiators meet in Brasilia
This is the first time the two blocs are meeting after statements made by France’s Macron about Brazil’s Bolsonaro caused tension and doubt about the partnership.
MERCO-SCAM - How the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement would encourage illicit financial flows
New study looks into EU taxation, with the focus shifting onto the problems that could arise under a free trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur.
Latin America’s protectionists want Trump-style trade deals
Brazil, Argentina see Mercosur nations doing individual pacts. Growing support across trade bloc for pro-trade reforms.
Uruguay seeks alliance with China, challenging Mercosur
Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez has a free trade agreement with China high on his agenda.
After Nafta rewrite, Brazil’s Bolsonaro eyes Mercosur changes
Brazil’s presidential front-runner Jair Bolsonaro is mulling an overhaul of the South American trade bloc Mercosur in case he wins the country’s top job this month, a senior adviser told Bloomberg News.
EU and Mercosur to re-initiate free-trade talks next week
EU and Mercosur negotiators will hold another round of negotiations in Uruguay with the aim of reaching a free trade agreement.
Mercosur holds first negotiating round for Korea trade deal, looks to EU next steps
EU-Mercosur latest negotiation round remained complex as first round of Korea-Mercosur trade talks focused on goods, services, investment, public procurement, and e-commerce.
Talks over trade deal with South Americans continue amid opposition from EU farmers
EU Commission officials are in Montevideo in Uruguay to reconvene the trade talks with the Mercosur trading bloc.
S. Korea, Mercosur to hold first trade talks in Uruguay
South Korea and the South American trade block Mercosur will launch their formal trade negotiations in Uruguay.
EU-Mercosur deal still faces farm and auto hurdles, Brazil says
Negotiators of a free trade deal between the European Union and South American bloc Mercosur want to wrap up by September, but differences over beef, sugar and the auto industry could dash those hopes.
Pacific Alliance, Mercosur explore trade ties
The heads of state from Mercosur’s member nations will attend high-level talks with the Pacific Alliance trade bloc.
EU tones down hopes of Mercosur deal by September
Despite EU and Mercosur countries remaining committed to reaching a trade agreement, the European Commission did not endorse the South American bloc’s target to reach an agreement by September.
Singapore, South America customs union Mercosur launch free trade negotiations
Singapore and the South American customs union Mercosur have started negotiations for a free trade agreement.
EU-Mercosur trade talks targeting September finale: Argentina
A free trade agreement between the European Union and Latin American bloc Mercosur is close to being concluded, with a final push over the line seen by early September.
European business lobby urges Brussels to accelerate trade talks with Mercosur
European companies are urging the European Union to accelerate trade negotiations with Mercosur bloc, in a sign of concern that the 20-year talks could once again fall dormant if they do not reach an accord this week.
EU keen to get Mercosur deal over line as trade war with US ramps up
Talks on a trade deal between the EU and South American Mercosur bloc are heating up this summer.
Mercosur, EU to hold talks in Brussels
Foreign Ministers of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) will meet with the European Union on July 18 in Brussels to discuss aspects of the trade agreement.
Mercosur offers to halve import tariff on EU cars -paper
The Mercosur bloc of four South American nations has offered to cut import tariffs on European Union cars by 50 percent .