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Europe and Mercosur scheduled to resume trade negotiations this month
The European Commission and Mercosur are planning to resume negotiations to reach a new Association Agreement this January.
EU trade in 2018: A preview
The year 2018 will offer a very narrow window of opportunity to bring key EU trade policy files forward.
EU-Mercosur trade agreement: A bad deal for transparency, policy coherence and access to medicines
Negotiations are now nearing completion and there are increasing concerns among public health advocates, patient and consumer organisations, and other stakeholders, both in Europe and the Americas.
EU-LatAm trade deal good for agribusiness; bad for Amazon, climate
The emphasis on production and international consumption could greatly increase the need for agricultural land in Latin America, and result in a major increase in deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado, and Argentine Chaco.
What the European-Union Mercosur trade agreement means for copyright
Many of the intellectual property provisions raised by the European Union in this agreement are bad for internet users.
EU stalls on new Mercosur trade offers, delaying deal: source
Trade talks between the European Union and South America’s Mercosur bloc will likely extend into next year after European negotiators said they needed more time to respond to improved offers.
EU-Mercosur talks hit snags, announcement could be delayed
Free-trade talks between the European Union and South American trade bloc Mercosur still face hurdles over beef and ethanol.
EU-Mercosur FTA: draft chapters (July 2017)
8 draft chapters, as leaked by Greenpeace
Research on the impacts of the EU-Mercosur trade negotiations
Analysis of draft texts, especially the chapters on goods, SPS, TBT and government procurement.
EU-Mercosur FTA: An assessment of the trade and sustainable development chapter
Many serious environmental concerns are not addressed at all.
South Centre statement on EU-MERCOSUR trade negotiations
EU-MERCOSUR trade negotiations must not impose TRIPS Plus provisions on protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
EU-Mercosur FTA puts at risk access to medicines in Brazil, new impact assessment study finds
The adoption of the measures proposed by the EU could put the sustainability of access to health policies in Brazil at risk, as they could sharply increase public expenditures on medicines.
Europe and South America push for one of largest trade accords
European Union, Mercosur officials meeting Nov. 29-Dec. 8. Both sides are committed to reaching deal by end of year.
Commission publishes report following latest negotiating round with Mercosur
The round report includes details on all areas of the negotiations, including trade in goods, technical barriers to trade, services, intellectual property (including geographical indications), government procurement, SPS and trade and sustainable development.
What’s your beef? Mercosur trade talks falter
A battle over beef between the European Union and Argentina and Brazil could push trade talks beyond a year-end deadline and lead to further years of delay.
Morocco negotiates FTA with Mercosur
Morocco and the Mercosur have recently started technical negotiations to pave the way for the conclusion of a free trade agreement.
EU, Mercosur complete latest FTA round
The EU and Mercosur made "substantive progress" in all areas of negotiation during their latest round of talks on a new free trade agreement.
Mercosur and Mexico trade agreements: The quest for a sugar fix
There is intensive lobbying by European sugar beet growers against the prospect of widening of EU quotas for non-EU cane sugar as part of ongoing bilateral free trade negotiations.
Report from the XXIXth round of negotiations of the trade part of the association agreement between the European Union and Mercosur
The XXIXth negotiation round of the trade Part of the EU-Mercosur association agreement took place from 2 to 6 October 2017 in Brasilia.