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Le Canada se rapproche d’une entente avec l’Inde
Des pourparlers commerciaux sont en cours avec une série de pays, et une entente sur les investissements pourrait être conclue avec l’Inde d’ici « quelques mois ».
Sacrificing South America’s forests on the altar of EU market access
By making this concession on beef, the EU is putting trade and consumption above its commitments to halt deforestation.
Macron puts trade policy on summit table
Macron wants "an overall vision to find a balance between trade openness and protection" of EU markets and citizens, rather than "adding piece after piece" to the EU trade policy "puzzle".
Canada set to open Mercosur trade talks in December: sources
Canada and the South American trade bloc Mercosur will announce in December the opening of negotiations for a free-trade deal during the World Trade Organization’s annual meeting in Argentina.
France seeks food safety inclusion in EU-Mercosur deal - envoy
France will propose changing the European Commission’s mandate to negotiate a trade deal with South America’s Mercosur bloc to include food safety provisions.
Mexico, Mercosur deals at stake if not concluded in 2017, EU warns
If the EU fails to complete trade deals with Mexico and Mercosur by the end of this year, upcoming elections in Brazil and Mexico could complicate the conclusion of the agreements.
Biofuels emerge as burning issue in EU-Mercosur talks
Biofuels have emerged as a make-or-break issue in the EU’s negotiations with South American trading bloc Mercosur, and EU farmers fear they will be left to fend off stronger competition in a shrinking market.
Ireland and France furious with EU over plan to import more beef from Brazil
The European Union (EU) is facing a stinging attack from Ireland and France after Europe moved to open up the lucrative beef market to Brazil.
La filière viande demande l’exclusion totale de la viande bovine de cet accord
Interbev et la FNB s’offusquent de la proposition de la Commission européenne d’octroyer un contingent tarifaire annuel de 70 000 tonnes de viande bovine dans le cadre des négociations commerciales avec les pays du Mercosur.
EU-Mercosur trade agreement would harm user rights and the commons
The EU-Mercosur FTA is expansive, addressing trade in industrial and agricultural goods as well as intellectual property provisions such as copyrights and patents.
The MERCOSUR Protocol on Investment Cooperation and Facilitation: regionalizing an innovative approach to investment agreements
The Protocol draws significantly on the Brazilian model investment agreement, which stands out for departing from the traditional design of Bilateral Investment Treaties, particularly by excluding the possibility of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS).
Brazil tells the EU ‘it won’t move’ on Mercosur talks without ethanol and beef
Brazil insists that it will not table a new offer as part of the ongoing EU-Mercosur talks until a proposal on beef and ethanol is on the table.
MERCOSUR threatens feed-in industries, vehicles: Industry Minister rules out possibility
The agreements will force global companies to exclude us from manufacturing: Masrouga
Mercosur nations prioritise end-of-year EU trade deal
At its biannual summit last week, South American trade bloc Mercosur confirmed that it intends to finalise an agreement with the EU by the end of the year. But experts warn that this timeframe might be too ambitious for a full-blown deal. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Commission publishes reports following negotiation rounds with Mexico and Mercosur
The Commission has just published reports summarising the progress made during the latest negotiating rounds for the EU-Mexico and EU-Mercosur trade agreements.
Mercosur – EU joint communique, XXVIII negotiating round
A negotiating round took place in Brussels on 3-7 July between the European Union and Mercosur.
New trade deals jeopardise EU green transport goals, NGO warns
Upcoming free trade deals with biofuel-producing countries in Asia and South America will undermine the European Union’s goals to decarbonise the transport sector.
Free trade deals ‘at all cost’ frustrate Spanish farmers
Spain’s agricultural sector is concerned about free trade negotiations between the European Union and third parties. The agreement with Canada (CETA) and ongoing talks with South American trade bloc Mercosur are raising doubts in the Iberian countryside.
US Brazilian beef ban casts doubt on Mercusor trade agreement
A move by the US Department of Agriculture to ban imports of fresh Brazilian beef has added weight to calls to remove agriculture from a free trade agreement between the EU and countries in the Mercosur trading-bloc.
EFTA and MERCOSUR hold first round of negotiations
After four days of discussions, the 1st Round of Negotiations between the MERCOSUR and the EFTA States on a Free Trade Agreement was successfully concluded.