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New trade deals jeopardise EU green transport goals, NGO warns
Upcoming free trade deals with biofuel-producing countries in Asia and South America will undermine the European Union’s goals to decarbonise the transport sector.
Free trade deals ‘at all cost’ frustrate Spanish farmers
Spain’s agricultural sector is concerned about free trade negotiations between the European Union and third parties. The agreement with Canada (CETA) and ongoing talks with South American trade bloc Mercosur are raising doubts in the Iberian countryside.
US Brazilian beef ban casts doubt on Mercusor trade agreement
A move by the US Department of Agriculture to ban imports of fresh Brazilian beef has added weight to calls to remove agriculture from a free trade agreement between the EU and countries in the Mercosur trading-bloc.
EFTA and MERCOSUR hold first round of negotiations
After four days of discussions, the 1st Round of Negotiations between the MERCOSUR and the EFTA States on a Free Trade Agreement was successfully concluded.
Brazilian meat industry corruption raises Mercosur concerns
A two-year investigation found evidence some meat-processing plants in Brazil had been selling rotten beef and poultry on to the export market by bribing health inspectors and politicians to get the necessary paperwork.
Argentina’s congress ratifies Mercosur-Egypt agreement
Argentina was the only signatory country that hadn’t yet ratified the free trade agreement, which can now go into effect.
Canada seeks to expand trade with MERCOSUR
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’’s Government is debating the most essential issues for a free trade agreement with the Southern Common Market.
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft annex on motor vehicles and equipment and parts thereof (EU proposal, Apr 2017)
As released by the European Commission
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft chapter on transparency (EU proposal, Mar 2017)
As released by the European Commission
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft chapter on trade in goods (EU proposal, Apr 2017)
As released by the European Commission
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft chapter on trade and sustainable development (EU proposal, Apr 2017)
As released by the European Commission
Joint EU-Mercosur communique following the XXVIIth round of negotiations
Significant progress was achieved regarding the negotiating text in the three parts of the future Association Agreement between both regions: Trade Part, Political Dialogue and Bi-Regional Cooperation.
What to watch out for in the EU-Mercosur FTA negotiations: consequences for access to medicines
Some of the main TRIPS-plus measures historically pushed for by countries such as the United States or the EU are being again proposed at the EU-Mercosur FTA.
EU suppliers push for Mercosur trade deal
The election of Donald Trump to the presidency in the U.S. and its potential impact on EU-U.S. trade talks has made the Mercosur negotiations that entered a new round this week a high priority for the European Commission.
EU, Mercosur countries work to speed up trade talks
A fresh round of talks between parties is taking place this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Brazil’s rotten meat scandal strikes ahead of fresh EU trade talks
The European Union has insisted Brazilian representatives attend an emergency meeting to explain themselves regarding a scandal involving rotten meat and the country’s two largest exporters.
Mercosur trade bloc agrees common position ahead of EU talks
Foreign ministers of the South American Mercosur trading bloc have reached a common position ahead of negotiations with the European Union on a potential trade deal.
S. Korea, MERCOSUR to launch trade talks in first half
South Korea and the South American trade block MERCOSUR will launch their official negotiations on a trade pact before the first half of 2017.
EFTA, Mercosur to begin FTA negotiations
Delegations from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states and MERCOSUR met to prepare for the upcoming negotiations of a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement.
Malmström: CETA done, Mexico and Mercosur next up
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström confirmed Mexico and Mercosur are next on the negotiating agenda.