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NAFTA does not fulfil Mexican expectations
Although NAFTA fundamentally changed the country in some ways, it did not meet expectations of putting Mexican wages on the same level as US wages, boosting employment, reducing poverty or protecting the environment.
Guatemala opts into Central American FTA with Mexico
As Guatemala has now approved its participation in the free trade agreement between Mexico and the other Central American countries – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua – the agreement entered into effect on September 1, 2013.
Turkey ‘ready’ for free trade deal with Mexico, minister says
Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan has said Turkey is ready to sign a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with Mexico.
Turkey ready to sign FTA with Mexico, says minister
Turkish Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan said on Tuesday that Turkey was ready to sign a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Mexico.
Regional free trade agreement with Mexico enters into force
A free trade agreement between Central America and Mexico entered into force this week, the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) reported on Monday.
Mexican and EU lawmakers say free trade deal needs overhaul
European Parliament members and Mexican federal lawmakers wrapped up their joint meeting and called for "far-ranging modifications" to the trade agreement signed in 1997 and implemented in 2000.
Mexico envisions Nafta-EU trade agreement, foreign minister says
Mexico envisions a trade deal tying it to the European Union, US and Canada as the future of transatlantic commerce and would welcome joining talks between the US and EU, Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade said.
Now US wants Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement with European Union to include Turkey: who’s next?
Some media are reporting talk of Mexico and Turkey joining the EU-US FTA.
Costa Rican lawmakers approve free trade agreement with Mexico
Costa Rica already had a free trade agreement with Mexico, in force since January 1995, which now is unified with the rest of Central American countries.
Cargill settles NAFTA dispute with Mexico
Cargill has reached a settlement with Mexico in a dispute that resulted in a $77 million arbitration award for the US agribusiness company
Taiwan to use Mexico, Turkey as detours to trade with U.S., EU
Taiwan will use Mexico and Turkey as gateways to stepping up trade with the United States and the European Union, so as to reduce the impact of the free trade agreements (FTAs) between South Korea and the two major economies, according to the country’s main trade promotion body.
Mexico finds unlikely allies in trade fight
As tomato growers in Florida and some other states fight a 16-year-old agreement that they contend allows farmers in Mexico to export tomatoes at a price below their costs, the Mexican farmers are finding allies in the United States.
Cargill says Mexico owes it $95 million in NAFTA dispute
US agribusiness company Cargill Inc. filed a suit in a US court on Tuesday to compel Mexico to pay a $94.6 million award over trade barriers the company says Mexico put up against high-fructose corn syrup from 2002 to 2007.
EU trade chief calls on Mexico to reopen trade pact with Europe
Europe and Mexico need to go back to the negotiating table to rework their 12-year-old free-trade agreement to include services and agriculture, the European Union’s top trade official said on Monday.
Food crisis: The fight for corn
In an era of food crisis, the fight for corn has intensified, and the importance of this grain—a staple in the Mexican diet and a large part of the world—has been revealed to the fullest extent.
Treaty tolls death knell for Mexican countryside
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations, which Mexico is to join in December, are threatening to eliminate the last defences of the country’s agricultural sector.
Mexico invited to join US-backed Pacific free trade agreement talks
The United States formally announced Monday that Mexico has been invited to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks.
Mexico to Japan: Participate in TPP talks
Mexico would welcome Japan’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks because it would help make the free-trade pact "a very important actor" in the international community, Mexican Ambassador to Japan Claude Heller said.
Permanent People’s Tribunal will session in Mexico
“Free trade, dirty war, impunity and peoples rights” is the title of the new national chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) that aims to expose “structural violence” in Mexico as a result of the implementation of free trade agreements.
Mexico says ready to sign free trade agreement with Turkey
Mexican Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari has said that his country was ready to sign a free trade agreement with Turkey.