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ACP want additional resources from EU
Pacific Island countries want the European Union to allocate additional resources to cover the costs of the regions adjustments when the Economic Partnership Agreement comes into effect.
Pacific ACP trade ministers meet in Nadi, Fiji
The Pacific ACP Trade Ministers Meeting was held in Nadi, Fiji, on 19 and 20 June 2006.
Is the Pacific ready for trade talks?
Pacific Trade Ministers begin annual talks in Fiji on Wednesday, amid claims New Zealand is pressuring Pacific Forum countries into starting free trade negotiations they are not ready for.
EU promises are hollow: Pacific society groups
Civil society groups from 12 Pacific countries meeting in Nadi, question what’s in it for the Pacific in negotiations on a Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU.
Pacific Island states work on deal with Europe
One plus four looks like a simple mathematical equation. But Pacific trade negotiators will be quick to tell you that it is everything but simple. It is the proposal islands countries are hoping will form part of their economic partnership agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
Economic Partnership Agreement talks look at labor mobility to Europe
Negotiations for possible movement of labour from the Pacific to Europe is part of discussions under the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) currently underway.
Pacific ACP countries propose new agreement With EU
Pacific countries that are members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group have proposed an all embracing trade agreement with the European Union (EU) under the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that will come into force in 2008.
The great maze: Regional and bilateral free trade agreements in Asia
This UNDP paper is divided into four main parts. Parts I, II and III examine the phenomenon of FTA proliferation and the underlying forces and motivations of key players at work. Part IV builds on the analysis to address the impact of the FTA explosion on human development policy choices in key areas such as agriculture, textiles, rules of origin, intellectual property, trade in services, and investment.
Pacific countries confident of making deadline for EU trade agreement
Leaders of Pacific island countries said they were confident of meeting the end-of-2007 deadline for reaching agreement with the European Union on a preferential trade deal despite slow progress in negotiations.
PNG Minister warns over tapping EU funds
Continued delay by Pacific Island countries to negotiate a successful Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) could result in the region missing out in millions of European Union (EU) funds.
Pacific Island nations seek closer economic ties with NZ, Australia
Pacific Islands Forum countries have decided it is now time to move beyond their existing SPARTECA agreement with Australia and New Zealand, according to reports from Nadi, Fiji, on Friday.
Groups call for end of Pacific trade negotiations
"The current EPA negotiations are a game of Russian roulette where the casualties will be the people of the Pacific Islands," said Professor Jane Kelsey at the release of A People’s Guide to the Pacific’s Economic Partnership Agreement in Suva today.
Updates on developments in the Pacific
Governments within the Asia/Pacific region that are rabid free traders have embarked on a rescue mission for the WTO and APEC through regional and bilateral agreements that are also designed to be WTO-plus.
Fiji: NGOs want more consultation
Non-Governmental Organisation’s and regional civil society organizations are concerned that not enough thought is being given to trade agreements, says coordinator Stanley Simpson.
EU to open trade negotiations with Pacific region
The European Union will open talks this week to try to reach an economic agreement with the Pacific region, a big producer of sugar, the bloc’s executive said on Wednesday.
Civil Society statement on EPA between Pacific ACP states and EU
Statement of civil society organizations from workshop on negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Pacific ACP states and the European Union, 7 September 2004, Suva.
PICTA, PACER and EPAs: Where are we going?
It has been a relatively easy matter for Pacific Islands Country (PIC) governments to sign regional trade agreements such as PICTA (Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement - excluding Australia and New Zealand) and PACER (Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations - including Australia and NZ.)
Free trade worries at Nadi meeting
Nadi - There has not been enough public discussion on the creation of a Pacific free trade area, Fiji interest groups said yesterday. The issue was led by Stanley Simpson, of the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG).
Reassess free trade agreements
Recent experience with the implementation the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Free Trade Area Agreement effectively illustrates how Pacific leaders sign regional and international agreements without adequate consultation and assessment at national and local level.