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Guatemala asks Peru to reduce sugar tariffs, launch FTA
The Central American nation of Guatemala has not exported sugar to Peru since June of last year due to an increase of tariffs implemented by the Andean country over the past year, El Comercio reported.
FTA with India, Turkey, Israel, Russia to expand Peru’s non-traditional exports
Peru’s Foreign Trade Association (ComexPeru) said Monday that Peru should continue promoting free trade agreements with India, Turkey, Israel, Russia and Arab countries as they boost non-traditional exports.
Le Honduras et le Pérou font un pas vers un traité de libre échange
Le Honduras et le Pérou font un pas vers la signature d’un Traité de libre échange en créant un conseil patronal pour développer les relations commerciales entre les deux pays.
Coup d’etat to trade seen in billionaire toxic lead fight
Most of La Oroya’s children suffer elevated lead levels, according to the Peruvian government. Parents say some have symptoms — consistent with lead poisoning — that include anemia, convulsions, stunted growth, mental retardation.
Israel keen on starting FTA talks with Peru
Israel and Peru expect to kick off negotiations on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement before year’s end in order to take advantage of the two economies’ complementariness, Israel’s ambassador to Peru Modi Ephraim said Monday.
EU confirms Peru FTA comes into force March 1
The European Union has confirmed that its free trade agreement with Peru will be provisionally applied starting on March 1, 2013.
EU-FTA’s entry into force marks a new era for Peru’s exports
Peru will experience a change of era with the entry into force of the Multi-Part Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU) due to it is the world’s largest import market for Peruvian products, EU Ambassador to Peru, Hans Allden.
European Parliament approves Colombia trade pact
The European Parliament on Tuesday ratified a free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru despite human and labor rights concerns.
Critics warn of EU free trade deal with Peru and Colombia
The EU is set to liberalize trade with Colombia and Peru. Human rights organisations fear that Latin American farmers will suffer.
Colombia FTA with EU may increase money laundering: Report
A free trade pact between the EU, Colombia and Peru will increase the risk of illegal money flows and capital flight, said a report Wednesday from a group of Members of the European Parliament.
Presidents Humala and Hollande welcome Peru-EU FTA
Peru’s President Ollanta Humala and his French counterpart Francois Hollande welcomed the forthcoming entry into force of the Multiparty Trade Agreement between Peru and the European Union (EU), and emphasized the strengthening of the historic ties between the two nations.
En mon nom, ne le ratifiez pas!
Signe et envoie une lettre à tes député(e)s européen(ne)s pour exprimer ton refus face à la ratification des Accords de Libre Echange et des Accords d΄Association entre l΄Union européenne et la Colombie, le Pérou et l΄Amérique centrale.
In my name, don’t ratify!
Sign and send a letter to your MEPs to reject the ratification of the Free Trade Agreements and Association Agreements between the European Union and Colombia, Perú and Central America.
India, Peru consider free trade pact to boost trade
India and Peru are exploring the possibility of signing a free trade agreement (FTA) which would gradually eliminate tariffs on most of goods and services traded between the two countries.
Peru-EU FTA likely to take effect year-end
The European Union Tuesday signed a multipartite free trade agreement with Peru and Colombia which is expected to become effective before the end of this year, according to EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.
EU-Colombia-Peru FTA Criticized
The director of the weekly newspaper Voz, organ of the Colombian Communist Party, Carlos Lozano, described the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) recently signed between the European Union (EU) and Colombia as "very negative".
EU ministers approve free trade deal with Colombia & Peru
European Union trade ministers Thursday approved the signing and provisional application of a multipartite free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru.
S. Korea, Peru upgrade relations to ’comprehensive strategic partnership’
South Korea and Peru upgraded their relations to a "comprehensive strategic partnership" Thursday in a move expected to bring the two far-off countries even closer after their economic ties got a boost from last year’s free trade agreement.
Peru exports endangered wood despite US trade pact -NGO
Peru needs to do more to halt exports of endangered cedar and mahogany from the Amazon rain forest as it opens its economy to free trade, a conservation group and exporters said on Tuesday.
EU ministers agree free trade pact with Peru, Colombia
EU trade ministers agreed on Friday to approve a free trade pact with Colombia and Peru that could boost European car and chemical exports and lift food and mineral exports from the South American countries.