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TiSA - draft annex on electronic commerce (September 2016)
As leaked by Greenpeace
TiSA - draft annex on state-owned enterprises (September 2016)
As leaked by Greenpeace
TiSA - draft annex on professional services (September 2016)
As leaked by Greenpeace
TiSA - draft annex on transparency services (September 2016)
As leaked by Greenpeace
Secret trade proposal would give Facebook free reign to censor by algorithm
Under leaked proposals from a controversial service trade deal, Facebook and other online services could be granted legal immunity when censoring any content
New leaks confirm TiSA proposals that would undermine civil liberties
New leaked documents concerning the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) have been published.
TiSA - draft annex on telecommunications services (November 2016)
As leaked by Netzpolitik & Greenpeace
TiSA negotiations fall victim to the Trump tremor
In these quixotic and post-truth times, nemesis has its subtle ways of catching up with the reality.
TiSA - EU second revised offer (November 2016)
As released by the European Commission
Bell tolls for TiSA
The meeting was supposed to bring the three-year-old talks to a close, but major obstacles between the United States and European Union bogged down the negotiators.
Trade and privacy: complicated bedfellows?
How to achieve data protection-proof free trade agreements?
A swan song for TiSA talks
The prospects for concluding negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement now appear slim.
Negotiators question EU commitment to services deal
Negotiators working to increase market access for services are beginning to question whether the European Union is capable of forging a multi-trillion dollar services agreement.
EU-US Privacy Shield pact faces second legal challenge
A new EU-US pact governing the transfer of personal data faces a second legal challenge, putting the details of the deal which underpins billions of dollars of transatlantic trade in digital services under further scrutiny.
TiSA - Norway second revised conditional offer (October 2016)
As released by the Government of Norway
TiSA - second revised Swiss offer (October 2016)
Released by the Government of Switzerland
World union meeting unites against TiSA and CETA
Global trade union leaders meeting in Panama have united in condemnation of TiSA (the Trade in Services Agreement) and CETA (the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement), highlighting the risks that both trade agreements pose to jobs and job security.
Public sector unions to oppose Asia Pacific mega trade deal RCEP
On 12 October, the closing day of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Fukuoka, around 250 delegates representing more than 70 PSI affiliates from 18 countries resolved to intensify the struggle against the ambitious Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership under negotiation among 16 countries in the region.
TISA proposes new global rules on data flows and safe harbors
The Trade in Services Agreement contains many provisions that are a virtual copy-and-paste out of the TPP’s Electronic Commerce chapter.
Hazards ahead for TiSA talks
The odds of the Trade in Services Agreement wrapping up by year’s end have grown longer after a mini ministerial meeting revealed a number of issues remain far from resolved