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Petition against Singapore FTA taken up before SC
The Attorney General has informed the Supreme Court that the content of the Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (SLSFTA) still under the study of the Presidential Committee appointed to review the agreement.
What ails India’s Free Trade Agreements?
Lack of harmonised standards, and certification issues that increase transaction costs plague India’s FTAs
Poland keen on FTA with Sri Lanka
Poland is keen to enter into a Free Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka, but it has to be initiated by the European Union office in Colombo.
It is still possible for India, Pakistan to resolve issues: Ranil Wickremesinghe
Former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says others can insist that they do so at least to get the SAARC summits moving.
China’s red carpet trap for Sri Lankan media
Sri Lanka maintains a strong and close relationship with China. The country supported Sri Lanka during the war and also in postwar development via the issuance of loans.
Malik to hold talks in India to resume ETCA
Sri Lankan International Trade Minister plans to hold ministerial-level discussions with Indian counterparts during his visit to India this week, in order to resume trade negotiations.
Against the tide: the growth of China-Sri Lanka trade
Chinese trade with the island nation is booming even while Indian trade seems stuck. The recent rise of China-Sri Lanka economic relations has been the subject of much discussion, debate, and analysis.
AITP study claims Sri Lanka’s approach towards FTAs hinders economic growth
The assessments are done for the four proposed FTAs namely, ETCA with India, Singapore-Sri Lanka FTA, Thailand-Sri Lanka FTA, and China-Sri Lanka FTA.
SL-China likely to resume FTA talks
Sri Lanka and China have agreed to resume the stalled free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations.
China-Sri Lanka FTA talks to resume soon
Sri Lanka has planned to hold ministerial-level Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with China on April 2019.
Sri Lanka to review FTA talks with China, India, Thailand
The Government is to review the progress in Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with China, India and Thailand.
Call to make FTA beneficial for both Pakistan, Sri Lanka: HC
Sri Lanka and Pakistan have signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) but some certain issues need to be resolved
Sri Lanka to review feasibility studies of all proposed FTAs
Following criticism levelled at the Sri Lanka – Singapore FTA, Sri Lanka has decided to review all feasibility studies of all proposed FTAs
SLSFTA’s effective date should be delayed: Bandula
The effective date of the Sri Lanka – Singapore Free Trade Agreement should be postponed to ensure the removal of any detrimental clauses.
Pakistan wants to revisit 2005 FTA with Sri Lanka
Pakistan has said it wants to revisit the Free Trade Agreement signed with Sri Lanka in 2005.
No FTAs before LDC graduation
Bangladesh will graduate from the least-developed country bracket in 2024, three years after which free trade agreements will be crucial in maintaining its comparative advantage in international trade.
Petition against Singapore FTA postponed to next year
The petition filed seeking a court order pronouncing that the Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement is against the Constitution, will be taken up for consideration on January 09, the Supreme Court has decided.
Thailand sees shortcut to Belt and Road with Sri Lanka trade deal
Two nations to kick off bilateral FTA talks in Bangkok.
Joint feasibility study on FTA with Bangladesh
Next round of negotiations on Thai FTA in two weeks. Joint feasibility study on FTA with Bangladesh to be implemented soon.
Singapore FTA – Other than garbage
The rationality behind the Singapore-Sri Lanka FTA is still undiscovered.