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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka develops cold feet on trade pact with India
An India-Sri Lanka trade and investment agreement billed as a landmark is being delayed, ostensibly because the island nation’s President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, an avowed Sinhala nationalist, doesn’t want to be seen as authoring such a close partnership with New Delhi, diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity said.
Local businesses unhappy with CEPA
A group of eminent Sri Lankan businesses went public this week objecting to the signing of the Indo-Lanka Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). The local businesses are questioning the need for a CEPA agreement and are objecting to the lack of transparency in the process.
Trade pacts stifle exports to Thailand, Singapore
Growth of exports to Thailand and Singapore has slowed after India signed bilateral duty-free agreements with these countries. But a similar pact with Sri Lanka has improved the growth in India’s exports to the island nation.
CEPA between India, Sri Lankan no threat to island nation
A leading Sri Lankan trade body has allayed fears that Indians would take over the jobs on offer in the island nation following the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Sri Lanka.
‘Indian entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka flouting spirit of FTA’
Some of the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) the country has got into in recent years have resulted in unintended adverse consequences, primarily because of non-application of mind at the time of negotiations and signing of the agreement as also lackadaisical enforcement of rules subsequently.
US agrees to expand trade and investment with Sri Lanka
The US-Sri Lanka TIFA Council discussed issues affecting US exports, such as Sri Lanka’s agricultural biotechnology policies, import tariffs, intellectual property rights protection, and transparency in government procurement.
Second round of negotiations on CEPA starts in Islamabad today
The second round of negotiations between Srilanka and Pakistan on Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) starts in Islamabad today (Tuesday).
India, Lanka services pact soon
Talks for an agreement on enhanced market access for service sectors between India and Sri Lanka are at an advanced stage and are likely to be concluded by the month-end.
India’s Baroda and Axis Banks’ eye Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan government is forging ahead with the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which will facilitate the entry here of two Indian banks - Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank, according to senior officials at the Central Bank.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka to expand the scope of free trade agreement
The trade agreement has opened central Asian countries adjacent to Pakistan to new Sri Lankan exports.
FTA: Pakistan, Sri Lanka for enhanced trade Ties
President Pervez Musharraf and President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka on Friday agreed on improving their trade and commerce ties with specific focus on continuing Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Vanaspati cools after edible oil import duty cut
The government move on lowering customs duty on edible oils for pushing down its prices has started yielding positive results. On the heels of getting a huge relief from reduced import duty on crude palm oil (CPO) from 45% to 20%, which serves as raw material of vanaspati, vegetable fat producers have slashed their product prices by Rs 4-5/kg.
EU warns Sri Lanka trade depends on rights record
The European Union has told Sri Lanka it has "very serious concerns" about civil war human rights abuses and that lucrative trade concessions could be at risk if they continue.
Sri Lanka could gain more in next phase of trade liberalization: study
A new study on a south Asian regional trade deal has said Sri Lanka will gain more in the next phase of liberalisation but the island’s private sector representatives have expressed scepticism about the outcome.
Sri Lanka: The cost of free trade
India’s Minister of Commerce was in Colombo last week. He had the usual few words to say about the benefits that are supposed to have accrued to pretty much everybody since the entry into force of the free trade agreement with Sri Lanka in 2000. Unfortunately, the story isn’t so simple. Taking a closer look at what has happened in practice would prompt even the most ardent believer to question the undoubtedly beguiling theory of free trade.
Sri Lanka negotiates more trade, investment deals
Sri Lanka is negotiating more free trade and investment deals with other countries to increase trade and foreign investment. Two rounds of talks were held in January with India and Pakistan on free trade and investment agreements while the first negotiations on an investment promotion and protection agreement with Kuwait was concluded on January 30. The Sri Lanka-Kuwait negotiations will be followed by negotiations on a Sri Lanka-Jordan Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement
Sri Lanka stops pepper exports to India under free trade deal
Sri Lanka has stopped exporting pepper under the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement (FTA) because of restrictions imposed by India, a top exporter has said.
Sri Lanka, India set to finalize bilateral trade agreement
India and Sri Lanka may finalise discussions on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement this week
Duty cut on palm oil hits vanaspati units in Lanka
The reduction in customs duty of crude palm oil (CPO) by India has severely hit the 12 vanaspati units set up by Indian companies in Sri Lanka to take advantage of the low duty on CPO there and export duty-free to India under the free trade agreement quota.
India, Sri Lanka aim to broaden free-trade agreement
Discussions on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement have been inconclusive for about three years as India seeks to restrict the export of pepper and hydrogenated vegetable oil from Sri Lanka, which is concerned about jobs being lost to Indians.