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India turns to FTA to realise dream of being a small-car hub
India seems close to crossing another milestone on its journey towards becoming the world’s small car manufacturing hub. Made-in-India small cars in this case, to be defined as powered by a heart smaller than 1300cc is soon expected to get an easier passage into Sri Lanka, under an expanded free trade agreement (FTA).
Smelters return home from Lanka
A majority of Indian secondary copper smelters based in Sri Lanka are winding up their operations in that country because of economic problem as well as threat perception over local environmental issues.
Indian trade officials will travel to Sri Lanka to discuss Vanaspathi oil
A high level team of Indian trade officials will arrive in Sri Lanka next week to finalise the quotas for cooking oil and bakery shortening exported from Sri Lanka to India, says the Secretary to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Trade, R.M.K. Rathnayaka.
No CEPA with Lanka till export surges curbed
India has warned Sri Lanka that it will not proceed with the comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) until Sri Lanka puts a check on its copper, pepper and vanaspati exports to the country.
Sri Lanka asked to notify FTA duty cuts
Even as vanaspati imports from Sri Lanka continue to be a contentious issue, it has now come to light that the island country is yet to notify the second phase of tariff liberalisation under the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with India.
Lanka offers free trade pact to Bangladesh
Sri Lanka has mooted a free trade agreement (FTA) with Bangladesh citing its positive experience with the ones it has signed with India and Pakistan.
Imports under FTA should not hurt domestic industry, but should be a win-win for both sides, says Kamal Nath
Shri Kamal Nath, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, has said that imports under the bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) should not adversely affect the domestic industry. Rather, such an engagement should be a win-win situation bringing economic benefits to both sides. The Minister said this in the context of vanaspati imports under the Indo-Sri Lanka FTA, when the issue was raised by Mr. Jayaraj Fernandopulle, Minister for Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Highways, who called on him here last evening.
Long road towards Malaysia-Sri Lanka FTA
Sri Lanka has proposed a free trade agreement (FTA) or preferential trade pact with Malaysia, but the two countries are a long way towards reaching a final decision, a Sri Lankan corporate leader said.
India and free trade in Asia
The joke in South Block nowadays is that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is ever so keen to visit Pakistan because he finds it easier to deal with General Pervez Musharraf than to deal with his Cabinet colleagues. If Mr Arjun Singh ambushed him and sent the entire country into a caste driven frenzy, one of his other Ministerial colleagues leaked the contents of a letter to the Prime Minister from Congress president Sonia Gandhi expressing concern over the free trade agreement that India had signed with its ASEAN partners.
Govt working to check Lankan pepper imports
Sri Lanka’s pepper exports to the country are a threat to the Indian growers and the Union Government would work out a solution through political and other means, according to Mr Jairam Ramesh, Union Minister of State for Commerce.
All local Vanaspati factories shut down after India tightens imports
All Sri Lankan factories producing Vanaspati oil have shut down, after controversial Indian regulations to restrict duty free exports of the vegetable oil to India.
India loses out in Thai FTA
As the country debates the merits and de-merits of free trade agreements (FTAs), an analysis of trade data shows India has been at the receiving end in both the Thai and the Sri Lanka FTAs.
Lanka FTA misused to dump spices
The customs authority is probing the misuse of the Indo-Sri Lanka free trade agreement (FTA), whereby cloves and arecanuts of different origins have come into India recently from Sri Lanka.
Hopes of US duty-free access fading for Asian countries
The road to US duy-free access could be longer than expected for a series of emerging countries. While Pakistan was recently refused that textiles and apparel benefit from preferential treatment, chances of duty-free access for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Cambodia are progressively fading.
Sri Lanka FTA gives traders oily woes
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Sri Lanka is costing Indian vanaspati-makers a fortune. With the Sri Lankan vanaspati flooding the Indian market, factories are shutting down, rendering hundreds of people jobless.
Singapore mulls FTA with Lanka
Singapore is keen on entering into an FTA with Sri Lanka, Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Rohitha Bogollagama said on Wednesday.
Indo-Sri Lanka free trade agreement a success to Sri Lanka: Minister Fernandopullai
Indian government has agreed to provide a 70% tax concession for 2,802 goods exported from Sri Lanka to India, says Minister of Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Marketing Development Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, appraising the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement as a success to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka, Thailand benefit more from FTA with India
With India signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Sri Lanka (1998) and Thailand (2004), its imports from these two countries have gone up by over 300% and 125%, respectively, between 2002-03 and 2004-05. India’s exports to Sri Lanka rose by about 47% and that to Thailand by 19% during the same period.