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A Swiss network in the heart of SA
The latest in a series of local networking and consulting organisations, set up by Switzerland’s official export promotion agency, has been opened in Pretoria.
Japan, Switzerland launch FTA talks
Switzerland is the first European country with which Japan negotiates an FTA.
Switzerland wants free trade with China
"I will lead a large business delegation to China in June, and will try to give support so that China opens negotiations with Switzerland," Leuthard told the Neue Zuercher Zeitung am Sonntag newspaper in an interview.
Swiss government approves mandate for FTA talks with Japan
The Swiss government on Friday approved a mandate for negotiations on a comprehensive economic partnership and free trade agreement (FTA) between Switzerland with Japan.
India in free trade talks with four European countries
India is in talks with four European countries - Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - to strike a comprehensive economic agreement that would facilitate free trade relations. Switzerland is also trying to set up a working group with India on intellectual property rights and also seeking to enhance cooperation in science and technology fields.
Pakistan, Switzerland agree to start negotiations on FTA
Pakistan and Switzerland have decided to initiate negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement.
Free trade: Japan and ... Switzerland?!
Why Switzerland? Why not?
Swiss look to free trade after WTO failure
Switzerland is looking to boost its free trade accords with other countries following the collapse of world trade talks, says the country’s top economics official.
Swiss minister promises a favour
Switzerland’s Economics Minister, Joseph Deiss, led a business delegation comprised of senior officials from Novartis, Credit Suisse, SACC and Economy Swiss, to Malaysia.
Signature of an investment protection agreement and a Declaration on Cooperation with Colombia
Switzerland and Colombia signed two agreements in Bern on 17 May 2006. The first was an agreement on the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments between Switzerland and Colombia. The second was a Declaration on Cooperation between the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Colombia.
Swiss set course to free trade
Parliament is due to discuss a free-trade accord between Switzerland and South Korea - the latest such deal aimed at liberalising economic ties abroad.
Saudi Arabia, Switzerland to sign investment protection accord
Saudi Arabia and Switzerland plan to sign an investment protection agreement during the visit of Swiss Minister of Economy Joseph Deiss to the Kingdom on April 1 this year.
Switzerland to explore FTA with India
Switzerland would explore the prospects of a Free Trade Agreement with India. Identifying India as an important market, the Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs, Joseph Deiss, said he would be discussing the issue with his counterparts in Delhi in the next two days.
US free-trade deal on shaky ground
The prospect of a Swiss-US free-trade accord is in doubt, mainly due to differences over agriculture, according to Swiss Economics Minister Joseph Deiss.
USTR mulls FTA talks with Egypt, S Korea, Malaysia, Swiss
The Bush administration is considering free-trade negotiations with Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, and Switzerland, the US Trade Representative’s top agriculture trade negotiator said Monday.
Investment agreement signed with Switzerland
Guyana and the Swiss Confederation recently signed a Bilateral Investment Treaty which will facilitate an increase in Swiss investments in the local economy.
Japan to hold joint FTA meetings with Australia, Switzerland
Japan will hold its first joint study meetings separately with Switzerland and Australia next week in Tokyo to explore the possibility of concluding bilateral free trade agreements, the government said Wednesday.
US-Swiss free-trade deal "extremely valuable"
An independent report says a free-trade accord between Switzerland and the United States would have "extremely valuable benefits" for both countries.
US mulling free-trade deals with Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia
The Bush administration said it’s considering separate entreaties from Egypt, Malaysia, South Korea and Switzerland to negotiate free-trade agreements with them.
"Last chance" for US free-trade deal
The Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce warns that Switzerland must now seize the chance for a free-trade agreement with the United States.