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China’s agenda in Switzerland (and Europe)
For his first trip abroad as Chinese premier last month, Li Keqiang went to India and Pakistan and then continued to Switzerland and Germany before heading back home. Why Switzerland?
Ministry hails ’remarkable’ gains from FTA with Switzerland
Up to 99.7 percent of Chinese exports to Switzerland will receive zero tariffs after the FTA becomes effective, Assistant Minister of Commerce Yu Jianhua said
China, Switzerland sign MOU on concluding FTA talks
China and Switzerland here on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on concluding negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Minister targeting top Swiss banks’ ’new business units’
Bahamas’ Minister of Financial Services is this week aiming to encourage three of the largest Swiss private banks to domicile “new business units” in the Bahamas, under the auspices of a new deal under the EU EPA.
Industry frets over Swiss-EU bilateral impasse
Switzerland’s manufacturing and science industries have again urged negotiators to patch up differences with the European Union, warning of grave risks to the Swiss economy if the current impasse cannot be resolved.
China, Switzerland Make Progress in FTA Talks: MOC
China and Switzerland have made progress in the fourth round of bilateral talks on a possible free trade agreement (FTA), the Ministry of Commerce said Friday.
Swiss seek fresh impetus from India trade talks
Switzerland is seeking to improve access to the Indian market for its chemical and pharmaceutical products, machines and watches and to extend patent protection to prevent Indian producers of cheap generic drugs benefiting from clinical tests developed by other companies
Tajikistan, Switzerland sign Economic Cooperation Agreement
Tajikistan and Switzerland have signed a government-to-government agreement on trade and economic cooperation, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
Colombian FTA with Switzerland starts July 1
Colombia’s free trade agreement with Switzerland will enter into force from July 1, making the European nation the first developed country to sign such an agreement with Colombia.
Interview: Sino-Swiss trade deal talks making good progress
Negotiations between China and Switzerland on a free trade agreement "are making good progress," the Chinese minister responsible for European trade affairs has said. China will be looking to accelerate the pace of FTA agreements with other countries too.
NGOs urge respect of rights in China trade talks
Swiss non-governmental organisations have called on the government to push for human rights in planned negotiations with China on a free trade agreement.
Arrêt des négociations sur un accord de libre-échange agricole - maintenant et définitivement
Le Parlement fédéral aura la possibilité de prendre une décision de planification, soumise au référendum, sur l’arrêt des négociations entre la Suisse et l’UE
Switzerland commits US$10 million to Peru for trade development
Switzerland has committed US$ 10 million to Peru for the strengthening and development of the Andean country’s trade capacity and competitiveness, Peru’s Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) announced Tuesday.
Swiss say prefer bilateral trade deals to EU membership
Switzerland will continue to pursue bilateral trade agreements with the European Union for the time being rather than joining the trading bloc as a member state, the Swiss government said on Thursday.
China, Switzerland agree to start FTA talks
China and Switzerland on Friday agreed to start free trade agreement (FTA) talks, as the two states celebrate their 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties.
Philip Morris International claims against Uruguay without merit.
A legal analysis of the challenge launched by Philip Morris International found the company to be both unjustified and unreasonable in its opposition to Uruguay’s new tobacco packaging laws.
Swiss president starts visit to China, calls for Switzerland-China FTA
Swiss President Doris Leuthard voiced her hope for a free trade agreement between Switzerland and China as she started a working visit in Chongqing
Egypt boosts Swiss trade relations as euro weakens
Egypt is looking to mitigate the negative short-term effects of the weakening euro by diversifying its trade partners and increasing volumes with members of the European Free Trade Association, the country’s trade minister said.
Uruguay: Philip Morris files first-known investment treaty claim against tobacco regulations
The move is certain to be closely watched by international lawyers and policymakers alike, as it will serve as an early test-case of the little-used intellectual property protections contained in BITs.
Le pain suisse menacé de disparition
Si la Suisse signe les accords de libre-échange agricole avec l’Union européenne, les cultures de céréales panifiables pourraient disparaître du pays en quatre ans. En 2016, il ne serait donc théoriquement plus possible de manger du pain à base de farine suisse.