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PhRMA calls for strong IP protection for biologics in TPP FTA
US pharmaceutical industry association the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America is calling on the US Trade Representative to include strong intellectual property provisions, such as 12-year data protection for follow-on biologics, in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
Vietnam plans to raise labor standards before FTA negotiations
Until now, Vietnam has not signed any bilateral or multilateral trade agreements with provisions on labor standards. The TPP may change this.
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement: a Latin American perspective
The TPP negotiations offer both Chile and Peru little in terms of improved market access, as well as risks such as having to make new concessions in sensitive areas like intellectual property and investment.
US trade demands a real sore point
What the United States is seeking on intellectual property in the transpacific trade talks has been leaked. Some of it looks downright sinister.
Govt to delay decisions on TPP, social security, taxes: Kan
The Japanese government will postpone beyond the initial June deadline making final decisions on whether to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and push through social security and tax reforms, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday morning.
Officials push for progress in Asia-Pacific deal
The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is being negotiated behind closed doors in Singapore this week between nine countries, including the US, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.
Kan may put free-trade talks on hold after quake in setback for Obama goal
“Corporate Japan is really pushing, as they know Japan’s failure to enter the TPP would be a further step towards second- or third rate nationhood on the global stage,” said Jesper Koll, head of equity research at JPMorgan & Co. in Tokyo.
UN Special Raporteur on right to health asked to intervene in TPP Trade negotiation
Eleven public interest advocacy groups and three law professors have submitted a petition to Anand Grover, the Special Rapporteur for the United Nations on the right to health, to intervene in a new regional trade agreement that will shrink the market for legal generic medecines.
US IP enforcement ambitions in Trans-Pacific trade agreement stir reactions
An alleged official document leaked last week showed that the United States is taking the lead in escalating intellectual property rights enforcement in negotiations for a regional trade agreement among countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
Free Trade Agreement
Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Haji Idris stated that Brunei Darussalam has joined several Free Trade Agreements or FTAs, which bring benefits such as the exemption of import tax to relevant countries and threw open opportunities for export markets.
Gov’t gets mixed responses on Pacific FTA in 1st public dialogue
The Japanese government began a series of debates to win public backing for its policy of pursuing freer trade, at a time when concerns are growing that Japan’s possible participation in a Pacific free trade pact may negatively affect the farm sector and other aspects of everyday life. "By joining the TPP, I am afraid that our culture, and even history, may be affected," said one participant.
TPP - Chile IPR proposal (2011)
TPP - NZ IPR proposal (2011)
Compromise likely for US trade deal
Prime Minister John Key has warned that New Zealanders may have to swallow some difficult trade-offs as the price of a trade deal encompassing the United States.
Pacific region health groups urge TPP ministers to end harmful impact of FTAs on access to medicines
This week at the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement trade negotiations in Santiago de Chile, civil society stakeholders urged delegates to end the harmful impact of trade agreements on access to medicines, with this letter.
Chile official: Asia-Pacific trade bloc may not be ready in 2011
An Asia-Pacific free-trade agreement nine nations are negotiating might not be ready this year as originally expected, Chile’s chief trade negotiator said Thursday.
New leaks of TPPA text show US is playing hardball
There has been another leak of the secret documents at the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Santiago this week, this time involving United States’ negotiating text.
Unholy smoke!
As the Philips Morris case shows, any corporation can potentially sue the Indian government in a bid to block sovereign actions for protecting the wellbeing of its people.
Gillard aims for bigger free trade zone
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has set a goal of achieving an expanded Pacific region free trade zone by the end of the year, bringing more nations into the TPP fold.