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Philippines’ TPP plea backed by precedent?
An Australian envoy has hinted at favorable reception for the Philippines’ request that any invitation to join the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal come with easier terms.
Protesters want details of free-trade agreements
Protesters will descend on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade today as they join calls for the New Zealand Government to release Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free-trade agreement details.
US negative in excluding rice in trans-Pacific FTA
US Trade Representative Ron Kirk indicated Wednesday in a congressional panel that the United States is unlikely to treat Japan’s rice as an exception in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
Maehara denies US pressure on Japan to join Pacific FTA talks
Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara denied that the United States has been pressuring Japan to join a US-backed Pacific free trade agreement, saying some Americans have expressed a sense of caution on the possibility of Japan entering the talks.
USTR considering pharmaceutical pricing restrictions in TPP; refuses to follow May 10th agreement on IP-medicines issues
Public Citizen and Forum on Democracy and Trade met with US Trade Representative staff on January 3 to be briefed on the Obama administration’s negotiation of the TPP with respect to the planned IP chapter and the rumored chapter on pharmaceutical reimbursement programs.
Law suit prospects seen in TPP deal
A top United States trade official says New Zealand is ready to accept investor-state disputes in the nine-country TransPacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP).
US eyes transpacific trade deal by November APEC
The United States wants to "substantially complete" negotiations on a free trade agreement with eight other countries in the Asia Pacific region by the time President Barack Obama hosts a regional summit in November, the top US trade official said on Friday.
Keidanren lobbies Kaieda for TPP
The head of Japan’s largest business organization on Thursday urged Banri Kaieda to show leadership in moving the government toward negotiations on a Pacific free-trade agreement as the two met for the first time since Kaieda became trade minister.
TPPA: Challenges for Australian health and medicine policies
Of particular concern is that proposed TPPA multilateral investor–state dispute settlement procedures would allow US corporations (as well as those of other TPPA nations) to obtain damages against Australian governments through international arbitral proceedings if their investments are impeded by Australian public health and environment protection legislation.
Lobby group formed to force openness on free trade agreement
Following Professor Jane Kelsey’s plea for greater openness in negotiations around the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement (TPPA), a lobby consisting of trade unionists and others and calling itself TPP Watch has launched an online petition to force release of the interim text of the treaty as it is negotiated.
JA at crossroads / TPP, agriculture can coexist / But reform of huge farming federation is unavoidable
The success or failure of advancing Japan’s trade liberalization while strengthening the agricultural sector will largely hinge on the prospects for reforming agricultural cooperatives, known as JA.
Free trade critic warns of ’secondary liability’
Staunch Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement critic Jane Kelsey says a campaign by the powerful US entertainment industry to use the proposed free trade deal to make internet firms liable for illegal user downloads must not succeed.
US warns Japan of high goals for Pacific FTA
The United States said Friday it has told Japan that its broad goals for a trans-Pacific free trade accord "exceed" those Washington has pursued in previous free trade pacts, signaling that Tokyo must make unprecedented efforts to eliminate all tariffs.
Big tobacco takes fight over plain cigarette packs to free trade agreement
Big tobacco is hoping a new multilateral free trade agreement will enable it to sue the Federal Government if Australia introduces plain packaging for cigarettes in mid-2012 as planned.
TPP jitters spur protest statements
A total of 46 local assemblies in Japan have adopted statements to express opposition to or caution in participating in a US-backed Pacific free-trade initiative, a survey indicated Sunday.
Japan to speed up discussions on Pacific FTA under new Cabinet
Discussions on whether Japan should join a U.S.-backed free trade initiative are expected to accelerate under the revamped Cabinet toward a self-imposed June deadline, with new trade minister Banri Kaieda expected to play a key role in pushing for the country’s participation in negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Joining TPP could have China fallout
Japan’s apparent eagerness to join the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade initiative could kill the momentum to forge free trade agreements with China and South Korea
Hollywood tries it on at TPP talks
Hollywood wants TPP participants to “introduce statutory penalties for IP infringement, draft new laws regarding ISP liability, reduce the threshold to commercial scale infringement and target torrent search engines”. Look familiar to you?
TPP talks set to start this week
Japanese and US officials said they will hold their first talks this week on Tokyo’s possible participation in negotiations for a trans-Pacific free-trade agreement.
Big business comes out strong for TPP
Business leaders urged the Japanese government Wednesday to open up the nation’s market by joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact by June so industries can benefit from the strong consumption power in the United States and emerging economies.