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Kan vows to push free-trade deal
Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan said he will focus this year on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and will seek the overhaul of Japan’s agricultural sector that would be required to join the pact.
First trade talks with US on TPP slated for mid-January
Japan and the US are making preparations to hold bilateral talks in Washington in mid-January on Tokyo’s possible participation in negotiations for an expanded trans-Pacific free-trade pact, sources said Wednesday.
Put a hold on FTAs unfavourable to us
The Consumers Association of Penang is deeply concerned about the implications FTAs with the US (via the TPP) and the EU might have on various aspects of Malaysia’s development.
TPPA no good for Maori
Te Wharepora Hou, a group of Maori women based in Auckland, supports civil society groups from Australia and New Zealand in opposing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
US requests Korea’s joining of regional FTA
The US has officially requested that Korea join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a multilateral free trade deal among Asia-Pacific economies, and Seoul will study the pros and cons of joining early next year.
Anti TPP demonstration: Death of democracy?
The TPP Action Group held a visual protest today outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Lambton Quay in Wellington, New Zealand
Put a hold on FTAs unfavourable to us
The Malaysian government last week negotiated free trade agreements (FTAs) with the United States of America (via the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP) and the European Union (EU).
Building blocks laid for trade deal
What was achieved in the fourth round of negotiations, and why exactly a TPP would be good for New Zealand, remains a mystery – strictly controlled daily media briefings with Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry chief negotiator Mark Sinclair were short and impenetrable.
US group stands by intellectual property protection
An influential American business lobby, the US Chamber of Commerce, has hit out at New Zealand’s position on intellectual property rights in the TransPacific Partnership trade talks.
No guarantees for NZ policies in trade talks
The Government is offering no guarantees that New Zealand policies will not be changed to accommodate United States concerns in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.
Debate urged on TPP text
If the proposed nine-country Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is one "for the 21st century" as negotiators are calling it, its text should be open so New Zealanders can see what their Government is planning to agree to, say groups concerned about the talks in Auckland.
US eyes trade ’triple crown’ as APEC host
"The ’triple crown’ in 2011 is the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement passed and implemented, significant progress on the TransPacific Partnership and a very strong APEC year with a lot of concrete outcomes on trade and investment issues," said Kurt Tong, senior US official for APEC at the State Department.
TPP will not nix farm tariffs right away: former US Trade Rep
Japan’s joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership would not bring an immediate end to tariffs protecting domestic farmers, who would still be able to receive some kinds of government support, former US Trade Representative Clayton Yeutter tells The Nikkei.
Free trade talks open amid noisy protest
Negotiations to create a nine-nation free trade agreement opened in Auckland today in the face of noisy protests and a Green Party warning that New Zealand’s overseas investment regime was on the United States’ hit list.
Crowd protests at free trade talks
A noisy crowd gathered in Auckland this morning to voice opposition to a proposed trans-Pacific free trade agreement which they say will strip New Zealand of its strategic assets and open it up to rampant foreign investment.
Leaked NZ paper challenges past US FTA models in TPP negotiations
A confidential Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiating paper authored by New Zealand suggests that the trade pact’s patent and copyright provisions be no more stringent than existing global standards
Leaked NZ paper reveals rift with US on intellectual property in trade agreement
On the eve of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Auckland, a leaked negotiating document has exposed a fundamental conflict between the US and New Zealand positions on intellectual property.
Japan not to send senior officials to upcoming Pacific FTA talks
Japan has given up the idea of sending senior officials to the upcoming round of negotiations for a US-backed multilateral trans-Pacific free trade agreement, to be held in New Zealand from Monday, a government official said Friday.
NZ: Protests planned for Monday against so-called “free trade” agreement
Global Peace and Justice Auckland is coordinating protest action in Auckland next week against negotiations for a proposed TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement).
TPP: Open Letter to the Prime Ministers of Australia and NZ
"The TPPA proposal is being sold as a new agreement for the 21st century. In fact, the US is effectively setting the terms for negotiations, based on a standard template that replicates the US North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) model."