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Tokyo warned of risks from Pacific trade pact
Takashi Shinohara, senior vice minister for agriculture, strongly denies Japanese media reports that Tokyo has already decided to launch talks with the US and others on entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Farm leader opposed to Japan participating in trans-pacific FTA
Mamoru Moteki, president of the Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives, told a press conference that government subsidies to farming families alone cannot prompt farmers to accept Japan’s participation in the FTA.
US demands complicate Japan’s plans for regional trade pact
Concerns and demands from Japan’s closest trade partner, the United States, have complicated Tokyo’s increasingly contentious plan to enter negotiations for the creation of an Asia-Pacific free trade zone.
TPP briefings to be held on APEC sidelines
Japan, China, Canada and the Philippines will be briefed on progress in the ongoing talks to expand the four-member Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum meetings on 9 November in Yokohama.
US praises Japan for FTA plan
The US welcomes Japan’s new interest in joining negotiations on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would require it to tackle tough US agriculture and other concerns, a senior US State Department official said yesterday.
Gov’t eyes reference to TPP negotiations in basic policy for EPA
The Japanese government is set to include a reference to Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in its economic partnership agreement guidelines that are soon expected to receive Cabinet approval.
Japan eyes US-led free trade pact despite backlash
Japan’s economics minister said on Friday that Tokyo should join a US-led Asia-Pacific free trade initiative to keep its firms from fleeing abroad, despite a backlash in the ruling party against the proposed deal.
Cheap rice hurts Kan’s free trade push
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s hopes of joining efforts to create an Asia-Pacific free trade zone has put his administration on a collision course with farmers battling depressed rice prices.
Interest builds in Pacific trade zone
Momentum is building for a US-supported free-trade pact in the Pacific aimed to serve as a counterweight to China’s economic influence.
Keidanren chief calls for early Japan-US free trade agreement
Japanese and US business leaders will adopt a joint statement urging Japan to take part in the existing four-nation trans-Pacific free trade agreement.
US says to negotiate free trade deal with Malaysia
"On behalf of the president, I am pleased to inform the Congress that we intend to include Malaysia in the ongoing negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement," US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in a letter to House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Editorial: Pacific free trade pact
In his Diet policy speech on Friday, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said he will consider Japan’s participation in the negotiations for a regional trade pact known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.
Preparations for Pacific pact to take five years
"The only way we can have a trade agreement with the US right now is through the TPP," says Philippine Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo.
RP notifies US of intention to join TPPA
The Philippines has formally informed the United States Trade Representative of its intention to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, an aggressive free trade deal among a few countries that seeks not only to open up trade but also the country’s highly protected services sector.
Regional trade pacts take Pacific spotlight ahead of APEC summit
In less than two months, Pacific Rim countries are expected to present a clear picture on how they will pursue their long-term vision of creating a regionwide free-trade zone.
Ohata eyes multilateral Asia FTA
Japan’s new trade minister Akihiro Ohata said Tuesday he hopes to move toward considering joining a planned multilateral free-trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region that is looking to include the United States.
Vietnam, Chile explore potential for bilateral ties
Chile and Vietnam envisage enormous potential to strengthen their bilateral ties, especially in economics and trade, affirmed the newly-appointed Chilean Ambassador to Vietnam.
No US plans for RP, ASEAN trade deals
The Philippines may have to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal if it wants a trade pact with the United States, a visiting American official said on Friday.
Tackling trans-Pacific trade
With a third round of negotiations scheduled to be held in Brunei in October, the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) still faces ambiguity in promoting its intentions.
Treaty negotiators turn to “ACTA lite” in hopes of closure
Everyone you ask this week about the Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement (ACTA) tells you that they’re just about to work their way through the new draft version to understand the implications of changes made during the recent negotiation round in Washington, DC. Massive changes to the text have been revealed by yet another leak of the draft treaty text being negotiated by 10 countries and the EU 27 member states.