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Malaysia and Canada may join TPP trolley
As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) train begins to chug along the track a little faster, more countries are signaling that they want to jump on the bandwagon. Last month Colombia indicated its interest in joining the TPP talks and now Malaysia and Canada are doing the same.
Govt says it won’t scrap Pharmac for free-trade deal
The New Zealand government has dismissed the possibility it would scrap its drug-funding system as part of the price of a free-trade deal with the United States.
Pharmac reforms expected
The medicines industry says reforms are likely be needed to the way the Government’s drug-buying agency Pharmac operates if New Zealand is to reach a free trade deal with the United States.
America misses another Asian opportunity
The eight-country "Trans-Pacific Partnership" is now the main face of the Obama administration’s trade policy. It was personally endorsed by the president in November and followed up last month by the first detailed discussions in Melbourne. But a closer look at the actual deal shows how little there is to be excited about.
No ACTA-free trade link? ’Yeah right’, says IP lawyer
Suspicions persist over a link between the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and negotiations for international free-trade pacts, despite efforts by officials to downplay the issue.
ACTA not linked to free-trade agreement, say officials
Officials negotiating New Zealand’s position on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) intellectual-property treaty say they have no perspective on the separate negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Nor would they be involved in any trade-off of ACTA concessions against broader free-trading rights.
Canada misses its chance to join major Pacific free-trade deal
When asked in 2006 to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations that only recently got under way in Australia, the Harper government refused, largely to protect the Quebec and Ontario dairy industry from foreign competition.
Democracy a loser in trade free-for-all
As the assault on national sovereignty continues, the question is whether the ’’market system’’ can fill the vacuum as the power of the state withers away.
Trade unions in TPP countries call for a fairer trade framework friendly to working people
In an historic move, peak bodies of Trans Pacific trade unions have called for a new and fairer framework for trade and investment agreements.
NTA sees danger in administrations plans for TPP Agreement
The US National Textile Association is worried that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement could undermine the basis for textile rules of origin in US FTAs and that if more APEC members join the US will be outvoted.
Negotiations for Peru to join P4 to take at least two years
The negotiations for Peru to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, known as P4, could take at least two years because of different interests among the eight countries who participate in the negotiations.
NZ rejects US senators’ claims on dairy trade
New Zealand on Monday hit back at a group of 30 U.S. senators who accused the country’s dairy industry of anticompetitive practices, as a first round of talks ended for a free trade agreement.
TPP as backdoor Colombia FTA?
The possible entry of Colombia into the TPP illustrates the unprecedented nature of the TPP.
We’ve nothing to gain from US trade deal
Why is the Rudd government entering into new free trade negotiations with the Obama administration? Australia has nothing to gain except a further erosion of our sovereignty and Barack Obama lacks authority from Congress to undertake a binding agreement.
New Zealand-US free trade pact hinges on ’inclusion of agriculture’: Prime Minister
Prime Minister John Key said the NZ-US free trade agreement could not go ahead if the powerful US dairy lobby succeeded in excluding agriculture from the terms of the agreement.
Danger and little democracy in new trade agreement with the US
Surveys have consistently shown that most Australians consider the Free Trade Agreement the Howard government signed with the US in 2004 was a bad deal. So why would any Australian government want another trade deal with the US?
Trans-Pacific Partnership: A US entry to Asian integration
The Asia-Pacific is one place where there’s room for US exports to increase dramatically, and a growing TPP would certainly help on that score. However, free trade deals are never an easy sell, and they become tougher still when the domestic jobs picture is bleak.
Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks a milestone: Crean
The first step to an Asia-Pacific-wide trade pact will be taken on Monday, with officials from eight nations meeting in Melbourne.
’New generation’ free-trade deal talks start today
Talks begin in Melbourne today to lift what began as a 2001 pact between New Zealand and Singapore to a powerful "new generation" regional free trade deal that the United States has made a top trade priority.
Malaysia studying new regional trade pact with US
Malaysia said Thursday that negotiations towards a bilateral trade pact with the United States have been shelved and it is now considering joining a regional deal promoted by the US.