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Malaysia may join Asia-Pacific trade talks to boost ties with US
"The US bilateral (free-trade) talk is not on, so we have to explore other alternatives. It is for that reason we are keen to come on board (the TPP) subject to local consultations," Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed says
Obama trip may alter US misperception of Asean, Ministers say
Southeast Asian countries are split on Obama’s top trade initiative, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he aims to turn into a platform for economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region.
Malaysia may be keen to take part in regional trade pact
Malaysia is not attending the TPP’s first meeting in Australia next month.
Monty Python & FTA Holy Grail
New Zealand journalist Gordon Campbell on why free trade with the US is more Monty Python than Holy Grail
US pork wants market access back in China and Russia
The National Pork Producers Council is focusing most of its trade agreement lobbying efforts on re-establishing markets in China and Russia, says the council’s Nick Giordano.
Trans-Pacific pact will provide better results, says AMCHAM
US businesses in Malaysia said a broader trade pact like the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement will provide better results than the stalled US-Malaysia free trade agreement (FTA) talks.
New TPP trade agreement a framework for the future
US faith, labor, family farm, consumer, environmental, human rights and social justice organizations within Citizens Trade Campaign wrote Obama urging him to enact meaningful trade reform as his administration enters into negotiations for a proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP).
Peru to start negotiations to join the P4 trade agreement in March 2010
In March, Peru will start negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPPA), previously known as P4, announced Peru Deputy Trade Minister, Eduardo Ferreyros.
It’s not OK: protest march against Hillary Clinton
Clinton arrives in New Zealand this week pushing her corporate globalisation agenda. She wants a Pacific Free Trade Agreement and closer military ties between the US and New Zealand.
US revives Asia trade agenda
A US commitment to the P4 through a wider trade pact would indirectly inject new life into the fading Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which veered off course into security issues during the George W Bush administration and which is now struggling to achieve its market-liberalizing goals set out in Bogor, Indonesia, in 1994.
Washington awaits KL’s decision on TPP
The United States is still awaiting Malaysia’s decision on whether to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations.
US wants Japan, Malaysia, South Korea to join talks
The US wants Japan, Malaysia and South Korea to join negotiations for a regional free-trade agreement in Asia, Trade Representative Ron Kirk said.
Obama tells Congress US will pursue Asia trade
“TPP is about re-establishing the role of the US in the Asian region,” Calman Cohen, president of the Washington-based Emergency Committee for American Trade, told reporters Dec. 11. “If they get it right, it can be a real shot in the arm.”
US-NZ trade talks expected to start in March
US trade officials have formally notified the US Congress of President Barack Obama’s intention to negotiate a regional free trade deal with Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and three other countries in the Asia Pacific area.
US asks Japan to join Pacific-rim trade talks, Nikkei ays
The US government wants Japan to join talks for a proposed free trade agreement involving Pacific Rim countries, Nikkei English News said. Australia, Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, New Zealand and Brunei have said they will enter the negotiations.
Taiwan hopes to join second phase of P4 talks
Taiwan looks forward to being included in the second phase of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (P4) talks, a senior official said Sunday.
US free trade agreement ’brilliant’ for NZ - Key
The United States’ agreement to participate in negotiations on a Asia-Pacific regional free trade agreement (FTA) should see "brilliant" economic growth for New Zealand, says Prime Minister John Key.
Free trade deal may be in place in two years says PM
Prime Minister John Key says the new Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty, which effectively gives New Zealand a free trade agreement with the United States, could be in place in two years.
Timing of free trade deal uncertain - Groser
Comments at the APEC meetings in Singapore show the Obama administration in the United States supports an eight-country free trade deal which would include New Zealand, says Trade Minister Tim Groser.
Senators urge Obama on Asia-Pacific trade deal
They urged him to complete the Transpacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) begun by the administration of former President George W. Bush in 2008.