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Russia to terminate free trade agreement with Ukraine following EU association pact
Russia is ready to suspend the free trade zone agreement with Ukraine after the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement comes into effect, Tatyana Golendeyeva, deputy chief of the Russian Federal Customs Service said.
Ukraine signs trade agreement with EU, draws Russian threat
Ukraine signed on Friday an historic free-trade agreement with the European Union that has been at the heart of months of violence and upheaval in the country, drawing an immediate threat of "grave consequences" from Russia.
EU to sign Association Agreements with Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine this week
On Friday, the European Union will sign Association Agreements with Georgia and Moldova and complete the signature process with Ukraine, each providing for a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.
Ukraine to sign EU deal that sparked revolution
On Friday, Ukraine will sign a sweeping economic and trade agreement with the European Union, a 1,200-page telephone book of a document crammed with rules on everything from turkeys to tulips, cheese to machinery.
Russia, Ukraine and EU agree to joint talks on Kiev’s planned trade deal
Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have agreed to hold high level talks on Kiev’s expected signing of an EU free trade agreement after Moscow warned last week it would retaliate with measures to protect its economy.
Ukrainian leftist: ’The enemy is within – whether in Russia, Ukraine or the West’
What will happen next in Ukraine? The coordinated plundering of the country by both sides (the West and Russia), says Kolesnik Dmitry.
Ukraine crisis gives new impetus to EU-US trade talks, US says
Russia’s annexation of Crimea underlines the need for the United States and the European Union to deepen their economic ties via an ambitious trade deal that would also allow Europe to import US gas, Washington’s top trade official said on Saturday.
European Union signs landmark association agreement with Ukraine
More substantial parts of the agreement concerning free trade will only be signed after Ukraine has held new presidential elections in May, reports Reuters.
Ukraine ready to sign association agreement during March EU summit
Ukraine’s new government wants to sign its Association Agreement with the EU at the 20-21 March summit of EU leaders, a high-ranking diplomat told EurActiv today (27 February).
US drafts Ukraine sanctions, as EU mulls new talks
The US state department has been remodelled to fit the EU’s so-called Eastern Partnership policy on pulling former Soviet republics closer to the West amid Russia’s new assertiveness in the region
Rybak says EU-Ukraine Association Agreement can be signed without FTA
Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Rybak has said he does not rule out the possibility of signing an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU without the creation of a free trade area (FTA).
EU halts work on Ukraine trade deal
The European Union has suspended work on a trade and association agreement with Ukraine after failing to get a "clear commitment" from President Viktor Yanukovych to sign it.
Ukraine sees positive result at EU summit on free-trade pact
The EU reiterated that the deal is still on the table. “We have to get over this either-or mentality,” Merkel said. “The Cold War is over.”
Scrapped EU-Ukraine trade deal is good news for China
A long-term beneficiary of Ukraine’s decision could prove to be China, who is investing heavily in Ukraine as a major source of energy and agricultural products
Facing Russian threat, Ukraine halts plans for deals with EU
Under threat of crippling trade sanctions by Russia, Ukraine announced Thursday that it had suspended its plans to sign far-reaching political and trade agreements with the European Union and said it would instead pursue new partnerships with a competing trade bloc of former Soviet states.
Russia bans two Ukraine meat firms, as meat war threatens
In a bid to force Ukraine to abandon the signing of a free trade agreement with the EU, Russian veterinary service Rosselkhoznadzor has banned meat imports from two Ukrainian companies in the first step of a possible meat war that could seriously damage the Ukrainian industry.
Ukraine-EU trade deal: Business seeks delay, quarreling MP’s stall
Ukraine’s prospect of signing a key Euro-integration deal this month remains questionable. Its big business suggests delaying the move by at least a year, while parliament has stalled a vote that could release ex-PM Tymoshenko.
Ukrainian chances of clinching EU deal begin to fade
Ukraine’s union of industrialists and businessmen late Tuesday called on President Yanukovych to delay the signing of the deal by one year, saying it was damaging trade relations with Russia and Kazakhstan.
Ukraine angry as Canada suspends free-trade talks
After three years of talks and five rounds of negotiations, the Canadian government suddenly suspended free trade negotiations with Ukraine – leaving a nearly complete deal in limbo.
Signing of treaty on free trade zone between Ukraine, EU will create problems for Ukraine, Russia - Putin
"If Ukraine believes it needs to sign a treaty on free trade with the EU, it means that’s how it should be. However, we see some problems for us and them here," Putin said in an interview with Russia’s Channel One and the Associated Press.