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The European Union and India launched negotiations on a bilateral free trade and investment agreement in June 2007. However, between the governments, a number of controversies have been plaguing the talks. Delhi wants Brussels to relax its stringent food safety criteria which penalise Indian farm and fishery exports and to make it easier for Indian professionals to work in the EU. Europe is primarily out to win major openings of India’s services sector and broad liberalisation of foreign investment, while India does not want to discuss allowing European firms to compete in India’s government procurement market.

Indian social movements, including fisherfolk and labour unions, people living with HIV/AIDS and other health activists have been mobilizing against the FTA. International actions and campaigns have particularly targeted the proposed intellectual property provisions of the agreement, and the impact of the FTA on access to medicines.

last update: May 2012
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EU wants India to lower duties through FTA
Trade liberalisation for rubber, tea, coffee and edible oil could be minor political concerns in the proposed free trade pact with Asean compared to what the European Union is looking for in its bilateral agreement with India.
Trade agreement with the EU one of the easiest: Nath
Sensing little differences in the proposed free trade agreement with the European Union, India today said the negotiations on the pact should begin soon.
UNICE-CII: Working together for an ambitious EU-India trade and investment agreement
At a meeting in Bangalore, on 17 January 2007, BUSINESSEUROPE and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) adopted a joint statement supporting the rapid launch of the negotiations of an ambitious EU-India trade and investment agreement.
India seeks Portugal support in India-EU free trade agreement
India said with Portugal taking presidency of the European Union by July, the strong ties between the two countries would help expedite the proposed free trade agreement between India and the EU.
India, EU FTA talks in Dec.
India and the European Union will begin negotiations soon for an ambitious and comprehensive bilateral trade and investment agreement though it may take nearly two years for the pact to become a reality.
FTA with EU not linked to Doha debacle
The Indian government on Wednesday said the negotiations to ink a free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) was not linked to the failure of the Doha round of WTO talks.
India must get 5% EU trade share by 2011: CII
India needs to strive toward becoming the second or third largest partner for European Union and increase its contribution in EU trade from the present 1.5 per cent to five per cent by 2011, industry body CII said Sunday.
India has its way on trade pact with EU
A deal which could deliver the mother of all FTAs between EU and India was sealed a few minutes before PM Manmohan Singh’s summit with European leaders began.
India calls EU trade bluff
Adopting a ’take-it-or-leave-it’ posture, India on Thursday turned down last-minute EU efforts to dilute a trade and investment agreement by introducing onerous non-tariff conditionalities.
Mandelson backs new EU-India trade and investment agreement
The EU Commissioner for Trade, Peter Mandelson, has today told Indian and EU Business leaders that EU and India should boost their bilateral trade and economic relationship with a new trade and investment agreement.