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The government of Pakistan is a keen pursuer of bilateral trade and investment agreements. It has a full FTA with Sri Lanka (2005), a PTA with Iran (2004) and Mauritius (2007), Early Harvest Schemes with China (2005) and Malaysia (2007), and is part of both ECOTA and SAFTA. It is in various stages of FTA talks, or preparations for talks, with Brunei, Indonesia, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Canada, Switzerland, Indonesia, Nepal, China, Turkey and Russia (among others). In July 2006, it signed a Framework Agreement on Trade with Mercosur.

Negotiations on a US-Pakistan bilateral investment treaty, as a step towards a US-Pakistan FTA, have been quite controversial and are unconcluded. After talks restarted in mid-2010, a draft US-Pakistan BIT was sent for approval to Pakistan’s Cabinet in April 2012. The Pakistani government has already signed almost 50 BITs with other countries. In 2011 Germany ratified a BIT with Pakistan.

On a wider scale, there is talk of possible Pakistani FTAs with Afghanistan, Algeria, the EU, Japan, Laos, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Tunisia.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Asian Development Bank/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sino-Pak Insurance business can flourish after signing of FTA in Services Sector
China Thursday hoped to see substantial progress for cooperation between Pakistan and China in the area of Insurance.
Zardari to sign FTA with China, seek support from hydro projects
China and Pakistan plan to sign a free trade agreement on trade and services during the four-day visit of Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari to Hubei and Shanghai beginning tomorrow.
Pakistan-Jordan agree to sign Free Trade Agreement
Pakistan and Jordan have agreed to sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to deepen their existing economic and trade relations
Brainstorming continues for signing of Pak-US BIT
Government of Pakistan has hired the services of a Swiss consultancy firm for analysing the Pak-US Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)
Pakistan, Afghanistan to ink new trade agreements
Pakistan and Afghanistan are expected to enter in to a new trade and economic cooperation mechanism during the President of Pakistan first official visit to Afghanistan on January 7, 2009
Pak-India investment treaty urged
President of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Tariq Sayeed, has urged the governments of Pakistan and India to sign a ‘Bilateral Investment Treaty’ to foster economic cooperation which will also motivate other countries of the region to promote intra-regional trade and investment.
Joint Study Group of Pakistan, Japan to hold talks on FTA, Special Economic Zone for Japan
The Joint Study Group (JSG) of Pakistan and Japan will hold second round of talks here from Monday to examine and finalize various recommendations including Free Trade Agreement, Special Economic Zone and other areas of cooperation between the two countries, said a senior official at Pakistan Embassy here Friday.
FTAs with China, Malaysia worsen Pak trade imbalance
Pakistan has so far signed three Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), of which trade balance with two countries is in negative while the remaining one shows marginal growth.
Pak, China to seal FTA on services
Islamabad-Pakistan and China will hold final talks in December to seal Free Trade Agreement on services sectors.
Pak-China 4th-round of negotiations on FTA in service sector successfully completes
The 4th round of negotiations on FTA in service sector to make the existing FTA more comprehensive has been successfully completed,


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