Social movements


  • FairTradeWeb
    A broad multisectoral coalition of formal and informal labor, industry, agriculture, NGOs and youth pushing for the renegotiation of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
  • Flush the TPP!
    Stop the global corporate coup!
  • FoE Med - Mediterranean Free Trade Zone
    Friends of the Earth Middle East’s work on EMFTA
  • FOEE: EU-US trade deal
    Friends of the Earth Europe’s special web section on TTIP
  • Forum against FTAs
    The Forum is formed by trade unions, people movements and civil society organizations to campaign against the impact of free trade agreements on labour and livelihood rights of people in India.
  • Forum Citoyen Afrique-UE
    Les communautés et les peuples africains s’érigent en force de proposition pour relever les nombreux défis auxquels l’Afrique est confrontée.
  • FTA EU Latinamerica
    Say no to the ratification of the agreements negotiated by the EU with Central America, Colombia and Peru
  • FTA Malaysia
    Website on the implications of the US-Malaysia FTA run by Third World Network (TWN), Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM).
  • FTA Malaysia
    Critical portal about Malaysia’s FTAs maintained by Consumers Association of Penang, Third World Network and Sahabat Alam Malaysia
  • FTA Watch (Thailand)
    A broad social coalition monitoring, analysing and mobilising around the Thai government’s FTA strategies.
  • FTA Watch - India
    A weekly digest on India’s Free Trade Agreements and alternatives to free trade, produced by Intercultural Resources
  • Fuera OMC
    We stand up to confront the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Buenos Aires.
  • Gender and trade coalition
    A feminist alliance for trade justice
  • Global Europe Watch
    This website has been set up to unite activists across Europe in their common struggles to stop Europe’s corporate takeover across the world.
  • Global Justice Ecology Project
    Global Justice Ecology Project (USA) advances global justice and ecological awareness by identifying issues, creating strategies, organizing campaigns, building alliances and disseminating photographic images that demonstrate the interconnections between the social and the ecological, promoting a crucial holistic analysis to unify and strengthen movements.
  • Global Trade Watch (Australia)
    Global Trade Watch is a new Australian group campaigning for democratic, environmentally sustainable and people-centred trading systems
  • Gran marcha - 26 de febrero
    El Frente Nacional de Apoyo Contra el TLC (Costa Rica) ha convocado para una gran marcha el 26 de febrero de 2007
  • Handelskampanjen
    The Norwegian Trade Campaign will oppose the current, neo-liberal trade policies and fundamentally reform the trade policy system.
  • Help free the TPP!
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement—which some have come to refer to as "NAFTA on steroids"—could ultimately affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. Neither the public, the press, nor even the US Congress knows the full extent of what’s in the text being negotiated—but corporate lobbyists know what it contains. Help us raise a reward for WikiLeaks should it publish the negotiating text of the TPP!
  • Hemispheric Campaign Against the FTAA
  • India FDI Watch
    India FDI Watch is building awareness and facilitating grassroots action to prevent the take-over of India’s retail sector by corporations.
  • Intellectual Property Watch
    IP Watch is a Geneva-based initiative to report on the interests and ‘behind the scenes’ dynamics which influence intellectual property policies, including those carried through bilateral and regional trade agreements.
  • IP Justice
    IP Justice is an international civil liberties organization that promotes balanced intellectual property law in a digital world, active on the IP implications of the FTAA and specific FTAs
  • ISDS: Corporate attacks on the public interest
    Public Citizen website about ISDS, including petition to US government
  • It’s our future
    Website on the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement for New Zealand
  • Jane Kelsey’s TPP (US-P4+) website
    This site is intended to provide a primary resource for the negotiations of the TPP. It is maintained by Jane Kelsey, an activist and researcher in New Zealand.
  • Jornada continental por la democracia y contra el neoliberalismo
    Encuentro en Montevideo. 16 al 18 de Noviembre 2017.
  • Justice for Colombia
    Justice for Colombia, with the support of the UK and European trade union movement, is campaigning to stop the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia.
  • Kampaň „špatný vTTIP“
    Czech anti-TTIP campaign
    Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism
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